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What Happened To President Obama's Promise Of Not Engaging In Politics As Usual...

Updated on August 22, 2012

What Happened To President Obama’s Promise of Not Engaging In Politics As Usual…

To those who make up the cult of personality surrounding President Obama… this blog is not for you because objectivity for you has become racist if the blogger is White and an Uncle Tom if he or she is Black like me. But outside the confines of rabid partisanship, who in his or her right mind can say that the current campaign for the Presidency that President Obama and his minions are waging have not gone way beyond the pale. It is true that I have to engage the time machines via research to speak on whether this is turning out to be the dirtiest campaign ever - but the irony is that President Obama’s secular commandment was that he would not engage in politics as usual or something to that bloated rhetoric now that he had reached the pinnacle of power. Yet, here we are seeing the President’s surrogates calling Governor Romney a murderer because of his business decisions made as head of Bain. Do we really want to go through such convoluted extrapolation to link Governor Romney to murder… it would be like my linking President Obama for the unrelenting murders happening in mostly Black enclaves in his home state of Chicago, Illinois. A few months ago, even many a member of the various unions, ardent supporters of our President Obama, begged him to vote up an oil pipe line to Canada that would have created thousands of much needed jobs, but the President apparently listened to his Hollywood friends - Daryl Hannah and Julia Louise Dreyfuss - and vetoed the pipeline. Do you think in the interim that someone who would have been employed and perhaps are now in deeper dire straights or even may have had a death can place the onus of such perdition on President Obama for not green-lighting the pipeline?

Imagine that Governor Romney or Paul Ryan saying what Vice President Bidden said about the Republicans wanting to put 'Blacks back in chains' - ironic since President Lincoln was a Republican - we would have heard the media calling for the Republican heads for uttering such insensitive words. Objectively, do I think that Vice President Biden is a racist… no, I do not, but many Democrats working in biased tandem with much of the media are so unfair, it is laughable when they speak on the subject of objectivity in our politics. We are watching a President taking us down the road of Europe, yet we know the dire consequences that such a move has caused by looking at the conspicuous, empirical evidence in such countries as Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Moreover, we do not have to make the trek all the way across the pond to see the abject failure of having a central government in charge of virtually every aspect of our economic endeavors… right here in America, counties are failing in states like California for previously economically employing locally what President Obama has been trying to do nationally.

Let us supposed that I were to criticize President Obama on his military policies on the war on terror - that would not be objective of me since President Obama has kept most of the Bush/Cheney policies - save for water-boarding - and that said policies I wholeheartedly supported when Bush was in power. Years ago, I wrote a blog on how the Kennedys had the bulk of their wealth in off-shore accounts… I never heard any Democrats criticize the late Senator Edward Kennedy about this, yet the hammer is being dropped on Governor Romney for having the same off-shore accounts. And let me just say personally that for me it is shameful for the Kennedys and the Romneys to have their wealth in overseas accounts, and, in essence, conveying that they have no confidence in our banking/tax system that they are intimately apart of and have even sought to govern that very system that promulgate the rules with respect to our banking and taxing schemes.

It does not surprise to me that President Obama has gone back on his words for not being above the fray vis-à-vis politics as usual because he is flesh and blood… unlike what the cult surrounding him sees. From the beginning, I knew where President Obama stood on abortion and gay marriage, even when he protested differently and the fact that he is being ‘dirty’ in his bid for re-election is part and parcel of who the President is… and with that said… permit me some paraphrasing of Shakespeare: prick him he will bleed.... Those caught up in President Obama’s cult of personality is similar to those who are prejudice who can still watch the Rodney King beating and say that they saw nothing wrong or fans of the pop star Chris Brown who can look at Rihanna’s beaten face and tell you that they saw nothing wrong in what the latter did or look at what President Obama gets away with and nothing is said like it would have been for others engaging like behaviors….


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      I am almost certain that were President Obama to win re-election... the misery complex that is our economy will be still be blamed on President Bush and if Romney wins... and the economy recovers, it will be because of President Obama's policies.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      what happened is that he didn't feel like committing political suicide and let the republican attack machine clean the floor with him,and I thank god he woke up in time to win reelection.