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What War Truly Is About To The Troops Dying There.

Updated on December 29, 2009

In the gritty,

sweat dripping,
screaming howls,
of a full frontal assault
that represent encounters
between two men,
opposite each other
by some leaders demands,
no one cares why

they are there,
or what it means

in the long run,
or how it will end.

They are simply

trying to save themselves
and their brothers-in-arms.

Bullets are not led

by political banners
that enlighten ones soul,
they are soft bits of metal
spinning into flesh and bone
and ricocheting off

of organs and muscle,
like tiny chain saws

severing life.

Bayonets are not

ways of cutting down
the level of disagreement

between two countries,
rather they are quickly turned
to slip between the

third and fourth ribs
to effectively miss any bone,
and damage the

heart muscle and lung tissue
enough to incapacitate

or cease forever
the life of the enemy.

And that wicked

twist at the end,
that cuts even more flesh
as to make it irreparable,
is not because

the man you are killing
is from some dictators army,
or because a  

dumbya draft dodger
said they were a terrorist,
it is to prevent him from killing
any more of the men

you serve with, or yourself

War is about survival,
most of the fighters

are simple men with families

and hopes and dreams,
that have been interrupted by some
foolish idea of a quick solution.

They just want to get home,
and kiss the wife and babies,
or the girlfriend,
and take up the plow,
or the ruler, or the keyboard
and resume a normal life.

And so they kill,

and kill well,
but there is no

glory in the act,
if you take the L

out of glory
you are left with gory,
just the shredded remains
of another human

that you will
carry in your soul forever,
even if it was

justified by war.

Men like bush,

cheney and rove,
have never known

this dilemma,
Bush kills bills
and wounds

running mates
by eliminating the

gore with chads,
and by some bought

and paid for
swift boat lies against

a true warrior.
His partner in war,

the big dick
had other priorities

during Vietnam,

5 times....
and carl Rove,

was a deferred

rich boy as well.

In the heat

of the battle,
color no longer matters,
parties are

patriotism is

simply the ticket
that stuck you in a
life and death situation,
and heroes are

forced into the grandeur,
simply by the need

to preserve their own life,
or the lives of their fellowman.

It is a choice made
when nothing else will work,
with regret, tinged with courage,
as one launches themselves over
the top of a grenade to save
the others who are fighting by them.

This is my vent

against all those
who glorify troop

deaths as duty,
and patriotic servitude.

It is simply survival
and a chance to

get your ass home,
the rest is for the

glory hounds in D.C.
with the endless

photo ops and their claims
of great successes
and missions accomplished
and solving of the world's problem,
by giving hundreds

of other good men
worse problems to solve

by killing the causes
and being killed

in the process.






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    • Jersey Jess profile image

      Jersey Jess 7 years ago from USA

      You are a beautiful writer. One of my good friends in the armed forces tried to explain this to me... Now I understand fully. Thanks for posting.