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Teaching children the importance of recycling

Updated on September 20, 2011

How to teach kids to be green?

This is going to be long so brace yourself. Go get a cup of coffee you'll be here a while.

Make energy collages. Most of our wonderful modern appliances are dependent on energy consumption. Of you live where there are tornadoes and ice storms yuo know this well. Get some old magazines or catalogs and have your kids find pictures of things that use energy. Discuss the kinds of energy they use. Ask how they know it uses energy, what things in your house use energy, and if you could use those things if there was no energy.

The sun gives up free energy everyday. Place three pieces of dark construction paper in a sunny window. Leave the first piece uncovered. Put a book on the second and a flower pot on the third. Leave it there for a few days. Have the kids record their findings and thoughts. Also ask what causes a sunburn, how the sun makes such a strong light, maybe you could put some things the sun would pass through on the paper, which objects woud make interesting patterns on the paper, and find a place that is heated by the sun in your house. You could dry fruits like grapes and apples in the sun. Leave crayons in the sun.

Littering is more than cluttering the ground with paper, cans and bottles. Litterins is poor use of limited natural resources. Litter also changes our environment making it look ugly. Give you kids some grocery bags and work gloves and head out to a littered area. Start picking up trash. Don't let them pick up things like diapers or glass. When yuo get home you can make a collage or recycle eveything properly. Ask where all the trashh came from, what would happen if no on epicked up the trash, and how we can be sure that place doesn't get littered again. have your kids decorate bags for trash in their rooms or for the car. The Lorax and The Wump World are great book sto read about unwise usage of resources.

You can make your own paper by shredding paper into tiny little peieces then pouring a cup of water over the paper. Let it sit for about 2 hours. Then beat the paper to a pulp (literally). Dissolve 3 tablespoons of cornstarch in a pint of water then add to the pulp and mix. Dip a 4 by 6 inch screen into the pulp and pull it out. Repeat this till you have 1/8 inch on the screen. Cover it with plastic wrap and press out excess water with a rolling pin or wooden blocks. hang it up to dry. You can even add thread or dried flowers or fabric to make interestign designs. Ask what kinds of htings can be recycled other than paper, how paper is made the first time around, and what we can do to help recycle. Go visit a recycling plant or a landfill.

Make a compost pile.

That's all I can think of right now.

How it helps.


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