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What Do Democrats Believe and Support? Things They Think

Updated on January 18, 2015

I will write a similar thing to what I wrote in my article on "What Republicans Believe?" Generalizing is a dangerous game because there are always exceptions. However, I think there are things that most Democrats believe, though I am not trying to characterize individuals. I'm trying to characterize the general Democrat. What do Democrats generally stand for? If you combined the beliefs of all Democrats, what would that belief system look like? Please feel free to disagree or qualify anything that I write. That's what these things are for.

Having said that, here's what Democrats believe.

Government should help people - it is the role of government to help people and solve problems. While Democrats, like Republicans, are capitalists, Democrats believe that government has a role to play when it comes to regulating business when business is engaged in activities that are harmful to people.

Keynesian Economics - Most Democratic economic theory derives from the philosophy of John Maynard Keynes, a 20th century economist. That philosophy basically says that government has a role in regulating the business cycle. For instance, the idea of stimulus funds as a solution to recession is derived from Keynesian economic theory.

Science trumps religion - in their roles as influences in people's lives, Democrats believe that science should be the basis for most decision-making. Certainly, Democrats are religious in numbers similar to Republicans, but Republicans have a more fundamentalist outlook. When decisions about policy issues must be made, Democrats are more likely to turn to science for the answers.

The above three points form the foundation of most Democratic thinking and the following points are derived from them. Here are some other things that Democrats believe.

Capital punishment is wrong - Generally, Democrats do not believe in the death penalty. This belief is derived mostly from research that the death penalty does not detour crime. However, it's also derived from data that shows that many people on death row are there due to the inability to defend themselves effectively.

Pro-choice on abortion - The quintessential Democrat favors allowing women to make decisions about their own health, including terminating a pregnancy.

Gun control - Democrats support some form of gun control and believe that the government has the right and the responsibility to monitor and sometimes prohibit the ownership of some weapons for the greater good. They believe that although the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, the founding fathers did not anticipate ownership of things such as automatic weapons and that some control is necessary.

Homosexuals deserve the same rights as everyone else - Gay people deserve the same rights as other people, including the right to get married.

The solution to illegal immigration isn't automatically deportation - Democrats believe that the U.S. has always been the land of opportunity and that immigrants enter this country illegally because of that opportunity. They support finding ways to allow illegal immigrants to stay in this country if those immigrants are contributing to our country. They also support penalizing companies who hire illegal immigrants as a first step to curbing illegal immigration.

Global Warming - Democrats understand that global warming is real, human caused, and worsening and that if we don't act, it'll be too late. This understanding is based on the hard science that supports global warming.

Evolution - Democrats believe in the theory of evolution and do not believe that creationism should be taught in public schools. They believe that creationism is a religious belief and should be taught in church.


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  • Neil Sperling profile image

    Neil Sperling 2 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

    If folks looked at the current monetary system they would realize no matter who wins the election nothing will change. There are flaws in communism, socialism as well as capitalism ---- the monetary system is the only common thread - it is the problem. We need Thrivalism. I wrote about it.

