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Politicians: penny-wise, pound foolish

Updated on October 9, 2015

city scape


Hearts of Darkness

Humanity is no stranger to wars of conquest, religious quests and crusades, or clashes of ideological principles. America fought England in revolution, then brother fought brother over the right to enslave an entire race. Aren't we all humans, inhabitants of this Earth, and therefore a race of human beings that desire similar goals, and uphold similar morals? What if an alien race actually showed up and really tried to fight us for this planet. Would we unite, learn humans are brothers, or would insanity and arrogance ultimately destroy us? If that were to happen, we would deserve to be eliminated.

Hypocrisy is hovering beneath almost every religion on the planet, and only those that promote pure peace, honesty, humility, charity, and an open attitude with no discrimination are worthy. And, if those are the most desirable conditions of true spirituality, why have we been pushed into greater and more destructive wars? The better the weapons to kill the more wars we insist on may sound like paranoid propaganda, but our technological revolution has resulted in unending wars, brinkmanship, and Rousseau's state of nature with wars of all against all is truly our destiny. North America may seem safe for now, but unless the leaders of ALL nations can sit down and promote peace and the pursuit of happiness for the entire globe, alien intervention, or any "extra" terrestrial intervention could be our only chance. We are on the precipice...on the brink; petty squabbles, racial hatred, and religious prejudice and twisted insanity needs to be corrected, stopped, and put behind us. We need to move on, respect our human brethren, and work together for the greater benefit of all. We have real problems to solve without fighting our neighbors...every nation has poverty, homelessness, mental illness, and national infrastructure that could benefit from clean technologies for energy, and progressive economics that create equity, jobs, and a proper balance of financial gain. We've given our governments enough tax dollars to change society...if FDR could offer an ailing economy a "New Deal" when it needed it, leaders with intelligence and business acumen could put our taxes to work for the people, and not waste it foolishly, or corruptly salt it away for their "golden parachute" retirement plans.

Perhaps we should have a system where politicians listen to the people, relay their gripes to the political body, and let businessmen handle the money. I know I could make a restaurant turn a profit, or maybe have a small business grow...but I've had experience in the business world. We might be giving the wrong people control of what matters: our money. We recently received an expensively printed card from the incumbent political party asking for cost money to mail, print, and initially create. That kind of thinking doesn't work in the real business world...politicians may be good accountants, but lack business sense. Unfortunately, anything that makes everyday people agree is logical is sorely lacking in the political arena. First, they worry about getting elected and spend money...and once in power, they focus on getting re-elected. They get access to millions of tax dollars, and spend like drunken sailors; in the real world, anyone with half a brain would learn how to invest and double that money. Unfortunately, our systems lets them waste money, and then demand tax increases to cover all the stupid wastage our bloated bureaucracy spreads around like cream cheese. Penny-wise, pound foolish. And then there's what should be an unnecessary defense budget.

They say World War III would eliminate everyone, unless a wiser alien civilization stepped in to stop the madness. Then again, many religious histories agree that we were once destroyed by a flood, and predict another cataclysm that will come from fire. The Mayan Long Count calendar and the Popul Vul, the Hindu Upanishads, the Koran, the Christian Apocalypse, and many other religions believe in future destruction, followed by a new age of true wisdom. It seems we possess the necessary technology to create a nuclear winter, if that is our eventual fate.

Some hope divine intervention will stop this madness, yet some believe we might evolve into a mental state that will usher in a new age of enlightenment, preparing the dawn of a new age that will create universal consciousness, clean technologies that will allow the Earth to repair the damage we've done, and basically allow future generations to exist in some utopia or advanced civilization that will allow humanity to exist. Whatever our future fate, there are many alive today that know a drastic change must occur; doomsday is knocking, and unless we respond in a collectively acceptable manner, this planet will not survive. Economic greed, political power, and draconian capitalism must be replaced with consideration for all, and a new attitude towards every living being on this planet.

We know the problems...the question is can we agree on the solution, or will it take an Earth-shattering event to wake us from dolorous hypocrisy, selfishness and an inability to act because we procrastinate and have lost the ability to unite our global village and start behaving like the enlightened beings we always tell everyone we have become?


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