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What Is Obama Hiding?

Updated on November 15, 2009

I love a good conspiracy, especially when it relates to the future of the free world and a one world government in which we all become RFID chipped peons. However the eventual decline of nation states and the rise of one government to rule them all is less of a conspiracy or secret and more of a foregone conclusion at this point, assuming the basic nature of humanity doesn't change drastically in the next twenty or so years we'll all go along with whatever we're sold because at the end of the day, 85% (a scientific number that I made up,) of people just want to be able to eat nachos and watch television in peace.

It might actually work out quite well for us as a species. Once we've received our RFID tags (babies will have them implanted at birth for their own security, and we'll all be awfully glad that the technology is available to keep our little darlings safe,) we'll be registered on a system. A system like a net that covers the whole planet from the sky. Something like, oh, I don't know. A skynet.

It's already mandatory to chip your pet dogs in New Zealand, and they don't even get the bonus of being able to pay for McDonald's by scanning their paw. Imagine how awesome it is going to be when the day finally comes that you don't have to reach for your wallet to pay for your purchases, the shop assistant will just scan your forehead instead. I think that sounds immensely convenient.

Passports, social security numbers and privacy will become things of the past. Just like polio and dying at the age of twenty nine outside a government mandated culling panel. I'm just kidding about the culling panel, they won't be called culling panels, they'll be called 'Public Health' options. Just kidding again, in some countries, the government doesn't try to actively kill its citizens. Your mileage in your own country may vary.

But none of this answers the real question. Aside from a global economic and political domination overseen by a few of the richest and most darkly powerful families in the world (at least one of which better be vampires if I have anything to say about it,) what is Obama really hiding?

The beauty of modern politics and the shaping of global situations by corporate forces is that Obama doesn't have to hide anything at all. We'll leap towards our own demise like lemmings hopped up on Kool Aid crystals. Nothing to see here folks.


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    • profile image

      rooster 7 years ago

      you people that are for barok saddem hussane insane binladin hitler obama are all crazy in your head.Did you all forget about the terrorist attacks on 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Him 8 years ago

      Editing note. I think you mean "EAT natchos" or "each eat natchos"?

    • profile image

      Neonach 8 years ago

      I'm terribly dissapointed in you. Truely I am. I thought that you, who I have read desperately fighting for social equality would not stoop so low as to rant about how awful the future will be because of Obama. Look at the facts. What domination has the government proposed? An optional choice to have the government pay your medical bills. Thats about it. A "government culling program." exists only in the minds of paranoid southerners clinging to their guns for fear that the second ammendment to the constitution will be repealed.

      Obama's "corperate forces" were a system established during the colonization of the New World. It's a system that has changed very little since 1607. In fact, Obama has support only from a small number of groups because of his massive volunteer and donation force.

      Being a Medievalist, I've noted that the modern concept of "privacy" did not exist until the late 1600s, when people began to seperate the home and the workplace. This is also when child abuse and slavery become common. Until that point, privacy was unknown to man. It was simply ignored. "I have nothing to hide, therefor, I need hide nothing." Obama does not plan to eliminate privacy by posting your imaginary laws.

      No country, aside perhaps from Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and other pseudo-communist dictatorships have actively sought to kill it's citizens. However, WAR seems to do just as good a job of that as public executions did. Your xenophobic outbursts spitting hatred and fear into the hearts of men have the power to make them willing to die in an attempt to slaughter others.

      Every wise man has said "Love eachother." Thus I implor you. You fear a non-existant future. Open your eyes and stop spouting nonsense. Love eachother.

      Your Fan,


    • CiscoPixie profile image

      CiscoPixie 8 years ago from I'm in a world of my own, but aren't we all?

      Good hub :) maybe Obama is hiding something big and has a hidden agenda. By the same token, he could be hiding nothing. RFID tags? That could be interesting!

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      I'm not British, dear Mike, and I have never relied upon the press ;)

    • profile image

      Mike 8 years ago

      I don't think so. Anyone who even believes in campaign promises clearly doesn't get it. I don't say that to be rude. If a politician's mouth is moving, he's lying. For crying out loud, this is a no-brainer!

      Ohbummer is doing exactly what he's told, and everything is going according to plan. The constant opposition of party vs. party, president vs. Congress vs. Supreme Court... all just a stage show. If they all cooperated nicely, we'd be suspicious, wouldn't we? Didn't you just make that point yourself in another missive?

      Granted, Hope... you know far more of U.S. politics than too many Americans... but there are some of us who know more than the British press is telling you. :-)

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      All due respect Mike, I think Ralph gets it too, he was merely commenting on the lack of support Obama is getting. (Which I would say was no doubt inevitable in a senate that was bought and paid for a long time ago.)

    • profile image

      Mike 8 years ago

      I love it. There's only a conspiracy when it's the other party in power. As long as power flip-flops back and forth between two fake opponents, folks like Ralph there will have something to kick about whilst never seeing who the real enemy is.

      Where is the end of the war we were promised? Never, I'll tell you... that was just what people expected to hear from a Democrat. The policy and direction of the government never change. They did not change thru Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan... etc. Same game, same goals, only different name tags. And gee, where did that anti-war movement go? Where is Cindy Sheehan?

      Of course, you're right, Hope. Nothing need be hidden. Most of the public is too dumb to realize what's right off the end of their nose anyway. National politics is just another made-for-TV production.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      I've written something along these lines vaguely that is fictional, it may be released in the not too distant future :) In the meantime, we can all enjoy a dose of mild panic before tea.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      You should try writing science fiction or an update of "Brave New World." Obama is doing his best to fulfill his campaign promises, but he's not getting cooperation from the GOP and from a number of so-called Democrats. There is no conspiracy. Everything that Obama is doing or trying to do has been covered pretty well by the press and other media.

    • jiberish profile image

      jiberish 8 years ago from florida

      That is the problem, Obama has not hidden anything, it's always been out there, some just chose not to listen. The RFD chip...over my dead body! Nice Hub!