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What Shut Down the US Federal Government in October 2013?

Updated on February 25, 2014

US President Barack Obama (photo from Wikipedia)

One implication of the US Federal government shutdown is dismemberment of USA

International business in control of the Republicans shut down the US Federal Government.

International businessmen are the most adversely affected by Obamacare. To them Obamacare is socialism.

In fact, at the start the health maintenance organizations (HMO) had been branded as socialist. It proliferated because the first company (Allied Signal) that set it up reduced health benefits budget that ran up to 36 percent of earnings. Then it was found out that the first insurance company which covered the insurance of the workers gained profits.

When Big Pharma joined in it found that HMOs were effective marketing conduits, HMO gained more adherents.

It is easy to raise the borrowing ceiling because the Federal Reserve Bank, a private banks, has a large hold on the US economy. The decisions of the Fed are independent from that of the US president, and that of Congress. And most of the incorporators of Fed are merchant bankers who would be more than willing to lend to the US government.

However, it is a rare chance that the Republican Party has the numbers in the house to decide which way the House of Representative would go. This chance should not be missed.

Implications of US Federal government shutdown

It is showing that the federal government is an unnecessary appendage, like an appendix. Each state can proceed with its own operation without the federal government.

Jefferson Davis, former president of the Confederate States of America, must be laughing in his grave. Was it not that the Confederacy had a constitution that had each state sovereign over the confederacy?

If the US defaults in its international debts, its prestige will be tarnished. More importantly, its power will be diminished. It is about time that NATO were abolished to reduce spending. Anyway, its counterpart, Warsaw Pact, during the Cold War had met its demise.

The showdown in US congress is like the American civil war fought for another kind of cause and fought in a different battle field. If the Republican Party were the South and the Democratic Party were the North, this time the South might win.

There are a lot of nations waiting for the time that the US is weakened. During the American civil war, Great Britain had an interest in a weakened USA, so did France. Britain supplied the South with warships. Napoleon III invited Britain to intervene in the American civil war but such intervention was aborted when Gen. Robert Lee of the South failed in his campaign to take Antietam from the North.

If the Cold War were still raging, USSR would sit on the bench and watch the victory of the South that would result in the dismemberment of USA.

North Korea would do the same.

What about China? Well, USA and China have been allies since 1972, forged by Pres. Nixon and Chairman Mao Tse-tung of China. Mao said that China has no interest in invading USA. That may be so but the power play will be in favor of China.

End game

However, it is still in the interest of big businesses that the US federal government is retained. The reason is that it is the strongest sponsor of their agenda. What individual state in a dismembered USA could withstand the power of China?

What state of a broken up USA could hold the forces of North Korea that might force a reunification with South Korea?

What state of a broken up USA can manage the International Monetary Fund and World Bank that is controlling the capitalist world?


Countries being held as neocolonies by USA will rejoice in the dismemberment of USA. At last they would be able to pursue their own development.

New entries as of Nov. 28,2013

US Congress on Wednesday (October 16,2013) voted to reopen federal agencies, and approved to raise the $16.7 trillion debt limit.

“…Hundreds of thousands of civil servants” went back to work.

The US federal government was shut down for 16 days.

Conservatives (mostly Republicans) attempted to block the expansion of Obamacare with the use of government shutdown (Obama signs bill to raise debt limit, reopen government. The Washington Post. Oct. 17,2013. Internet).


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