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Present Speaker Of Loksabha 2014

Updated on December 18, 2014
present_speaker_of_loksabha | Source

When India was under the rule of British rule, there was no parliament structure. British has appointed viceroy who used to supervise all the affairs of India. Under him,there was various officers and departments. In that structure there was very limited involvement of Indian people.

Parliament Of India

However after independence, when India made it constitution on 26 January 1950, India became a democratic state. Under which now there are two houses of parliament. One is loksabha and other is rajyasabha.Both houses as a whole parliament of India.

What Is Loksabha

If I say that Indian government runs through loksabha then it will not be exaggeration. Loksabha is called upper house of the parliament. It has nearly 552 members.Of which 530 members are elected by common men from different places.

Present Speaker Of Lok Sabha

Currently shrimati sumitra Mahajan is the speaker of the lok sabha. She has vast experience of politics.Therefore she was preferred for this post in comparison to other contenders.She is 72 years of age.

Inside view of parliament
Inside view of parliament | Source

Nearly 20 member comes from union part of India.Remaining are elected president.The term of loksabha is for 5 years. In some circumstances, it can be 6 years. There are number of political parties in India. So 550 members come from single but different parties.

After 5 years, it is terminated and new 550 members are elected from fresh elections. The main head of loksabha is Speaker and deputy speaker. Speaker is the elected by majority party that has formed the government. Other parties just support it. However deputy speaker of the lok sabha can be elected by opposition parties.

When general election happens,the party wins maximum seats,is invited by the president to form the government. Therefore to form the government, there should be 272 seats in loksabha held by single or groups of party.After that new government has prove it majority in the parliament.

New Government In The Center

Recently when general election took place,the national party BJP came in center by wining nearly 300 seats.It is biggest win by BJP.This time BJP has formed government on its own and it has majority in LokSabha.

See What Is Loksabha In Youtube video

Function Of Loksabha

Function Of Loksabha
Function Of Loksabha | Source

There are many functions of the Loksabha.

1.The main function of loksabha is to pass government bill and other financial bills.

2.It can conduct discussion on national importance topic.

3.It has some rights to remove the president of India by impeachment.

4.It organizes the question answer session everyday in which specific member ask question related to social important and welfare issues in its constituency or other parts of India.

5.It also passes budget seesion each year which contains government schemes and expenses.Only when Loksabha passes it,then government do the necessary yearly expenses


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