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What Millennials Wished You Knew

Updated on December 28, 2015

We see it come out in the TIME magazine and other media every once in a while about how we (the millennials) are the "ME ME ME Generation," the "Lazy Generation," and the "Generation Self(ie)." We get called these names as well as get chastised for high student loans and lack of unemployment. Sadly, we take it. We know no different than to be these labels and to just accept that will be what we are known as by our baby boom generation. Well what do I have to stay to you Baby Boomers? Shame. On. You. Shame on you for thinking of us like that. You need to realize that to achieve what you have achieved will be harder for us than for you. What is it you should know and realize exactly?

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We Don't Have Student Debt Just Because We Don't Want To Work

I can't tell you enough how many times I have heard from the Baby boomers that they were able to pay their tuition with a summer part time job. Well that's wonderful that you could do that but lets look into a couple facts. Tuition has shown to not only increase, it has well over quadrupled in the past 35 years1. This is WELL over the average 200%+ increase that has taken place for food and other goods. Our one year of tuition runs about the same or more than your entire degree put together. Most students could only dream of being able to work in the summer and be able to pay their tuition. However, most students work jobs that pay minimum wage, will not let you work full time, and lack benefits. We work our asses off to be able to live while we are in school. If we didn't take on debt, we would fold almost instantaneously under the costs of getting a degree. We take on this debt, because if we have no other outside resources, than we have no other choice how to pay for our education. Baby boomers, we aren't lazy for having student debt, we're desperate.

The Masters Degree is the New Bachelors Degree

Most people 30 years ago could do alright in this world even if they didn't have a college degree. Flash forward to today and jobs that only required a high school degree then now require a bachelors and in some cases masters degree. My own profession for the baby boomers required only a bachelors degree and for me requires a masters. (I am a CPA accountant in Utah) Us Millennials have to work harder and longer to get the same job that Baby Boomers have now.

Our Debt is NOT Your Debt

If you ask any millennial that has student debt what they would rather have debt on, they would be happy to trade it for a mortgage or a car loan. Student loans not only are one of the rare types of debt that you can't refinance, they are also the type of debt that will not go away due to bankruptcy. While most Baby Boomers are in debt, their items are considered luxuries. We would be more than happy to pay back debt on those big ticket items than our student loans that most Baby Boomers never had to experience owning.

What Consumes Most of Your Debt?

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We Won't Be a Homeowner

There is and always will be that dream of the white picket fence home with a dog one side and a family car on the other. Well baby boomers, that is a dream that you fortunately got to live sooner than most of the millennial will be able to live. Most millennials will move back in with their parents, avoid owning a car, and steer away from even thinking of taking on a mortgage because of the amount interest rates and student debt they need to pay back first. It's not like we want to live with mom and dad, we just have no other choice.

Parents Are Not Going To Be Promoted To Grandparents Just Yet

We may get pressures from our parents about having babies, but honestly that is the last thing on our minds. Why in the hell would we want to bring innocent lives into a world that we can barely handle ourselves? The responsibility of children will not be happening until we ourselves feel stable enough for it to happen.

Not only will the Mellenials more than likely be waiting to have children, but the amount of children will also be decreasing. While most Baby boomers had 3-5 siblings and produced 3-5 kids, generations will reproducing quite fewer children. Why you may ask? Simply because we can't afford to have more than 2 children. Mostly if we struggled to put ourselves through college, there is no way we can send 5 children to college. It is more realistic to give few children a better life than stress on how clothe and feed more children than we can handle.

1Campos, Paul. "The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much." The New York Times. The New York Times, 4 Apr. 2015. Web. 29 Dec. 2015.

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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      Spot on! But I would also like to point out that we have this fixation with technology, social media, and other forms of "indulgent" media because it's literally our only escape from the harsh reality we've inherited. We can't afford other types of "fun" so we live vicariously through interesting people on the internet/movies/books, etc.