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Is Government Health Care Really Insurance?

Updated on June 20, 2012

No matter how you run the numbers there will be many who will not be covered by the national health care plan. The numbers not only defy reason but the cost will be even greater. One thing is for certain and that is nothing (repeat nothing) is free. When President Obama tells you health care cost will not affect the deficit - can you really believe him?

Let's not forget - Medicaid has turned away more people than all the major private health providers combined. Over a half a million. If you think government won't ration your health care, you are sadly mistaken. So when President Obama tells you no one will be turned down, you better ask the right question and demand the right answer.

Health care coverage is not about you unless you believe in the tooth fairy. But then again many do. Up to 50% of America's population receive some kind of government assistance despite the fact over 45% don't deserve it. No doubt government has created a demanding and unproductive monster.

The SEIU and other unions want Health care. The SEIU alone has budgeted 10 million dollars for promotion and politicians. This money comes from union dues paid by workers. The unions are hurting and have been losing traction. Promised pensions are in deep trouble and someone has to pay to make good on promises that should have never been made. If these pensions go bust so will the unions.

Big business sees a bigger bottom line with government run health care. Thousands of dollars can be saved on just one employee with big government running the show. Corporations will have millions to throw at politicians to sway legislation their way.

Politicians will gain the most. With union and corporation money flowing in like Niagara Falls, they take comfort in knowing their jobs are secure. They will live another day stamping out legislation that will give them the power of kings and queens.

And what about illegal immigrants?

La Raza is pushing hard to to have illegals covered by free health care. The more illegals crossing the border the greater the clout La Raza has for its agenda. An agenda that isn't for the equality of all. Do you think the left really believes everyone is the same?

The unions are big on illegals. Their numbers dwindling and they need to beef up their member ship. Illegals can supply cold hard cash into the union coffers.

Big business loves illegals because they are cheap labor. Business claims no one else will do the job. What they don't tell you is that Americans refuse to lower their standard of living to the point where they can not care for themselves respectably.

Isn't is curious that no one wants to teach these illegals English. Not Business, not the unions, not La Raza, and certainly not the politicians. That would be devastating. What, give another Human Being the option to communicate effectively and to negotiate? You have to hand it to special interest - they are shrewd. When you can't communicate you don't know any better and can't defend yourself. Now that's real control! Where are all those to cry racism on this one? Nowhere to be found.

And what about the politicians and celebrities? The likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher, Al Gore, the Clintons, Oprah Wingrey, David Letterman, and many other high profile names who seem to care so much for you. They all want health care. Of course they do! They don't dive damn. They have plenty of money to get all the care they need. Do you?

Health care is about the left and special interest and the proof is living right before your eyes. Just take a look at China, North Korea, Russia under Communism, or any socialist country. Capitalism still rules but it is only for the special people.

If you think free government health care is about you or those who really need it then you do live in a different reality. But your reality is in the process of taking a turn for those that think they are special and better than you. Guess what? You're not one of them, are you?

Addendum: SInce the introduction of the Baucus bill the unions are now against the plan. The legislation will tax unions and business up to 40% (additional taxes) for providing a better health care plan the government. In addition, the cost will be deferred to other legislation as an accounting trick in an attempt to keep the cost deficet neutral. In other words costs will be recorded in other ledgers.


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    • Tom Whitworth profile image

      Tom Whitworth 

      9 years ago from Moundsville, WV

      I find an interesting trend in the leftist commentary. It seems they have no facts so they resort to name calling. Government health care got off to a good start and anyone can read about it. It's called "The Tuskegee Experiment" and its abysmal. Not treating African Americans with syphilis, while observing the complications.

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 

      9 years ago from Texas

      Very good piece and good response to your critic. Those left wing critics keep reciting the same old garbage. They really do think everyone conservative is stupid and does not know how to read. They also think every conservative must be a Republican and approve of the former president. Good job!

    • jiberish profile image


      9 years ago from florida

      I doubt if that girl was taken to an emergency room that she would have died, no one is turned away from CARE, even it they don't have INSurance. And PS, how will those who cannot afford insurance pay for it when it's mandatory?

      'Good Hub, Joe! PSS, I read it too!

    • joer4x4 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Well.. I'm not a republican and I've been without health insurance too at times.

      Which facts would you like to discuss?

      Medicaid? Research the numbers yourself. It's true and fact. Medicaid has turned far more people away than any private insurance. One place is PEW Research.

      That's the point - the system is corrupt and it starts with government. Once government gets in it cost us all more.

      For instance did you know the government won't allow insurance companies to compete across state lines? It's law!

      Do you have any idea how much it cost to set up seperate business entities in each state? Like that cost isn't passed to us. Thanks government!

      It is a sham that people die over health insurance and fortunately they're far and few between. It could be worse. Have your read the British newspapers lately?

      It's impossible to clean up business until you clean up government.

      When is the last time government did something for you? And how much did you put in and how much are you getting out of it?

      BTW - did you read the health care bill? I did.

    • stevenschenck profile image


      9 years ago from Sacramento California

      Your writing is what is wrong with the entire Republican argument - no facts or dealing with real issues - Fear based on lies is just stupid, and a waste of time. Do you think anybody with half a brain is going to believe this junk when they are paying for every uninsured person who gets sick, being over charged for medical care, turned away for pre-existing conditions.

      In LA we watched a young girl die while her parents fought the insurance company to get her treatment. Four hours after she died they agreed to give her the treatment that would have saved her life. What is your bias that thinks a corrupt system stealing from individuals and stealing your tax dollars is a system worthy of protection - or do you just like fear based on lies to feel powerful. After eight years of this dumb crap we need to get America back on track to the powerful nation we once were and this is the first step. Oh ya, I am a Republican working for our Republican Governor.

      Try writing one with a real fact in it.


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