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Dual Nature of Human Behaviour

Updated on August 19, 2017

If there is fight between two person on a public place is going on, where lots of spectators present. These spectators activities will divide into different groups according to their social and economic status. The first group of so called elite class, which is economically and socially on the top position will ignore the event .They will remain engaged in their personal business and never care about third party mishap. If in any circumstance the issue worsen the person of this class will leave that place and never talk to anyone about the incidence. He will indulge himself in his usual activities as nothing happened.

The other group is a group of those people who are known as middle class people. The people of this class will watch the whole incidence closely. They will neither vacant that place nor help to solve the problem. If the incidence goes worsen then this class will call other people to interfere in the case. They sometimes stimulate the subject parties to go ahead with conflict and became a thing of their entertainment. If the problem get worsen this class will vacant his position and search for a new place from where he can see the whole event without taking any risk to be asked by police. Till the issue is resolved, this person will not leave that place .When nothing remains to see at that place, and then he will move for his work. He will tell the whole story to his family members, colleagues and other relatives step by step and the whole group enjoy the event and laugh at the foolish act of third parties.

There is another party which is not so well educated, sometimes illiterate, economically and socially on the last bench of social order. This class will neither see the background of the conflict nor think about the result. But intentionally interfere in the case and made their each possible effort to solve the issue. Sometimes they themselves beg a pardon for the issue. And request to both parties to go ahead with their actual business without wasting time in that type of ridicules activities.

We should avoid any circumstance which stimulate us to quarrel.there is no problem in world which cannot be solved by conversation in a peaceful manner. It is also applicable with the world community. If two countries are in fight with each other, the same reaction can be seen from rest of the countries. The theory of Truth and Non violence is relevant in every circumstance .Only this theory can save the world from destruction.


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