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Wet Cement: Leaving a mark

Updated on August 4, 2017

This might be a random topic to bring up but its funny how the littlest things can spark the deepest of thoughts...

First of all, I want to start off this hub by asking this question: Why is that whenever people see wet cement that they want to do something to it? That for some reason they are tempted to draw or put their hand-prints in it? That for some reason, they want to ruin the hard work that someone toiled in accomplishing?

That last statement is something that was really sticking out in my mind. A lot of the time, when we're tempted to leave some sort of mark on the cement, we forget to consider the fact that it was a product of someone's hard work. That by messing with the cement or even wet paint for that matter, that we are essentially ruining their work. But Why? Why is it that their hard work is farthest from our mind? What possesses us to do that? Why are we so tempted? I'm not sure if I can answer all of the questions I pose in this hub but If you have thoughts on the matter please leave a comment.

As for my interpretation of the situation: Maybe the reason (or at least part of it) why we're so tempted to mess with cement is rooted in the fact that it will be permanent? Yeah, the cement could be destroyed but before that happens, how long will your mark be there? How many people will see or read your "artwork"? In essence, you're leaving you're mark on this world. No matter its size, its still something that you changed in this world. Its still something you could be remembered by. Isn't that what most of us want? To make some sort of difference in this world? That we don't just live and die while no one remembers who we are or what we did? I'm sure not everyone is thinking "hey, by marking up this cement, I'll be remembered," but is it possible that somewhere deep down, that's what we're hoping for?

So What will be your Legacy? What will you be remembered for?

Yeah, I might be looking too deep into this but like I said, its up to interpretation. I mean can someone quantifiably tell us why we're tempted to write stuff in cement? I doubt it. Not a reason that could apply to everyone at least. And like i said, it was just a random thought. I had it when looking at wet cement this morning. I was really tempted but I couldn't tell you why and so that got me thinking: Why was I so tempted?


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