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What Is The U.S. Government Spraying In Our Atmosphere?

Updated on June 9, 2013

by Christine B.

I have a friend who has been telling me for years that the government has been performing chemical testing all over the United Sates (and the same has been going on in other countries) via jet contrails, (or comtrails-chemical trails). When I first heard the concept I listened politely and then blew it off as a being bit extreme. However, after hearing about this more and more often from a variety of people and news reports, I am beginning to think this subject needs to be studied more closely.

There are quite a few YouTube videos on this subject that impressed me a great deal. Hub Pages will not allow me to publish the exact links, but if you type "Project SHAD" into the search field, they will come up for you.

The DOD RELEASES PROJECT SHAD FACT SHEETS report was released in 2002 for public viewing. In the report it states that in 1960 the U.S. Government did extensive testing of chemicals distributed by aircraft, in particular over U.S. Naval ships while they were deployed at sea. The report was released to the Veteran Affairs Agency so that they would be aware of the tests and could provide treatment for the men who were exposed to the chemical and biological warfare agents involved in the test. The SHAD tests were (as they were designated) were meant to prove how easily a foreign power could distribute these harmful chemicals to our Naval forces. They claimed that by doing this they could learn how to better provide a defense to protect the sailors from attacks. However, the sailors were not told of the tests and did not volunteer for them. Once again, the U.S. Government used its own military men for adverse testing without their consent or knowledge.

The SHAD report proves that chemical testing has been performed in the past, so there is no reason not to believe that it could be happening right now, as well.

Whether this is a conspiracy theory or simply the world’s government’s way of attempting to protect the world’s population, shouldn’t the world’s population know about it? If the US could conduct clandestine tests on its own military forces then it is capable of anything. Controlling the population (in any form) should not be permitted—and testing should be conducted on groups of people who understand the risks and volunteer to be a part of the experimentation. FULL DISCLOSURE should always be the government’s policy on anything from UFOs to Contrails. Should we have to stay inside our homes and wear masks whenever we are out doors to avoid whatever these jets are dispersing in our atmosphere?


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    • Christine B. profile image

      Christine B. 4 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Thanks for your taking the time to comment and for stopping by. I agree.

    • isaiahkimgoodwin profile image

      Kimberly Goodwin 4 years ago from Concord, NH

      I strongly believe in Chemtrails. I have done over a year of research, and I have no doubt they are spraying us on purpose for many reasons. I am sick by it. If people watch What in the World are They Spraying it will help answer a lot. Going to Global Skywatch on Facebook, and go to the website This topic is a very imperative issue, and needs to be taken very seriously.