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Libertarianism, the Only Logical Choice

Updated on March 11, 2018
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Robin Olsen has lived for half a century. No experience is a bad experience unless we learn nothing from it.

Libertarianism is quite possibly the most fair of any political ideology out there. It is the only system that allows the individual to live his or her own life to it's fullest potential. All over the world today we see communist, socialist and conservative agendas and everyone of them have the same thing in common, government interference in the lives of private citizens, and usually this interference results in a negative impact to the individual and the society as a whole. Dictatorships, corporate bribery, general corruption and religious fanaticism are all virtually impossible in a society where the government has little or no direct impact over the lives of individual people living in the societies being governed. Economically speaking people could either use money or be free to barter exchange of services for goods or other services, in today's world if you do not have money then you are considered a 'useless eater' or 'welfare case' and looked upon with disdain. All because your pocket is not filled with valueless paper currency concocted out of thin air by large unaccountable banks. Taxes would be virtually non-existent as the only thing a government would need money for is to provide for national or local security and to monitor corporations so that basic laws of fairness and environmental concerns are not trampled on. Laws apply to individuals would be based on libertarian principals and would be useful instead of useless and petty as well as being non intrusive.

Do you believe that people should be able to live free of the limitations of social standards and common beliefs as long as said lifestyle is non harmful to others??

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Libertarian Principals and Lifestyle

The first principal of libertarianism is 'Live life as you see fit and respect the rights of your neighbors to do the same thing'. This principal does not forbid anything. You can live on your own, in a small family group or come together in small communities for mutual benefit. Moral judgements of specific lifestyles are not made, there are no 'left' or 'right' wings to argue over. Communism, Socialism or Conservatism does not matter at the national level as all communities and individuals are free to live as they see fit.

Living a libertarian lifestyle would be difficult for many in today's world as many feel the need to constantly dictate lifestyle to others and the most prevalent attitude seems to favor interference in the individual lives of those around them. For example, Polygamy is frowned upon and illegal simply because we have been conditioned by religion to feel that polygamy is immoral. What we have forgotten is that individuals of sound mind have a right to choose whatever lifestyle they wish and if two or more women decide, of their own free will, to share a husband or build a collective family then who the hell are we to say it is wrong? No one has asked us to live that lifestyle if we choose not too and no one is being harmed so why do we feel the need to send in Marshals and seize happy children? Does anyone actually feel better about themselves after reading how a polygamy family has been forcibly broken up and the children seized by the state?

Homosexuality is another area where people feel the need to constantly interfere in the lives of others for no reason other than some twisted sense of personal satisfaction. As far as homosexuality is concerned the only point I ever care about making is that I am not. How homosexuals live their lives is totally irrelevant to me and it should be to everyone else too.

What do you think?

Do you believe that people should be able to live free of government interference?

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Libertarianism and the Poor

Many oppose Libertarianism based on the fact that the system does not allow for helping the poor. Most poverty in today's world is caused by the form of governments we have. Socialism, conservatism and communism all do very little to actually help the poor become self-sustaining. The welfare programs under most of these governments are either non-existent or provide barely enough to survive and the laws in nations run by these types of government restrict the individual from taking actions to boost themselves out of the situation they are in. In a libertarian society, those with few monetary resources are free to exchange services for things they need. For instance, when was the last time someone was allowed to exchange auto repairs for rent? Such exchanges are not supported in the societies that exist today and wealth is based purely on the possession of paper currency. If the poor were allowed to truly use their own skills and abilities freely to change their own situation then we would have far less poor, probably none really as a quick review of human history tells us that most poverty exists only in societies that value money above all else. Were there any poor native Americans before European settlers came to North America? No, but now there are plenty.

In Africa, before the advent of European colonization and the more recent religious incursions, there was virtually no poverty at all. People lived free within their tribal units and the land was prosperous for those who lived there. Then Europeans came and imposed a monetary system on them. That's when the poverty started. When the religious incursions began, today this usually takes the form of radical Islamic fundamentalists killing and converting, the monetary system was reinforced even more, thus increasing the poverty as the Islamic's destroy infrastructure and disrupt tribal communities. All because they feel they have the right to dictate lifestyle and beliefs to others.

Organized labor (Unions) are specifically taboo in a libertarian society as no organization has ever done more to restrict the free movement of individuals and the free exchange of goods and services among individuals than unions have. These deceptive organizations claim to 'look after the rights of individuals' but only as long as those rights are in keeping with the Union's objectives or agendas. when a individual's rights do not support these things those rights are not supported. For example, employers have the right to hire anyone they want. Yet in unionized workplace the prospective employee MUST join the union in order to get employment. In a unionized workplace the individual has no right to negotiate for his own betterment in any meaningful way with his employer and MUST abide by the collective agreement put in place by the union, whether that agreement is in the individual's best interest or not. In unionized environments abilities are second string to seniority so even trying your best bears no direct reward.

What about the poor?

Do you believe that Libertarianism hurts the poor?

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In the end every other political system but libertarianism is destructive to us, as individuals, as they are designed to allow for one or two people, or a party, to gain absolute control and dictate lifestyle to others and this, in the end, is unnatural. The organizations that rise up around these systems are destructive and unnatural as well and do nothing to restrain the excesses of these types of governments.

Unfortunately, our systems are controlled by bankers and corporations who do not value individualism or freedom for individuals and anyone who tries to run on values that these guys oppose, like libertarians, are suppressed or painted as 'kooks', 'anarchists' or crazy people in general.

That's too bad in my opinion.

© 2013 Robin Olsen


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