  • Glenny Scobbs profile image

    Glenny Scobbs 4 years ago

    yes cranky as a good demoncrat you have let demoncraps decide What they believe in to give them a good press while you decide as a good demoncrap too the most negative demoncrap bigoted views of republicans as what they believe in!! No republicans do not as most of them do not have a fundamentalist religious viewpoint compared to the demoncraps scientific viewpoint that is your talking points memos and a sterotyping hate mongering demoncrap viewpoint pushed by yes again you people! in al the pretty much believe the same but demoncraps are much more hateful and full of lies and demonizing of others.....I had not politicalleaning growing up and never talked in family about religion and like anyone else grew up learning threw personal experience and someone that moved around a lot throughout the country I learned a lot about the south when growing u p in the north and history about how bad the south was and they fought the civil war because they wanted slavery and the north didn't and so many other kinda one sided viewpoint told by what ended up being pretty hateful and bigoted people that hate the south without ever meeting people from the south and hated them since I guess the civil war..Even my own grandma had hateful things to say about those blanket blank blanks from the south until I moved south west and then southeast as I grew up and found out about the real reasons for saying one man is worth a % of had to do with taxes rather than a race issue but the democratic party used that and the hate of the south to push their issues and all issues since came from race this or that and if you didn't agree hey you are a racist too..they should do a book called you know you are a racist too,,iff you are white and live in the south heyyooooo you know you are racist if you dare comments negatively about the current president heyyoooo side note it was more American to criticize and even hate the last president and spout it? heyooooo tooo... having started from the north and having all relatives lived growing up in the north and cali and me final arriving down here by the time I graduated and went to college I saw first hand what demoncraps taught me and still teach others growing up in the north who have never met a person outside of their comfort area being taught to hate others just because they are white and from the south -they arer racist...what about black and from the south?? I have learned no do not dare say it in this country especially now Obama has come upon us and blessed us with his post racial experience...hmmm seems like the worst of any times before I would rather have the before e post racial as it was far less racial and less hate and killing of people that look like me and live in the south!! Caused by heyoooo people with the same attitudes as most demoncraps I have learned spewing the same lies and creating hate on all sies..why do they do it? for a Vote and to gain power,that is all...create more racism as Obama has done to an extreme and he wil separate the country more but also convince all minorities that haven't learned better that whitey hates you lets show you enemy as obma said lets make them pay!! his Chicago ways definitely bring the ignorant to his side and if not the Chicago ways takes control of the counting and locks people out of the voting precint so no neutral areas and no both parties being allowed to watch the votes and legitamize it when republicans are pushed out even by gunpoint while the precint gets locked down and no republicans are allowed in to very legal voting and that all the votes make it in the boxes to be countedlater or allowed in to verify the count when it comes to that...they were locked out of hundreds of precints especially in ohio,pennsylvania and florida and hiliary was locked out of the caucuses when they were going on her voting peole were locked out of most all the caucuses voting was a scam of a vote a 3rd country tyrant tyoe of voting where people were not allowed to vote based on color or if you are of the other party you are not allowed to vote ..all those people were disenfranchised and their vote were criminally not allowed by Obama and his Chicago mafia ways....if it asnt for all the illegal and racist and sexist things Obama was allowed to do and say and being locked out of getting any votes from most of the caucuses hillairy would be president and though she is a tight wawd tyrant herself ,their would have not been all the racial problems Obama started and increased the violence every time he speaks and gets more racial with every move...hilliary would have also got he jobs market fixed long much Ias I ditest her and all the illegal things her and hubby did in whitewater she still would have kept America to not have to get better by artificially inflating our economy by qe3 qe25 and so on...oh yeah people are buying more yeah great economy except for it is going on credit cards at a feverish pace and housing is getting artificially inflated price by multiple flipping where a house that was 65-70 to 75 bought raised to 85 to 90 and then flipped again and they have a way of hiding the previous price ,where many times in the past you could see hey this was bought 6 months ago and they did nothing to make tit better no investment into is and they have it for $15K higher and people would balk at the price as they were educated now thye are hiding previous price ,mostly where before most I could find the saleprice now the same 70k house is 105 and it has just been sitting from bank owned to 2 flippers which their salesprice makes others think that is the new price of similar homes and they go up and up..this is the same way the democrats started the housing crash before but where theyforced the banks to give subprime loands as if they did not they would say they are racist and then we have more problems and what did the chickens doo as racism is the key word demoncraps use to get their way as they use racism for everything and get away with it because the democraps are the news agencies ap and reuters extremely biased and they make the news and then sell the sh1t they made up n the first place and they low start racial stuff even more as it makes them more money when it goes virul!! so You demons used attacks of we are going to call you racist and say you do not want to let a black man get a house...screw that every American deserves a house,that is the American dream...those that could afford to pay a mortgage of a certain rate in their income bracket deserve to have that house in their range just like a car should bein your income bracket that you should be able to afford and pay you payments like a responsible good American that cares for your neighbor and doesn't want to burden other and the government if you default or bought way out og your price range and many times on purpose knowing they wont be able to keep it but learned from other criminals that hey you can stay in a mini mansion for x many months or years without paing,,,this becamse and epidemic across the country and was not done with good faith by these buyers.These types of buyers did criminal acts on purpose once they learn of the new scam!!! the deomcraps in congress admitted on youtube video that they knew we would have much much more defaults but do you want us to label you a racist mr republican? do it or else!! Same evil illegal tactics and reprehensible dirty tactics they have used for years and not caring for the deaths and hate they have caused and for the loss of families when they default and the homicides that followed when you lost your wife to your scamming an you cant handle it and take you own life...I saw so muchof this...and it all had to do with votes!!!! hate murder,suicide,loss of family loss of house and any money you ever had in bank done just for votes and creating even more racism!!But demoncraps do not care about the future and how things cause other reaction for every action!!! they caused the housing collapse which was the collapse of our economy they then blamed bush for!! Nonpartisan to learning truth about lies!

  • crankalicious profile image

    crankalicious 5 years ago from Colorado


    I made that change. I do think it biases the article a bit, but science is science.

  • Nathan Orf profile image

    Nathan Orf 5 years ago

    Mostly succinct. But I think it would have been better to change the global warming issue around a bit. Instead of saying "Democrats believe that global warming is real, human caused, and worsening and that if we don't act, it'll be too late," you could say "Democrats understand and accept that global warming is real, human caused, and worsening and that if we don't act, it'll be too late."

