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Were the Democrats Being Anti Americans About the State of the Union Address for President Donald S Trump?

Updated on January 13, 2019

Congressional Democrats UnAmerican Definitely, Treasonous? we will have to see how the Nunes memo plays out!

President Donald Trump said that the Democrats were Treasonous. He said it when referring to the State Of The Union (SOTU) story reactions of the democrats.

Can anyone that saw the SOTU and the democrats in the audience deny they looked more like they were at a funeral than at the State of the Union? Even when president Trump said good things about the country, and even good things for the democrats they never left the funeral. Even when talking about the lowest unemployment rates for Blacks. Perhaps that also is why president Trump said they were UnAmerican. Or could it be that they don’t care about the Blacks anymore, as it seems lately they are only concerned about the Illegal Aliens, and DACA.

It may be a stretch to call the democrats at SOTU Treasonous just because they acted unprofessionally, and UnAmerican. But, the democrats in congress with their resistance to having president Trump accomplish anything would be closer to the mark. If we then look at the latest revelations from the Nunes Memo, there may be some real acts of Treason, and Sedition. Now, maybe that was the subtext or undertone reason that president Trump made those statements about the democrats. No matter how you define Treason, its major component is that of being UnAmerican. This would be hard to defend. America has a constitution and it is a democratic republic where we the people give our intentions for the country voting for the people that will represent us in the government.

The democrats in congress have not followed that method. Since Trump was elected they have done everything to try and take him out of office. And outside of assassination, which they may still have as a plan, I mean everything. The American process to change presidents is the election. For the last year, instead of taking care of business in congress they have banded together to resist and that resistance is not why they were elected or within the oath they took in taking office.
In the constitution, in the definition of Treason “or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." How can that be denied, isn’t disrupting the president and the government the aim of all of the enemies of the US?

How does the world and our enemies think it looks when democrats, ex president Barack Obama, and others say and do things that put the current president of the United States as not their president. As well as saying he is mentally ill, he is unhealthy, he is too inexperienced be president, he is a racist, a sexist and all of the rest of the democrat slur campaign. Some people even say he is ignorant of government protocols, whatever that means. It not that these democrats didn’t clap for him; If was the State of America, and they didn’t clap for anything, including America. Anti Trump people still try to use anything he says, so they can say he is a threat to democracy and his behavior is dangerous. When it is the behavior of the democrats in congress, and the Anti Trump people which also includes some of the members in congress as better fits for those words. And the democrat and anti Trump supporters keep whining that it is OK, that the democrats didn’t clap for him. The SOTU is not about the president, it is about the country by definition. State of the Union is the same as how is the US doing today.

The democrats and the anti Trump live in some sort of Alternate Reality because they only seem to see what they do and say as American, and any opposition to their reality is wrong.

These same people keep whining on about how president Trump lies about everything, and they have even quantified their whines. They say that he lied over 1700 times in 347 days. When you look at their list of these so called lies, at best they are minutia and meaningless. The importance of president Trump is not in his daily talks or Tweets, but in his deeds and actions. If these democrat, anti Trump whines about lies cannot be found in his performance then they truly are meaningless.
Rather than admit his progress and what he has done for the country, these whiners want to distract us by feeding us big fat juicy red herrings. These distractions like the so called lies are all they have to offer.

When you look at the lies of their Queen Hillary Clinton the level of the lies have been treasonous, yes, I said treasonous.

As when she lied to America claiming that her private unsecured server didn’t send of receive any Classified Emails when she used it as her only communication email server as Secretary of State. Later we found out, she made those statements because she thought she had deleted the evidence, and then scrubbed her server drives with BleachBit, and then physically destroyed the drives, as well as her cell phones. Then we found that she lied when the deleted emails were found, and they were found also on her top aide Huma Abidin’s husband’s computer.
That is a big lie to hide Treason.

And what about the lies about the deaths in Benghazi
When she and her state department claimed that the Benghazi attack that killed the American Ambassador and three others was because of an Anti Muslim video.
The truth turned out to be a planned 911 attack by terrorists not linked to doing it for any video, but as pure terrorism. That is also a big lie. Where has any of the whiner Trump lies have any impact such as Hillarys.

These are only two, but there are many more, including the Uranium One Russia Deal. Some of these whiners, and from now these democrats and anti Trump people will be known as whiners. Some of these whiners say that Trump is not a normal president. What is normal for a president?

  • They say he says things impulsively, but isn’t that better than the alternative of having professional writers do your speaking for you. A Tweet from the president of any kind is a direct communication from him to the country. Before technology like this existed, there were other ways of communication. Like the radio message from the president, or the fireside chat. While those were long and perfected to get a professional message that was measured to be politically balanced, it pales in comparison to a short but personal message from the president alone.
  • There is no need for the media or their political analysts to translate for you.

These whiners sometimes blame the voters instead of the politicians. Here they are disrespecting the Trump supporters and voters. Some of them say that the voters don’t take responsibility for their selection of politicians.

  • The truth is that the problem is with the loyal party voter. The party dictates who the voters will have as their candidates. Then the voters can select the best of the worst from those provided by their party. That is why I have always said that the decline of the United States over the last forty of so years has been the loyal party voter.

The loyal party voter is a conduit of the party, but the party is not the conduit for the voter. That is once the party gets their candidate elected the party no longer listens to the voter, they listen to the people that financed and politically backed them.

  • The loyal party voter doesn’t come back into play until the next election.

To these whiners, everything they say badly about the president is OK, but anything in opposition is different, and not OK.

  • For example, their constant remarks about him being a dictator, and more specifically that he is like Hitler, Maoist and Stalinist.
  • But Trump saying the democrats were Treasonous and Un American can’t be tolerated.
  • Or when they call him ignorant.

What is interesting is that the whiners claim that Trump supporter’s minds are closed and logic doesn’t exist. It is ironic as that more appropriately fits them.

  • Who else would think that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified presidential candidate ever? They did!
  • Consider that in 2008, she could even beat a virtually unknown and unaccomplished Barack Obama for the democrat primary?
  • Who else wouldn’t care that Bernie Sander left the primary?
  • Who else thought she did a good job as US senator?
  • Who else thought she did a good job as Secretary of State?
  • Who else thought she ran a competent much less good presidential campaign.

Here is another whiner on Trump collusion

  • On collusion: "All the democrats have said that there is no collusion."
  • If that is true, than what is Mueller investigating?

It all started with her! Hillary Rodham Clinton starting with the Christopher Steele opposition paper.

What about the democrats at SOTU

Were these democrats UnAmerican

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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD


      Thanks, and that is UnAmerican, and it should be by definition.

      How do the democrat voters justify their party and party members?

      The 2018 democrat election platform?

      We made sure that nothing good happened for the country or the people!

      We spent all of our power in congress to resist president Trump.

      That was a full time job because he kept doing things for the country and the people.

      Vote for us the party of resistance.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      11 months ago

      The ugly truth is that the Dems want to resist anything President Trump says or does. All of them should be expelled from Congress for subverting the will of the people and crippling our progress.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR

      Brad Masters 

      11 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      here is the typical ATS TDS comment

      Had Trump never seen a State of the Union address before? Did he even watch last year when he was president -elect? The loyal opposition always does this. Nothing out of the ordinary this year - except the infantile person in office now.

      Nothing out of the ordinary, really. The previous state of the unions didn't have anything to tell about how good the state is doing.

      And Trump is infantile, it looks more like the person that made this comment is infantile.


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