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What Is "Idle No More"?

Updated on December 29, 2012


Discussions began in December of 2012 among four indigenous woman of Canada, over the newest government Bill C 45. In short, this bill breaks all treaties by allowing corporations to build on the Reserves, the Native Indian land, and potentially damaging the lands and waters of Canada. Though many other treaties have already been broken, this Bill has become the straw that broke the camel's back! Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon and Sheelah McLean, all began to organize teach ins and spread awareness to the effect of this new law that Prime Minister Harper is pushing through Parliament. This small gathering and teaching of the People is the humble beginnings of the grassroots movement of Idle No More.

The People went, by invitation of the New Democrats, to the House of Commons to inject their concerns. They were refused entry! This action only demonstrates the continued disregard of the First Nation People, by Prime Minister Harper. Before long, Chief Theresa Spence began a hunger strike, until Harper will have her as an audience to hear the Peoples concerns. Today, Harper has yet to acknowledge her and it has been over 16 days! Meanwhile, the Indigenous People began to move. There has been an explosion of flash mobs, not only in Canada and the United States, but also in places like Ukraine, Egypt, Norway, United Kingdom and South America, just to name a few. Idle No More Movement has spread like a wildfire across the continents! Even Google has joined the campaign by posting a map of all the places the flash mobs have occurred. You can visit at the link listed at bottom of article to see all who are standing up and are idle no more!

Both Facebook and You Tube has been pouring in with pictures and videos of this movement that is sweeping the world by storm. Just type in any search engine, Idle No More, and you will come across pages and pages of events happening all over the place. I posted a few links below of places such as, the state of Chiapas in Mexico, where thousands of Zapatistas of the Mayan culture, occupied peacefully in several cities on the 22 of December. This is no longer just about Canada and her indigenous people, but about the peoples rights everywhere in protecting the land and water and human rights.

Since the later half of December, flash mobs have popped up everywhere, in shopping malls, front of city offices and any public place where they can be seen. It is usually a peaceful demonstration of drums and singing while the people who gather, hold hands and do the Native Round Dance. This is a great show of solidarity and uniting the people for humans rights and the protecting of our Mother Earth.

At the Idle No More blog site, a statement of request and intent is posted. It reads as follows: "Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damages to the land and water We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action and protect Mother Earth".

It has recently been asked, how did we get here, in reflections to the sad state of the world. This issue in Canada's bill is a fine demonstration of why we continue to fail as a society. It is all about greed! The poisoning of the land and water not only effects the Indigenous People, but everyone! It was once said that if one remains silent, then you are giving consent. No more are the people remaining silent and passive.

Just in the last week, the United Nations is attacking Canada on human rights issue. The UN wants to know how can Canada complain about the human rights of Iran People, when in their own backyard are mass graves of Indigenous People. Canada is now in the spot light and will have to show their hand soon or we call the bluff!

This is not an American Indian Movement, nor is it a Tea Party or even Occupy. This is a movement involving indigenous people from all over the world. Uniting the people to protect the land and waterways, for not only is the land and water lifeblood of the Earth, but the lifeblood of the Peoples continued existence. With the turn of an era into a new one, or the dawn of a new age, this Idle No More Movement is riding at the top of the waves and leading the people to a better life for us and our Mother Earth.

This effects everyone! Do not just stand there idle...get up and move and show your support for a better place to live, not just for you, but for your grandchildren. We are idle no more!


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    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      I highly understand you feelings and experiences. My husband is Lakota and we support the little guy who out in the wilderness away from the corrupt tribal treatments, but find neglected in the simplest of needs. Like many groups of all races, there are those who let ego lead their way and often interferes with the goodwill of the common people. But in Idle No More, there are those with ego who are trying to take the reigns and that will destroy the original purpose. Bill 45 C will kill of the traditionalist and the last of those good ways will be no more. Outside of that, it is a voice for the oppressed all over the world! In all political moves, poison somehow seeps in.

    • teacherjoe52 profile image

      teacherjoe52 5 years ago

      Good morning.

      Having been a treeplanter for thirteen years I have a lot of experiance with natives.

      Usually they are very nice people


      Whenever you go on a reserve you can tell who the chief and his buddies are by their big houses while everybody eles lives in shanty shacks.

      I have numerous experiances where when you work for a native company (which is owned by either the chief or his buddies) they refuse to pay you. When you go to the labour relations board about it they say go talk with the chief. Even natives won't work for those countries.

      I have deen on contracts where a certain number of natives were hired. All they did is sit in the truck, smoke pot and whine about how bad the white man treats them.

      I have volunteered in many soup kitchens and when I offered a job to a native they would laugh and say that is what you white men do to pay taxes for my welfare.

      I have seen the government build new homes for natives and they don't take care of them and in less than a year they look like third world shanty shacks.

      Maybe the natives need to clean up thier reserves and get off thier lazy butts and learn to take care of themselves instead of depending upon the hard working non-natives to take care of them.

      I look forward to your next article about how the natives are abused by thier own on the reserves and how they abuse the money they get at the taxpayers expense.

    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Thank you so sure to share the hub so the word keep spreading!

    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 5 years ago from Central Virginia

      backporchstories, I am so glad you wrote this wonderful account of "Idle No More" which is just one more underhaded attempt to steal Indian land and break more promises. After Clyde Bellecourt (76 years old) was arrested at a peaceful protest in Minneapolis on hristmas Eve, I thought, this has got to stop. The Constitution of the US gives all citizens a right to peaceful protests/expressions of speech. I am so proud of Chief Spence and the others who refuse to be silenced. And, I applaud you for caring enough to right this hub with such factual passion. Voted up and sharing.