    I believe that anything less than that allows for the further distortion of the climate change debate. Already, far too many people have bought into the argument that global warming is a leftist "religion," complete with priests, followers and converts, missionaries, etc.

    That is a right wing myth, of course. But using terms like "Democrats believe in global warming" simply helps to propagate these myths further.

  • profile image

    xpydder 5 years ago

    This is very nicely and succinctly organized and I think most democrats would agree. However, I don't think most people really understand Keynesian Economics or what demand side or supply side economics really is. First, the should not be opposing ideas where you have to believe in one and not the other. This is one of the reasons why democrats and republicans cannot agree on anything - they think one is right and the other is wrong and this is simply not true and they are both important and they both need to be used in moderation and with an understanding of their long-term effects.

    I don't think that any of these things should be disagreed with by most republicans and i really think there is a middle ground which the majority of Americans live in. The trouble is that people think that things like science and religion need to be diametrically opposed. Science does not have to trump religion nor does religion have to trump science as this is a zero sum game. Science trumps outdated misunderstandings that may have been derived from religious misunderstandings. The bible was written during a time when there was very little understanding of science so it had to be written for the audience that would comprehend it at that time. Most churches these days will simply say that God created the science that created man. Suddenly there is just a small disagreement and we should respect the beliefs of the other - without putting something on the bumper of our car in the hope of trying to convert someone.

    I think most of the arguments between democrats and republicans are misunderstandings about what the other actually believes.

  • Worker CL100098 profile image

    Worker CL100098 6 years ago from America - I hope

    Current legislation and continuing efforts are working to take us here (see below). Are you working to stop it? Ignoring it is the same as helping it. Which are you doing?

    If you dare, take a look at a very possible America:



  • Freeway Flyer profile image

    Paul Swendson 6 years ago

    As you say, there will always be exceptions, but this sums up the Democratic Party as well as possible. And while some of the ideas in their platform naturally go together, others are unrelated. For example, there is no reason why a belief in Keynesian economics would also lead to a belief in gay rights. Both parties in fact, have internal contradictions in their platforms, with each supporting activist government in some cases and limited government in others:

  • crankalicious profile image

    crankalicious 6 years ago from Colorado

    Obviously not every Democrat will follow every point, but generally speaking, I am arguing that this is what most Democrats believe and the basis for most Democratic Party decisions.

  • Juliek958 profile image

    Juliek958 6 years ago from Norman, Oklahoma

    Wow. I didn't know that I believed in the theory of evolution. I thought I was raised by a long line of Democrats who believed in the Bible. And I wasn't aware that I believed that science trumped religion. I am pretty sure that I have hourly chats with God and I accept things because I have Faith in Him. I turn to God most days for help and strength. I do not believe in "across the board" capital punishment but that fact that Charles Manson lives and breathes bothers me a great deal. I think capital punishment is a case by case decision. As far as Global Climate Change - I agree with science that there is a cycle that the earth goes through and that we currently are in one but I also agree with the other side of the issue that says it's man made. Basically what I think is that the earth is in a cycle which is made far times worse because of what man has done to this planet.

    I could go on but I won't. I disagree with your hub and your definitions. But that's what makes the world rich. Honest discourse is a good thing. I'm sure we would have a great time at dinner discussing all things democrat and republican.

  • PJ Jones profile image

    PJ Jones 6 years ago

    I just found this hub. Very interesting. What you have said about democrates, almost make them sound human. Acutally it sounds like this should be the common thread that makes the world "go round". The demos sound whimpy because it looks like they care for their fellow humans and are not trying to say that because this shoe fits and looks good on them...doesn't mean it will do the same for you. I think it would be a better world if there were more people with this thought process..or close to it.

  • GoGreenTips profile image

    Greg Johnson 6 years ago from Indianapolis

    Well written hub, easy to understand. I'm going to hop over to your hub on Republicans and brush up on them. The ideological differences between the parties are making it impossible cooperate our government on any consistency though.

    On the other hand perhaps it is best that the two parties can't agree on anything. It may be our best course of action is that neither win the philosophical arguments.

    Oh well great hub..thanks

  • Auntie D profile image

    Auntie D 6 years ago from California

    I'm was glad to read "Democrats, like Republicans, are capitalists" since many refuse to ignore this and the many corporations controlled by Democrats. Basic but well written.

  • larry71 profile image

    Larry 6 years ago from Illinois

    Interesting yes. But generalizing as well. I know both diehard republicans and democrats alike who believe what's in this hub. But interesting read nonetheless.

    Marking up and interesting.

  • Jools99 profile image

    Jools99 6 years ago from North-East UK

    Very interesting hub, I haven't the faintest idea what US parties believe and don't believe so I'm going to read your other hubs later on. Really simply explained, thank you.