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What If

Updated on March 3, 2010

A Vision of American Economics

What if someone cut off Obama’s money and he could not feed his family?

What if everyone denied him a job?

What if he were resourceful and tried using the internet for income?

What if many companies agreed to pay him commissions for advertising their products?

What if the companies denied there were any profits?

What if he had something to say and wrote a book?

What if the publishing company denied selling the book?

What if he lost his family and had nowhere to turn?

What if they raised property taxes?

What if they trumped up charges on his utility bills?

What if his mail and phone calls were rerouted?

What if there were someone out there who wanted to say they care but no message came through?

There would be no future for Obama and his family. That is exactly what he does to us and other people in this country. We are not the only ones. From whom did Timothy McVeigh take orders? From whom did he receive money for bombs? If you trace it up, did all the money come from the government? They have money to kill people but not to feed them. There is something wrong with the leadership of this government.


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