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What America Is Missing Out On

Updated on November 14, 2016
The dead tree reprints the imminent death of humanity if nothing changes.
The dead tree reprints the imminent death of humanity if nothing changes. | Source
The start of melting inn the polar ice caps.
The start of melting inn the polar ice caps. | Source
The corruption of the Koch Brothers and others like them.
The corruption of the Koch Brothers and others like them. | Source

Why Clean Energy Is A Struggle? What We Need to Do?

One day the earth will be tapped dry of all NON-renewable resources, and the only thing to blame will be the greedy human beings who carelessly used all the oil and coal. Under President Obama, the United States has made great leaps and bounds towards becoming a clean energy superpower, but the reforms written into law under Obama are not enough.

Our economy is not really "our" economy because it is controlled by the wealthy business owners who stuff the pockets of politicians in order to push for laws that protect and help their corporate agendas and ideals. The website,, states that over the past 26 years special interest groups have donated $520,695,742 to politicians and $88,619,676 in2016 alone. This money is going to senators and congressmen like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan to give special interest groups and corporations such as the Koch Brothers and Sunoco a voice in the federal government. Once these special interest groups use their overwhelming financial clout, reforms for clean energy and a safer, healthier environment are slashed. stated simply, many elected officials are not serving the people, but instead serving the will of the rich and their own bank accoun

One solution to this problem is to start to move away from oil, especially in regards to our motor industry. Companies such as Tesla are receiving large tax deductions and incentives because of their futuristic steps to creating a better tomorrow. As a nation, we need to start to move away from internal combustion transportation and look towards electric cars. However, this movement has to be done simultaneously with the nationwide implementation of electric energy ports. This will allow the United States of America to gradually make the switch to clean energy transportation flow more smoothly.

Many people believe that Climate Change is a hoax, but the truth is it that the world goes through global warming and global cooling patterns. Right now we are in a global warming. That is not the problem. The problem is that the warming is being sped up exponentially by humans and our dirty industries and pollution. The University Corporation for Atmospheric Researched observed that since 1880 to 2012 the Earth's average temperature has raised over 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. That may not seem like much, but it has already caused the polar ice caps to melt at accelerated rates, affected weather patterns and the severity of storms, and affected the atmosphere of the Earth as a whole.

As a country, we should be modeling our energy policies off of those of present-day Germany. Germany has an strong economy and a standard of living matched by very few countries of its size. Germany has been deemed the Clean Energy Super Power of the World; they have made great leaps and bounds to turning to100% reusable energy. They accomplished this goal for one day in October and range between 40%-100% clean energy per day. Germany put into place plans to make every highway barrier, the walls on the side of highways or interstates that block out sound, a solar panel. This creates a large amount of energy for the country and should be looked into by every other country in the world. The newest idea by Germany is a to implement a law that no internal combustion powered automobile be on the road by mid to late 2017.

The scary reality is that all the hard progress President Obama has made in the Clean Energy field may be for nothing, with the election of Donald Trump. Trump has publicly promised that he will repeal all regulations limiting the oil, gas, and coal industries. He also said he will get rid of all clean energy initiatives because they limit jobs, he will open up the major pipelines in America that Obama has worked so hard to block, and he will open new oil and coal industries in the continental USA.This could be a major set back for the clean energy movement and the realistically the WORLD! The Republicans now have control of the House of Representatives , the Senate, the Executive Branch, and soon the Supreme Court.

As a whole we need to continue to push forward and drive the Clean Energy Movement until it is a reality in the USA and the World. This is not a political, economic, or social issue. This is an issue of Human Survival, Life or Death, and Good vs. Evil.

Republicans laughing after hearing about their paychecks for their controlled speeches thrashing down any effort for renewable energy.
Republicans laughing after hearing about their paychecks for their controlled speeches thrashing down any effort for renewable energy. | Source

Should We Stop Companies From Forcing Their Will On The Government?

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When Does The Problem Stop

Should the USA set a goal for becoming 100% clean energy efficient?

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What if All the Ice Melted?


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