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What Obama Needs Right Now

Updated on January 2, 2012

Obama Needs Prayer

This country was founded on God as the center piece and backbone... Everywhere you look God was there, on our money, in our courts, in our schools.. As a nation we honored God and what he had done for us...

Now as a nation our president needs us to pray, not pray that the world be saved, that this one or that one get baptized but that as a nation we pray for the president to have Godly wisdom in his decisions, that with the help of God he bring this country back to a nation that knew who God was.

Many people believe we can not offend this group or that, but look at history, without God a nation can not stand. Should we not be more afraid of Gods wrath for not honoring Him?

Pray For America

Without Prayer Things Will Get Worse

We look back in history and say I wish that the old days in America would return...

Now as I sit here and write I look back to a time not long ago, when we as a nation were united under God, it was a dark day in our history. Sept 11 2001 America was attacked, the world trade center collapsed... and times were looking very dark.

over the next few weeks we as a nation bound together, we prayed, we sang God Bless America, and we vowed as a nation to stand strong... there was a pride that as an American has faded... prayer was not offense during this time, broadcasters signed off with God Bless You... we cried out a foxhole prayer for God to save our country and our freedoms...

Then slowly the climate changed, people went back to what was normal to them, our quick war started lasting forever, people prayed less and started compalining more... the American flags that were in every window started to fade...

This country was founded with God as a cornerstone, as we allow the cornerstone to be removed we watch our nation crumble and start pointing fingers at who is to blame...

What we need is prayer, prayer as a nation, that God forgive us for forsaking Him, that we need him to guide our leaders, protect our troops, and that He should be glorified through all this country has to offer...

Separation Of Church & State

This was not to keep God out of America, but to keep man under God... our fore fathers foreseen the troubles of a nation that was self ruled without God, they had just left a country like that... when they spoke of anything with this country God was foremost in their minds... Our money says in God we trust...

As a nation we need to find our way back to God... or we may find that God allows us to fall deeper into darkness to find our way back to Him...

God Bless America

Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts

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    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      6 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      thanks for stopping by... not sure what you meant by think about it... but it was to keep government out of the churches... we have freedom of religion right now if the government got invovled there wouldnt be so much freedom...

    • The Frog Prince profile image

      The Frog Prince 

      6 years ago from Arlington, TX

      Actually the separation of church and state was to keep government out of the churches. Think about it a bit.

      The Frog

    • angelicwarriors profile imageAUTHOR

      John Chartier 

      6 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      Much like Israel of the old testament we have turned our backs as a nation on a Loving caring God, that can bring peace within mankind if only we glorify Him first...

    • doubleklm profile image


      6 years ago

      Here Here!! Great hub and I totally agree that God is the foundation for everything and we need to get our roots deeply embedded back to that notion. Your comments on the post-911 feelings of American pride and prayer are spot on!!! As tragic as the events were, the feeling of unity that pulled us altogether through prayer was a very powerful thing!!


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