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What Economy?

Updated on October 17, 2009

Someone asked me to write about my biggest beef with America presently, okay... here it goes. What better than our nations economy? Really, what economy? It's completely nonexistent. I absolutely hate when so called economic experts write articles, books, and go on television, trying to tell us how to control our finances. Or explain how the country can get out of debt by... First of all, your pockets are a whole lot fatter than mine. I'm sure you are not wondering where your next meal is coming from. Second, if you know so much better, why aren't you in office? And third, if our government weren't such greedy, corrupt, criminals, my finances would be just fine. The government strong arms U.S. citizens for taxes, fines, penalty fees, etc., etc. For what? So NASA can spend 79 million dollars to set off an explosion on the moon? To check and see if there was ever water on it? Is that really a priority considering our current situation? I think not. Or so they can extremely over pay for every purchase they make? Or maybe to bail out other major corporations that also rob us? And yes, I said other. That's all our government is. A business. Run entirely by gangsters. Why do you think they wanted so badly to get rid of the mob? Competition. From bank robbery to gambling. Though the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act doesn't seem to apply to them. But yet its okay for them to kidnap, hold against their will for as long as they want, torture, or even kill, when ever they choose to do so. All in the name of freedom. I don't feel free in any way. Our national debt is almost 12 trillion, and no one seems to see this as a problem. We also have companies like Halliburton embezzling millions of tax dollars from our government. But yet they are still able to pull the wool over the nations eyes with a little slide of hand. Most recent being our new president. Smoke and mirrors. In one hand, the first black president! While palming our governments criminal behavior in the other behind their back. Though he's supposedly our new cape wearing savior. Please, presidency means you're an over glorified public relations representative at best. Here is my national economic plan: Take away all of the politicians overly generous paychecks until they can accomplish the tasks that they were elected to do in the first place. Or better still, fire all of them and hire people who actually live on a low budget income and know what it means to barely get by with what you have. Completely restructure our absolute joke of a judicial system and build one that will actually work. (which I will get much deeper into in a totally different hub) Regulate and manage affordable insurances and health care. Stop spending tax dollars on unnecessary and wasteful expenses. And lastly, stop waging wars we have no business getting involved in. We the people of the united states need to take back our country and start over from scratch. America was founded by criminals who stole the whole country in the first place. By murdering and enslaving its original inhabitants. Of Course it was going to get worse. Now look at it.


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    • profile image

      Pee Boy 

      9 years ago

      What economy? Non-existent? Well, it's getting there. Most say were at the turning point and are heading back from the brink, but polls and numbers won't give you or me a living wage. As for our "saviour"...most of the people calling him that want nothing more than for him to fail, for America to fail. Most conservatives seem to be suffering from some sort of selective amnesia with the ball-busting deficit overspending attacks. Before President Obama took office or signed ANY legislation, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that, based on actions taken by President Bush and economic conditions at the time, the deficit for fiscal year 2009 would reach $1.2 trillion.

      And now... Bailouts? Stimulus package? Healthcare reform? Shame on them!...NOT. I'd rather pour billions of dollars back into our domestic economy to set the stage for a 40 year long overdue healthcare reform for OUR PEOPLE, than to spend decades or even a century trying to force a medieval country out of the dark ages. In the end Bin Laden will have achieved his "destruction of America" unless someone lifts this country up by the collar out of the pit-trap we followed Bush into.

      Most importantly to remember when it comes to change and Obama's administration, it's like taking the helm of an oceanliner - you can't turn on a dime.


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