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Human trafficking - Traps to avoid

Updated on January 18, 2015

There is a plenty of information in the Internet already about this subject. There are organizations, institutions to help victims, usually women and children. We all heard about it at least few times, however unless it doesn't touch us personally or our loved ones we usually think about it generally, giving it a few thoughts such as: oh it is bad, not knowing how exactly this is happening and what each of us can do to prevent it.

The tips here are only for teenagers and adult women, not for the little ones as they usually don't get to decide what will happen.

How does it look like? Let me lead you through this process and show you how the processes of thoughts in different people work, so you won't think: they are just stupid and not careful. I personally believe if a human being does something, usually has a pretty good reason for it.


People who charm with faked opportunities usually take advantage not only of teenagers. They use the fact that many are in a desperation considering their social and financial status position.

How does it look like? First of all the person appears from nowhere offering... HOPE. Who can turn it down in the circumstances that don't and won't offer any improvement? Just to name only a few: bad situation at home, poverty, etc. Pretty understandable, right?

Right after hope there is another bait: YOU ARE SPECIAL. So they say:

- I chose you among hundreds of others. You can definitely be the right person for this role/ position/ requirements of our company. Your profile is quite impressive.

If you are an adult, you will think: is that real? Do I deserve so much complements among high competition in the world. The person is probably polite starting an interview. As a person in extremely rough environment, you may lose your guard because somebody finally started to make you believe in yourself! Many people never heard they are doing something right and are indeed special. So it is like offering a hungry person for years a really good dinner.

So you have HOPE and you are SPECIAL. Who wants to go back to misery at this point? It is so nice that you won't ask the right questions!

At this point many people give the benefit of trust to somebody who never showed you any credentials. Just take a look at vocal artists and their record deals signing the contracts that not only will benefit them in the future, but making them a slave to the company for approaching years.


Let's continue and state tip number 1: Business is business. Just because somebody is nice, promise you things it doesn't mean anything until you see credentials and contract!

Tip 2: ASK!!!! and after you ask, ask again and again!

If your potential employer is a fake here is where you will encounter problems. He won't answer your question straight away and this is

tip 3: OBSERVE REACTIONS! If somebody is not straight forward with you

Tip 4: come back to your QUESTIONS, keep asking them as in negotiations techniques and manipulation prevention techniques:

- What is the name of your company? Where I can learn more about you?

Normal person will provide you with necessary information. What's more there will be plenty in the internet about the company and person, especially these days! If you cannot find even a note about the person, well that is already highly suspicious.

Fake person will offer you some words like:

- Look I am casting hundreds of people. I am not hear to answer questions, I am calling you personally... - and bla bla bla you will hear excuses and you will keep on hearing them as the person will be hard to interrupt to.

Tip 5. You can actually STOP talking to this person at this point but if you like to have more entertainment for yourself you could say:

- Look, put yourself in my position. You have my profile, you know about me, I know nothing about you.

Tip nr 6 is something to think over. Why? Because if you do something about it, go to the police, you may help others, but you don't have evidence. And if you do, then you put yourself in danger by perhaps being called as a witness later on. It is totally understandable if you don't want to do that, these people are professional criminals and indeed can hunt somebody and kill. There is no reason to lie to yourself: perhaps I will survive? Remember if somebody sells somebody, he has no scruples in doing one more nasty thing. Even if you do have a professional training (you are in army, learnt combat, are in police, etc.) it is highly dangerous to deal with. So don't be a hero, be smart.

Here are some links that may be a use for you:


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    • Joanna Pilatowicz profile image

      Joanna Pilatowicz 3 years ago from Germany

      Thank you Christy for letting me know.

      If the article kept your attention that is really good. Unfortunately this problem exists in many countries. Really sad.

    • Christy Maria profile image

      Christy Maria 3 years ago

      Hello Joanna!

      You seem to have a passion over the issue of human trafficking!

      I have written an article specifically about human trafficking in China! If you are interested in this subject then check it out! I love feedback.

      Also, I love your writing methods because you are able to keep your article interesting so I do not doze off as I am reading it! That is a great skill to have!