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What Should We Do About Syria? Nothing

Updated on September 27, 2012

The upheaval in Syria is one conflict the United States should stay out of. The so called Arab Spring hasn't exactly turned out like the West expected. The scorecard for the new democratically elected governments in the Middle East shows the United States losing.

Egypt has installed an Islamic president. Twenty percent of the new government parliament seats are held by some serious Muslim radicals that are intent on imposing strict Islamic law. To put it bluntly, women and minorities in Egypt are apprehensive about the prospects for their future. With Good reason.

We helped “liberate” Libya through indirect intervention, bombs and intelligence too the rebels. Libya now is ruled by a weak central government. We have a dead Ambassador, and for a brief time had an Islamic flag flying over our consulate in Libya.

In Iraq corruption and the age old schism between the Shiites and Sunnis are simmering again. The mostly Shite government is consolidating power and has put a death sentence on the Sunni Vice-president.

Need we say anything about Afghanistan? The divisions between the different tribes and clans make a strong central government an exercise in futility. The corruption and shake downs in the Afghan government can make even the mafia blush.

That whole government will implode once our troops leave the country and once again, it will be tribes and clans fighting amongst themselves as they have for hundreds of years. Looks like America has batted 0/4. Do we want to go 0/5?

I was curious to see Mitt Romney's on the Syria issue. In public he has been very vague about his answers so I went to his official site and found this on his stance on Syria. Actually I don't see any difference on what he would do differently then what Obama is doing right now.

People that want us to enter the Syrian conflict use different reasons that range from “humanitarian” to “regime” change.

I can almost sympathize with the humanitarian angle except for the fact that the rebels also have been accused of atrocities and torture. We also have Christians and other minorities afraid of what will happen to their rights once the rebels topple the present government. (E.G. Iraq and Egypt).

Now my question for those that use the regime change rational, I have to ask, change to what?

We don't even know who the rebels are. They are much more disorganized then the Libyan rebels (hard to believe, isn't it?) with no central control. It's rapidly becoming a proxy war with Iran sending weapons and advisers to Syria while Turkey and Saudi Arabia are sending weapons and who knows what else to the rebels.

Al-Qaeda and other militant Islamic groups are vying for power and joining the uprising against the Bashar al-Assad government. Do we want to roll the dice and send aid to the rebels? In any case, doing nothing will make some fractions hate us, while if we supported the rebels other fractions will hate us. No matter what we do we'll always be the bad guys. Read my other article on why the Middle East Hates the West.

I'm trying not to make light of this situation but we have Turkey and Egypt countering Iran's support for the Syrian government so I think this time, we need to sit on the sidelines with a bucket of popcorn and see how this plays out. Let's save our bombs and American lives for something other then this mess.

To be relevant in the Middle East doesn’t mean we always have to be players in these type of conflicts.

In any case, if Bashar al-Assad is overthrown then there is a good chance that a new government will emerge that will be even more hostile to the United States. No matter what happens there will be anti-American feelings towards us. Why press the sword closer to our throat by getting involved in the Syrian conflict?


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