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What Is Wrong with Our Country Today?

Updated on October 2, 2015

Social Media.

When I came up with the title for this piece, it actually came to me while glancing through social networks that I belong to: You know the ones, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube. I couldn't help to start realizing that what they all seem to have in common is drama. Not to much on you tube but Facebook would be the leader with twitter right behind. 3/4 of the posts I have read just today were about race issues, Obama issues, flag issues and on and on. What I never read in any comments on these posts are reasonable suggestions of how to help change things. Just the same like and then either a thumbs up or a Lol.

I have to admit that it is hard to try and get any momentum going on a topic that I care about. Not when Facebook is plastered with Donald Trump and his stupidity. Let's be real here, can you honestly imagine this clown being a true leader for our country? I hope you don't answer yes. If you did say yes then after this Hub is published and you happen to come across it in say 2018 remember these words that I have just written: Trump will have this country in a war within a year of his presidency. Now before all you hardliners and democrats get on me I am just writing out loud. I am a republican and right now I know who I would vote for but that is not what is at issue here.

The issue is how do we take social media and turn it around and use it for good? To find a way to invite candidates onto a group page to discuss what is on our minds. The economy, race relations, welfare reform, bringing discipline back into schools, gun control that actually works. This list could go on for pages if I wanted it to. One thing I truly believe is that God is giving us all the signs that he is coming soon. Don't believe me? Read the bible and while you read imagine it is about our current world. If you truly study the word of God you will find out what I am writing here is true.

OK, enough about religion. Back to social media. It has allowed cowardly youth to cyber bully someone, post terrible things written about someone, bring the weak to become followers of them. Why do we let this go on? I have written Facebook on several occasions about some of the posts that I have seen. I never receive a reply, I just have to hope that someone read them.

We are all followers.

It is true. We are all followers. Some of us will take a stand and speak our mind but most people just want to be sure that they do not hurt anyone's feelings. News flash. Who cares if you hurt someones feelings. That is another problem with this country, we are like ducks just following along minding our own business. In the meantime, we have medicare denying tests that need to be done for people with life threatening illness, protesters in Ferguson who did not even know the victim. They just want to be a part of the crowd. To feel like they belong. Guess what? you do not belong in that protest. If you want to do any good learn what you can do to change the problem not to just be seen. Wake up people. We are followers. That has got to stop. We have to learn to be individual leaders in our communities. Research what the main problems are then find an answer and take that to the officials. If they deny seeing you don't just walk away, stand up for yourself and demand to be heard in a civil manner.

Poll for Social Media.

Does social media hurt or help our country?

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Overall state of our country

I feel strongly that the overall state of our country is that we are in trouble and there is a solution but it is years away. Government is the biggest problem right now. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. I mean come on, we had the first republican debate and it was nothing but a circus. Only one person stood out to me and he did not even get an opportunity to speak much. How in the world can anyone even think that was a debate. It was just Donald Trump shooting off his mouth, bragging about all his money. Here is an idea Trump. Why don't you contribute the majority of your wealth to the economy?

Now I am not naive and I know that would never happen. Besides, somehow the current government would somehow screw it up. So what is the answer. I sure do not have a clue. All I can say is that we better start getting right with the man.

With that I will close this topic and leave you a quote that I love: "Look a man in the eye and say what you really think, don't just smile at him and say what you're supposed to think." Unknown.

May God bless us all and be with us always.

Listen closely to this from Prince Ea.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD


      Thanks, I am always open to opposing views.

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 

      3 years ago

      bradmaster, what can I say other than you have a strong and valid opinion, great comment.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Steve, thanks, have a great day.

    • Steve Dodder profile imageAUTHOR

      Steve Dodder 

      3 years ago from Bluefield, Virginia

      Well written bradmasterOCcal I respect your opinions.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Social media is a tool, but not for the users. The creators and manipulators take advantage of social media. For example, the spreading of opinions as if they were facts. Your statement about the stupidity of Donald Trump for example. Instead of posing the facts, and letting people decide on them, an opinion goes viral.

      We continue to be at war, and we have not stopped since WWII. We just don't win wars, so we have to keep trying.

      The decline of the US stems from politics, and an obese federal government. These are the two critical causes of what we see today.

      Two very divergent political parties, that only move the country to the left and right, but hardly ever forward. An election process that is no longer effective, and results in more campaigning and fundraising, than it does in actually performing the duties of the job.

      I have a hub on that, so I won't elaborate.

      Today, as yesterday, it doesn't matter which party wins, or who is president because the politics is locked to party issues, not the people, or even the country. History has shown this to be true, as each party has had control of the government, and yet we have failed to benefit from it.

      We the people gave up our right to have a Democratic Republic.

      We allow the political party to cash our vote, and supply our candidates, while treating the third party interests like they were the people. The party is interested in only their agenda, not that of the country, or the people. The loyal party voter is the sheep, and the party is their Shepard.

      Without changing the political and election paradigm, it doesn't matter who gets elected into office. Neither party has the solution to move the country forward.

      The federal government is obese and growing larger to the point that the states are not united but impotent. The federal government is making a federal case out of everything. It doesn't serve the people, it is there to grow and become more powerful.

      Where was this obese federal giant during 911. They couldn't even protect the capital. Putting another layer, and calling it Homeland Security wasn't the answer. The answer was to get the government agencies working properly, and not have their own agendas.

    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 

      3 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Interesting title, I wonder will we ever know what is wrong with our country. I do not have the answer, but I know a solution need to be found. Our young generation is so lost until that the first thing need to find a solution for. Because babies are birthing babies unto the world, and they are not being raised right, the young generation is in desperate need of training. But they won't allow nobody to tell them what they are doing wrong to show them the correct way. Well, all I can say is God be with us.

    • Christopher Jay T profile image

      Christopher Jay Thompson 

      3 years ago from Fort Worth, TX

      I don't think social media helps or hurts this country. It's just a thing. It's like asking if tv help or hurts this country. It's not the tool that helps or hurts, it's what it is used for. The only difference between the 80s and know is that now the Idiots have a forum to spread their idiocy. The problem with our government is lobbying. Politicians have to raise so much money to run a campaign, that they end up owing large corporations favors. So they spend all their time in office catering to their corporate masters, that they never have the time or the ability to keep the promises that got them elected. I am on the other side of the politica spectrum, but I agree that politicians never seem to do their job.


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