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What Makes a Great Country Great: Big Money equals Great Power

Updated on September 13, 2015

"For God So Loved The World, That He Gave...." John 3:16

Last week was a big day in China when President Xi put on a grand show of strength with an extravagant parade displaying his mighty military muscles. Fighter jets, drones, missiles and helicopters and innumerable formations of warfighters could be seen up close.

I suppose all of the world leaders were invited but few from Western countries showed up for the occasion. It was obvious that the event, that marked the surrender of Japanese forces at the end of world War II, was designed to intimidate and discredit the Japan and the Japanese people.

There is resentment on the part of China as a division between China and the United States of America and its allies widens.

For the first time in history, the Chinese Navy, recently, conducted operations off the coast of Alaska during a time when President Obama was visiting Alaska.

During the time of the parade Mr. Xi proclaimed, "We Chinese love peace." No matter how strong it may become, China will never seek hegemony or expansion. It will never inflict its past suffering on any other nation."

Tensions and fears are at a high in Asia because of a rift between China and the West. The world is facing a dangerous situation because of this rift. The threat to world peace is a real one.

I don't like writing about such things but a half dozen of my most loyal followers have "begged" me for my ideas or thoughts about this matter so I am writing.

If war happens to break out in the future, even an inadvertent battle that starts out as a small scrimmage and then happens to escalate, there is the real possibility that "all hell is going to break loose," for lack of a better way of putting it. This is a serious situation that exists between China and the West and it needs to be resolved peacefully, without a shot being fired, and certainly, without a single nuclear weapon being used.

The average, middle class, or working class American cannot imagine what is going to happen if the Chinese government, or America government, or Russia government, "draws first blood," by firing a nuclear weapon in an act of war. The back and forth, cascading effect will not end until, the world as we know it, no longer exists. It want take many nuclear weapons to get the job done, the job of destroying the whole world.

One may ask, in such a situation, who can we say will be the winners? The answer is, "There can be no winners!" I used to "hang out" with "Sub Sailors" back in my younger days. They were some of the brightest people that I have ever met. I have been told by more than one of them, on more than one occasion, that if nuclear weapons were ever used, they would simply live on their nuclear powered submarines, underwater, for as long as their food supplies lasted. They have no problems with getting oxygen and drinking water, aboard nuclear powered submarines because they can make their own drinking and produce their own oxygen when they are "on the way" at sea. I was told by these guys that there would be nothing left to come back to after a war using nuclear weapons was fought.

So what do we do, as simple American citizens working for a living? All that we can do is pray a lot and "use care when we go to the polls to vote." When we vote people into government who are less that careful with their duties, committing stupid acts, while at the same time, "talking a lot of trash," we only have ourselves to blame when powerful leaders like President Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin, who have their hands on buttons that can fire nuclear missiles, get the jitters and contemplate the risk of initiating an all-out nuclear war. By the way, these guys are not dummies either. They know that nobody can win a war, the likes of this last big one. The thought of a war like this happening will signal the end for us all. "End times!"

So much for all of this. Have a wonderful day.

Nobody can win a war against China. If this war occurs all people on earth will die, together.
Nobody can win a war against China. If this war occurs all people on earth will die, together. | Source
Nuclear weapons are so numerous in China that only a small fraction of them are required to eliminate humankind on this earth. Every day that God gives us on this earth is a blessing. We face death daily.
Nuclear weapons are so numerous in China that only a small fraction of them are required to eliminate humankind on this earth. Every day that God gives us on this earth is a blessing. We face death daily. | Source


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