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What Does Abortion Doctor Gosnell And President Obama Have In Common?

Updated on June 28, 2013

What Does Abortion Doctor Gosnell And President Have In Common?

The mostly church-mouse quietness of the main-stream-media on the brutal, murderous trial involving babies currently being prosecuted in Philadelphia has a Doctor Gosnell, as the accused, who, close to two decades, routinely, apparently, murdered babies (7) that were born alive. I venture to say that were you to now ask President Obama about the current late-term abortion murder cases being prosecuted, he would probably throw Dr. Gosnell under the proverbial bus because of the literally, bloody, Frankenstein-like abortion shop that the doctor was running - but we must not forget that then Senator Obama from Illinois… three times refused to put his signature on legislation that would have banned killing babies born alive in the cases of botched Abortions. Someone tell me, objectively, if there is a difference between President Obama and Doctor Gosnell: the latter who is being tried on numerous counts of murder of babies and President Obama who would not deign to place his signature, that essentially, says that botched Aborted babies should be permitted to live… instead of suffering the cruel fate of those new born babies murdered by Doctor Gosnell over the years.

I have written blogs in this forum criticizing, what to me, were crocodile tears that came from President Obama in the aftermath of the Connecticut killings of the children; how could I take President Obama or many of us who support Abortion seriously when many of us of note say nothing, deliberately so, about the sheer brutality of the murders perpetrated by Dr. Gosnell. I am not going to expose you to the tongue-tied, sickening scene where these babies were murdered because you would think that it is out of a Hollywood scary movie - only that it is frighteningly real; yet, everyday, what Dr. Gosnell is being tried for, the murder of babies, goes on in many a hospital in our country… with the difference being that these murder sites of babies are done in more pristine surroundings.

Most of the media and President Obama will not be talking about these Abortion murders and note that these murders happened way before the Boston bombings; this is so because the media and President Obama are avid supporters of Abortion… and they are afraid of the murderous taint. But, again, think of the irony that President Obama and most in the media’s only problem with what Dr. Gosnell did… was that these Abortion murders of babies were done in less than sanitary settings. Once again folks, it is why those of us who wholeheartedly support Abortion do not want the public at large to look at the baby-bloodletting pictures, which depict the sick aftermath of abortions, especially those deemed late term. So next time, we bemoaned the cruelty done to animals, Ala Michael Vick or the less than kind treatment done to endangered species and in the same breath feel nothing about the holocaust that is Abortion, we must seriously evaluate if we still have souls.

I will again convey a true story, and yes, for the powers that are governing the contents splashed on the Hub-Pages, I have written this before - but my repeating of this story is done to underscore, what to me, is the most heinous of acts, we, as human beings, partake in. As for the true story, there was a couple, whose marriage was troubled, perhaps, most of said troubles were due to the fact that it was an interracial marriage, which, nonetheless, resulted in children - I am almost certain that in such a troubled union, coupled too that it was an era of intolerance for such unions, that someone might have suggested Abortion… but I thank the Lord that the babies sired from that interracial union were allowed to live and thrive, especially since one of the children turned out to be the first African American President (Obama) and the current ruler of the free world.


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