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Congress Shelves Controversial Immigration Reforms

Updated on October 5, 2013

Senate Immigration Bill Continues Struggle for Reform

The Senate finally approved an immigration bill. It is comprehensive, well thought out and a terrific piece of legislation. Only problem is, it simply points out the relative weakness of the Senate when it comes to making any new immigration policy beyond wishful thinking.

For that reason, a detailed analysis of the bill is premature at best and an exercise in futility at worst. Because the enactment of Senate bill S. 744, is contingent upon what in effect is the House of Representatives’ vetting approval, So that its passage by the Senate is really just the continuation of the ongoing struggle for real and meaningful immigration reform.

Mollycoddling Lawbreakers?

The consideration of the Senate's immigration bill and whether any useful immigration reforms are to take place, is up to the learned members of the US Congress. The stalemate in long awaited reforms is unfortunate for the stakeholders in the outcome of these discussions, Who are essentially everyone, because all have an interest in reforming America’s broken and costly immigration system, Congress, for their part, does not appear interested in any such revolutionary changes to immigration policy.

They are too busy shutting down the government with their demands for their own conservative agenda, Which does not include what they appear to believe is mollycoddling lawbreakers who disregard the US' immigration protocols.

Millions of Immigrants still Living in the Shadows

The concessions proposed by the Senate to better acknowledge the real life immigration reality of America today would be revolutionary. S. 744 would add thousands more border cops and add many more miles of fencing between the US-Mexico border.

As disturbing as the above may be, at least they would be finally acknowledging the reality of the millions of Illegal immigrants living in the shadows. Who would be granted a new legal status to an illegal that would be known as Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI).

A “W” status designation was created to legally add skilled and none skilled workers to the work force who might later qualify for legal resident status. While the passage of S. 744 by the Senate in July 2013 is an encouraging development, it amounts to only an advisory, endorsement of immigration reform and a sincere plea to Congress to get on the ball!

Get a Lawyer if You can Afford One

Immigrants are therefore heartily advised to invest in the services of a competent immigration attorney. They will be glad that they did. Because immigration attorneys know the ins and outs of the whole confusing process.

Let them do their jobs and make sense of it for you. There is nothing in immigration law that is different now than from before the passage of S. 744. Immigrants must still endure the same broken system.

Will Lawmakers Ever do Anything About Broken Immigration Policy?

Perhaps with the Tea Party Republicans firmly in control, the cold Congressional shoulder is to be expected. The takeaway for immigration reform supporters may be that at least the matter is finally being seriously discussed in Washington DC. Whatever side of this contentious issue that one is on it would seem to be a matter of common sense that something needs to be done. America must bring its millions of illegals into the light of a more reasonable status ASAP.

Choose your side in the immigration debate

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