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What Does The Government Shutdown Mean...Really?

Updated on October 19, 2013

Are You Ready For The Meltdown?

Bickering politicians are not new. Ever since the beginning, there were differences in this country. It was these differences that banded us (the US) together and made us a nation, independent from the British.

Every time you get a group of people together, there will be differences. Most are healthy, as they get us to really look at what we are doing and where we are going. However, the government of the United States has become so toxic, that it is no longer about differences.

It is about pushing agendas onto the people of the United States and pushing the United States into bankruptcy.

In reality, the government has become a group of individuals that have been bribed and influnced to create special programs that weaken this country.

Yes, there are people who are legitimately disabledor cannot make there own way. But we continue to support people who are just plain lazy.

Case in point, when the EBT cards went amuck during the shutdown, hundreds of people stormed in and basically looted the store. They, in my mind, should all be arrested for theft. Will we do it? No way! They deserve to be looters! After all, it's their right to have all that food that we worked for!

Now the US government has helped create a nation of co-dependent people and has allowed companies to ship jobs overseas.Or wait...have the American people had a hand in that too? Demanding higher and higher wages for less work???

The shutdown just proves that the US is in no way able to operate without constant borrowing. It's like you or I relying on mastercard to keep uping our limit without regard to ever paying it back.
Do you really think the government can sustain itself like this? Ask Greece!

There is coming a day when the well will go dry and the US will default. This shutdown is just a sign that it is coming.

What will you do about it? Can you continue to pay into a government that will ultimately go bust? What is your plan if you lose your job?
Here are some optios:
1.) Start your own business on the side and builod up to going full time.

2.) Once you are full time, set up a structure that allows you to stop paying into social security and fund your own retirement.

3.) Enjoy life detached from the government!

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    • JohnfrmCleveland profile image


      4 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Inflation doesn't occur until demand outstrips our ability to meet that demand, which is a very long way off. The idea that any addition of dollars will "dilute" their value is the quantity theory of money, which has been thoroughly discredited among economists (though it certainly lives on in the minds of ordinary people). In short, supply is not fixed. When the govt. spends new dollars, production (if it is able) rises to meet the new demand. Competition, as always, keeps prices down.

    • createmyeconomy profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA, Australia

      Yes, you are correct that the US prints it's own money, but won't it become worthless after a certain amount?

    • JohnfrmCleveland profile image


      4 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      "It is about pushing agendas onto the people of the United States and pushing the United States into bankruptcy."

      "There is coming a day when the well will go dry and the US will default."

      This is not correct. The U.S. prints its own money, and can never run out of dollars. There can be other consequences, but default/bankruptcy is not one of them.

      "As the sole manufacturer of dollars, whose debt is denominated in dollars, the U.S. government can never become insolvent, i.e., unable to pay its bills. In this sense, the government is not dependent on credit markets to remain operational. Moreover, there will always be a market for U.S. government debt at home because the U.S. government has the only means of creating risk-free dollar-denominated assets (by virtue of never facing insolvency and paying interest rates over the inflation rate, e.g., TIPS—Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)."

      Greenspan on the same subject:


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