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What Makes Herman Cain So Dangerous To The Liberal Establishment...

Updated on October 27, 2011

What Makes Herman Cain So Dangerous To The Liberal Establishment…

I do not know this for certain, but I am almost sure that there are so called Civil Rights leaders who felt ambivalent when Senator Obama became President Obama because reaching the height of America’s power took the sting out of these Civil Rights folks divisive rhetoric, and moreover, the lucrative cottage industry that has become the modern day Civil Rights movement. President Obama policies so far have not worked out economically and the Civil Rights advocates have resorted to the tried and true charge of racism, even where it is not warranted. It is in this vein and selfish divisive prism why the copious poisonous arrows are being lobbed at Herman Cain.

Mr. Cain just happens to be a Black Republican and he is being embraced by many that the Liberal Civil Rights advocates say are racist - they fear Cain’s success, because were he to receive the Republican presidential nomination and defeat President Obama, it would put quite a serious dent into the Civil Rights advocates’ tendency of crying ‘wolfian racism’ first, regardless of facts and variables that are contrary. Is anyone surprise then why the media, with many of their editorials, authored by Blacks, that Mr. Cain is implicitly being called Oreo, Uncle Tom, and House Negro. Mr. Cain was not born with the silver spoon in his mouth and yet he managed to secure a good education and was a successful captain of industries; these attributes are not what the Civil Rights leaders like to highlight because they see Mr. Cain’s success as an aberration, and selfishly, a threat to their bottom line.

Cain is shunned because he gives credence to hard work and discipline that are woefully lacking in our Black schools due to the Civil Rights leaders unholy alliance with the ACLU - an organization that supports many of these children in these schools who are unruly and who virtually have carte-blanche to be disrespectful… and leaving at a disadvantage the majority of Black children who want to learn. It is true that in its genesis that the ACLU fought fervently for Blacks and that many of the voting rights that Blacks now enjoy came about because of its brilliant legal representation, but that was before the ACLU became perverted. The Civil Rights movement should have known that alliances are not etched in Teflon because if this were the case, Blacks would still be voting Republican… lest we forget that President Lincoln, who championed the freeing of the slaves, was a Republican… Blacks did not continue to support those latter-day Republicans living off the political laurels of President Lincoln because they embraced the Jim Crow laws and many of the attendant racist manifestations.

Mr. Cain has made it known that many Blacks would vote for him, including the author of this blog, not because he is Black, but because Cain thinks that abortion is murder and that America, despite its warts, is the greatest country the world has ever seen. The Civil Rights leaders do not want Blacks to consider any other positions appose to the liberal dogma - I have known this since I was a boy and held the position that the ‘truth’ is not relative. This scenario of Herman Cain getting sustainable traction would again cut into the narrative of the Civil Rights advocates and their selfish money making machine. Think of it… how a Cain candidacy and success would affect the narrative of those who teach the perversion of Liberation Theology from the halls of academia or even worse from the pulpits that are supposed to be used to espouse the teachings of the Christ.


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    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      I have no quallms about your analysis what I don't understand is the "Civil Rights" connection you are proposing. I spoke nothing of Democrats or Republicans. Your facade of "Civil Rights Movement" being of any relevance to Herman Cain is silly. I didn'y say anything against Mr. Cain, I may even support him, but not for the reasons you have talked about. That to me is pure fantasy. I do not support Obama or Cain at this time. If you don't like the old guard "Civil Rights" movement then write about that and don't bridge it in a support for Herman Cain article. Stop mincing words.


    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago from New York

      Trojan Horse - why is it that Democrats can have ties to all sort of establishment people... backing them and it's ok. George Soros supports many a liberal cause and last time I checked, he was as wealthy as the Koch brothers. Your Trojan Horse analogy implies that I am trying to hide something and gain something by stealth - I write plainly in all my blogs not mincing words. And what makes President Obama so qualified to lead America than Mr. Cain?

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      Very interesting, dumping the whole "liberal establishment" into the old guard civil rights movement. Your distaste for the "Civil Rights" leaders of today has no real relevance with the qualifications of Herman Cain. Cain has many crosses to bear to prove he is voter worthy. His simplistic "999" plan and his connections with the Koch Bros., are more relevent than this Trojan Horse you put forth. I found your article and it's premises unworthy of consideration for Mr. Cains Nomination.