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Western Propaganda and the Middle-East: The Taliban is NOT what you think it is.

Updated on November 22, 2010

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Most people have absolutely no idea who or what the Taliban really is. They think it's a word that defines an organized faction of terrorist's who are opposed to western society and cultures and who are currently fighting the invading coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In reality this is far from the truth because the word 'Taliban' has been distorted and used to mislead and trick you.

Taliban is a propaganda word that's been frequently used by the media to define a terrorist, but more recently, the media is making sure the word 'TALIBAN' also refers to EVERYONE in the middle-east who is against the war, as well as anyone who does not conform. This could be a common street criminal, a crime syndicates, heroine cultivation drugless, someone who uses the black market or even simply an outspoken individual who's against the coalition. Its literally ANYONE who's deemed undesirable as far as our government is concerned or anyone who doesn't agree with them. It certainly isn't a powerful organized faction of people that's for sure.

Just because someone is called a member of the Taliban in the media, it does not mean they are Islamic extremists, terrorists or resistance fighters. However, the media and our government want you to think they are. Its all just another example of how the definition of a terrorist seems to be getting broader and broader by the day. It more or less covers everyone who doesn't agree with the way the coalition are doing things.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that none classified as Taliban are dangerous as I'm sure many of them are, I'm just worried about our governments willingness to classify such a large demographic of people as 'Taliban' while associating most Taliban members as terrorists.

Just to prove the fact that Taliban is being used to define terrorists, do a quick Google image search of the word 'TALIBAN' and look at the images returned. This proves that most people think of the Taliban as terrorists and this is thanks to the mainstream media.

I've done a quick search for you already, click here to see the results >>

If this blatant manipulation of opinion wasn't bad enough, we're already seeing the definition of terrorist getting broader and broader back home, here in the west. Our governments and police forces are starting to define terrorists as someone who opposes them using the logic of: if we're fighting terrorists and your against us, then it follow's, you must be a terrorist. I wouldn't even know where to begin to point out all the flaws in that rationale, it reminds me of the George Orwell book '1984'. Unfortunately, we are also seeing our freedom of speech being removed using terrorism legislation. Now that's hardly democratic, is it?

Just to be clear, I'm not on anyones side in regards to the war on terror and I apologies in advance if I offend anyone but sometimes the truth isn't very pretty. I hate any form of violence so I neither agree with the middle-east resistance fighters nor the coalition troops, however I must confess, I can empathize with resistance fighting because they're defending their homes.

The Taliban Are All Terrorists According To Google

Abuse of Power using the Prevention of Terrorism Act

Propaganda, War, and Profits


The reason they use the word 'Taliban' to refer to such a large demographic of people is to allow them to spread more propaganda. It gives them the opportunity to report anything negative while willingly letting people believe it was committed by terrorists. Also, it justifies their own actions as it makes people belive there are far more terrorists than there actually are. (If you can call resistance fighters 'terrorists' that is! They are obviously defending their country against a foreign military machine that has killed thousands of innocents. A military machine who I personally think are the 'REAL' terrorist)

To draw a comparison, it would be like our media using the word 'Criminal Gang' to report on all non-conformists. Basically, Real criminals and everyone including the Jobless, The Homeless, Drugs Addicts, Activists, Conspiracy Theorists, Whistleblowers, Alternative media outlets, Online Hackers, Protesters etc etc etc etc would all be categorized and reported as being part of this same 'Criminal Gang'. Shockingly misleading isn't it? It's a trick of pure misrepresentation and manipulation that moulds public opinion to suit their agenda.

People need to wake up and see what their doing because its as clear as day at the moment. I find it amazing that more people haven't picked up on it and noticed what they're doing. If everyone knew the real reason and meaning of the word 'Taliban' then 90% of the main stream media's war propaganda wouldn't work and it'll all suddenly become very transparent.

But unfortunately I can't see this happening any time soon because the powers that be will defend it to the death. They know that one of the biggest weapons in any war is the propaganda that's being dished out. The wars in the middle-east are the perfect example of propaganda warfare.

Only last month, UN troops were on the streets in Afghanistan giving out radios to the people. What possible motive could there be for such a move? Yes, PROPAGANDA of course. To top it off, the western media reported the radio's were given out in an attempt to reduce 'Taliban' propaganda. If it wasn't so serious, I would have died of laughter when I heard that. I was a bit disappointed to see that the Afghan people were accepting them, honestly, I have no idea what they hope to hear with them, I'm pretty sure they won't have much choice.

Throughout the war on terror, the coalition forces have drooped tons of propaganda leaflets all over the middle-east on many occasions. They've quite literally littered the streets with western propaganda. This fact alone demonstrates their willingness to use propaganda to push through an agenda. They know that words can be far more powerful and far more destructive than any bomb they could drop.

The war on terror has been turned into a propaganda war that's being fought on two fronts by our government. One side of it is to get the people back home thinking the coalition is doing a great job against all the odds. The other side is to get the Middle-Eastern people to accept the invasion as necessary for their own good. One side of their agenda seems to have been a resounding success but I can't imagine it will be as easy to convince the people of a country they've just destroyed.

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    • profile image

      Zohaib 6 years ago

      This is all what the evil governments of west want their innocent people want to believe and others to accept . But they have forgotten since centuries that all of this is a part of a greater plan and they will lose.

      There were no suicide bombings in iraq before nato went there and also none in pakistan before Nato set foot in Afghanistan.