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What Will Hillary Clinton do next to win the Democrat Nomination?

Updated on February 19, 2016

Two Horse Race?

The main rivals and only winners of the Democrat Primaries are Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. After the first two primaries in Utah and New Hampshire, the front runners have won one each. The winning Democrat requires the support of 2382 to cross the finishing line. As it stands after the first two primaries, Clinton is well ahead with 394 delegates to Sanders 44.

The upcoming primaries in Nevada and South Carolina are fast approaching and lead nicely into Super Tuesday on March 1st. This is a key date for any of the delegates as a convincing showing at these polls could determine the party nomination.

Democrat Contenders

Bernie and Hillary
Bernie and Hillary

Securing votes

So what does Clinton have to do to secure these votes? She has to do something that she is not good at, but her opponent Sanders is a master of. Spin. Clinton has been running a traditional and safe campaign, because she likes detail and a well written plan. The public however, in these trying times of austerity and terrorism want to hear rousing speeches and fist pumping rhetoric.

This is not in Clinton’s comfort zone. As Secretary of State she used to get frustrated with Barak Obama’s speeches with little substance, leaving her to make them happen.

Clinton needs to make her speeches a bit more poetic without sounding like Sanders and deliver them in a more forceful manner to get her message home.

The elephant in the room for Hilary Clinton is can she win over the black voters? These next two primaries have a more diverse population than Iowa and New Hampshire, so the color question now comes into view. The first two primaries consisted of more than 90% of white voters. With Nevada and South Carolina coming up, Clinton needs to focus on the black vote.

Good start?

She has got off to a good start and received some support last Thursday as The Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee - the political arm of the Congressional Black Caucus - came out in her favor. To maintain her lead she needs to expand on these endorsements. However, it is not all plain sailing for Clinton. There has also been some negative reporting towards her. An article in The Nation Magazine by black legal scholar Michelle Alexander, argues that policies her husband Bill implemented as President and she fully supported, such as the crime bill to welfare reform, decimated black America.

Campaigning Clinton

Clinton on campaign
Clinton on campaign

Convincing wavering supporters

Her other strategy to keep her the front runner, is to win financial support. Sanders win in New Hampshire has allowed him to secure more funds. Clinton needs to win in Nevada and South Carolina to convince wavering supporters to pledge their money behind her and hope that her competitors throw in the towel.

Change of style?

Expect more rousing and chest thumping speeches from Clinton in the not too distant feature, which should win her the Democrat nomination and pitch her most probably against the marmite character of Donald Trump in the presidential election this November.

Future President?

President and future President?
President and future President?

The Democrat Race

Who will win the Democrat Presidential nomination?

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    • M G Del Baglivo profile image

      M G Del Baglivo 

      3 years ago

      Hillary is wounded by her association with the current administration. Ms. Clinton is a proponent of arcane policies in an attempt to reclaim the glory of her husband’s time in office. You may remember that in an interview very early in his first term she stated that there would be henceforth two Presidents in the White House. That same hubris makes her now believe she would make a first-class "only" President. The Democrats are stuck with her.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      3 years ago from Florida

      The Clintons gave us NAFTA which removed all our Nation's trade protections, and is why Jobs have been flowing out of the Country ever since.

      The Clintons gave us the Community Reinvestment Act of 94, which led to the Mortgage collapse of 06-07 that nearly toppled the World's economy.

      The Clintons chose not to act when Terrorists attacked American Naval vessels and Embassies even though they knew of Osama's location and could have taken him out before 9/11 happened.

      All the worst of our Nation's woes of the past 20 years be laid at the feet of the Clintons. Hillary will pick right up where they left off...

    • M G Del Baglivo profile image

      M G Del Baglivo 

      3 years ago

      Very good photos of both candidates!

    • Storybailey profile imageAUTHOR

      Paul Bailey 

      3 years ago from Aylesbury, England

      Sorry that the photo of a 74 year old with windswept hair seems to move me off the fence in an election where I have no vote, so I have updated the picture to show him smiling!

    • M G Del Baglivo profile image

      M G Del Baglivo 

      3 years ago

      The photos you used as the "Democrat Contenders" is of an ebullient Hillary and a very tired and perplexed-appearing Bernie. Me thinks you are not as neutral as you claim.

    • Storybailey profile imageAUTHOR

      Paul Bailey 

      3 years ago from Aylesbury, England

      Thanks for your in depth comment Christin and yes you are right,my information is based on what media we get shown over the pond. Your commentary about Bernie Sanders is very informative.

      As I said in my summary, I am a neutral and have no vote.

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 

      3 years ago from Midwest

      You clearly are a fan of Clinton and are unaware of how she secured the black caucus vote. Hillary Clinton has alienated true liberals in the country to the point of no return. Bernie is not a "master of spin" - in fact, the reason his following is so large is that his record stands for itself. He has been on the right side of history (against both Iraq wars for one example) when Hillary stood with the right wing hawks.

      Hillary today is what Republicans used to be before the far right wing hijacked that party. What we are likely to end up with out of this debacle is a much needed 3rd party - the two party system is fully corrupt and a failure all around.

      I am going to trust you are judging Mrs. Clinton based on what mainstream media and pundits have to say, but the truth is they are corporate interests who are biased toward and contribute largely to Mrs. Clinton.

      Our democratic party has never been as corrupt as it is today and another step further to the right is what the people here are fighting against. Our middle class has been decimated and our tax dollars have been funneled up for decades as we still wait for "trickle down" Reaganomics to work. (It doesn't) and Hillary and Bill both supported a lot of things that have brought us to where we are.

      The repeal of Glass-Steagal by Bill Clinton along with NAFTA set us up for disaster. The TPP is worse and supported by the very not as liberal as he is painted Obama. Hillary supported this, until she realized it wasn't popular and now she conveniently opposes it.

      There are many things wrong with the Clintons. We don't need any more "Royals" over here - these entitled families who think they deserve to be elected again and again.

      We need true, grass roots change to get the big money out of politics and get our government working "by and for the people" again and Hillary Clinton is not the one to do that.

      She has raked in millions of dollars from PAC's and Wall Street. The DNC is afraid and rolled back a ban on PAC money purely to help Clinton win her coronation and the people here are tired and pushing back.

      Bill Clinton's for profit prison policies have also disproportionately affected the African American communities here - and a lot of them are paying attention and believe that Bernie's vision is the way forward to combat poverty and make education affordable (which reduces crime)

      Hillary does not poll well against anyone but Trump - so we get a lying crook or a fascist to choose from? Most won't bother and low turnout will give it to the Fascist mark my words.

      Bernie has people of all ages participating in ways they never did before. He is the only one, whether we agree with his policies or not, who is actually being supported only by the people and not beholden to special interests. The fact he went from being unknown to giving Hillary a real run for her money (no pun intended) is the fact our people are tired of the same BS that has corrupted our entire government. He has won the support of veterans, independents, actual liberals, moderate conservatives, many seniors and the youth vote is astronomical.


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