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What Can People Do to Stop Climate Change

Updated on January 19, 2010

We Can Stop Global Warming


Many people like to claim that it is up to worldwide leaders to help stop climate change. However, they have failed to take any decisive action so it is now up to us, everyday people, to stop global warming! There are some really simple ways you can help save our planet from climate change and its suspected effects (such as sea level rise, more intense storms and the destruction of many landmarks around the world such as the Great Barrier Reef). This Hub Page will take you through some ways we can also help stop climate change.

What Can People Do to Stop Climate Change- Some Simple Tips!

  1. Use as little power as possible. Make sure to unplug all electrical equipment when it's not in use. This will also help save on your power bill!
  2. Start a small vegetable garden in your backyard. Agriculture is one of the worst contributors to climate change so you can lessen the effect by growing your own fruit and vegetables. It's also better for your health.
  3. Eat less meat. While meat may be an important part of the diet most people simply eat too much. The raising of livestock is the worst contributor to climate change on the planet.
  4. Many airlines now have the option to pay a little extra for carbon offset. This is a really simple way you can contribute to the slowing of global warming.
  5. Sign petitions (or go and advocate in person) against major developments, especially when it involves cutting down a lot of trees.
  6. Carpool or take public transport to work. You could also get a more fuel efficient car or scooter.
  7. Turn the temperature on your heater down (if you are in cold climate) and the temperature of the air conditioner up (if you are in a hot climate).
  8. Use ceiling fans? Make sure to turn them off when you leave the room.
  9. Reuse clothes and plastic bottles. Go to a local opportunity (op) shop to get cheap clothes!
  10. Cut down on the amount of goods you buy each year. You don't need a new cell phone every few months!
  11. Carefully plan what you will eat every meal in the week and only buy what you need. Wasting food just increases your carbon footprint!
  12. Shop for books in second hand book stores.
  13. Go to bed earlier. Most people use a lot of electricity during the night.
  14. By energy saving globes and any check the power rating of any appliances you buy.
  15. Get your pet spade or neutered. I know it sounds crazy but the pet population must be checked, Remember- animals consume resources as well!
  16. Buy as much food as possible at local markets.

What Can People Do to Stop Climate Change- Some Serious Tips For People Who Are Really Serious!

  1. Get a solar panel to convert solar energy to electricity. While it may be rather expensive, you will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. If that is not a possibility you may want to consider the cheaper option of getting a solar hot water heater- perfect in sunny places.
  2. Write letters to your local representatives in government asking them to take more aggressive action on climate change.
  3. Reduce carbon emissions at work- talk to your boss and get some changes implemented. At the very least, you can switch to energy saving globes and turn off all the power when people leave the office at night. You can also get some carpools organized.
  4. Attend governmental meetings on climate change and put in your opinion. Perhaps it might encourage your local government to take some action.
  5. Start a local committee encouraging businesses in your area to reduce carbon emissions.


I hoped I've shown you that there are many easy ways to stop global warming or at least slow it down until the world leaders can come to a meaningful agreement. It is important to act as quickly as possible and to encourage others to act as well.

Have any other suggestions? Please leave a comment (just below the news section of this Hub Page). Also, please link to this page to encourage others to stop global warming. We can do it!

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      zebuniso 4 years ago

      thank you it helped me on my homework and i have learned much more useful things for me

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      rose ann 6 years ago

      yea !!! people can help to prevent climate change !!! all we can do is to be a responsible ! :P hope we can do it ! so that we can prevent climate change !!! go go go people :P

    • profile image

      mehka 6 years ago

      Gracias porque he aprendido y espero que la gente será responsable de todo lo

    • profile image

      mehka 6 years ago

      Thank you because I have learned and hopefully people will be responsible for everything thank you sharing ............................. .............................................

    • profile image

      mehka 6 years ago

      thank you because I learned much and hopefully people will be responsible to everything.

    • profile image

      Thandiswa 6 years ago

      Thanks it helped me on my home work, also encouraged myself to take actions

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      sharan 6 years ago

      thanks this helped me on my homework

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      htodd 7 years ago from United States

      Great info ...Thanks for sharing