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American Bumper Stickers

Updated on August 21, 2016
Austinstar profile image

L. Cargill, B.A., Sam Houston University, Huntsville, TX., has been writing cool and interesting articles for the internet world since 1995.

Just Married Bumper Sticker
Just Married Bumper Sticker | Source

Extremely Funny Bumper Stickers!

The general purpose of bumper stickers on cars...

Americans drive cars, lots of cars. Our cars are an extension of our personality. Placing bumper stickers on our cars is a way to shout out to your neighbors and friends. It's a way to get noticed in a sea of automobiles.

Typically, a commuting American drives their car about 60 miles per day. The car may be seen by 300-400 people on a high traffic day. This makes a car an ideal way to broadcast your opinions or "talk" to other commuters.

What would a foreign person think while viewing hundreds of strange bumper stickers? That could depend on many variables:

  • What does the bumper sticker say?
  • What country is the foreigner from?
  • Would someone see a bumper sticker and think it was an inflammatory statement, or would they even understand the connotations?

Lots of bumper stickers
Lots of bumper stickers | Source

Bumper Sticker Meanings

Abortion and Family Planning

It would be hard to count the number of cars running around our country with bumper stickers related to abortion and family planning. Foreigners can only assume that Americans are obsessed with abortion and right to life issues. Some of the bumper stickers are a bit obscure, but if you see an anti-abortion or woman's rights regarding family planning, you will not be too intellectually challenged to figure out the meaning.

Bumper Sticker Meanings

Animal Welfare

French people eat horse meat, other foreigners eat all kinds of animals. Americans think vegetarianism is a good thing. Who is right? Who is wrong?

You can voice your opinion of the matter by displaying an animal welfare bumper sticker. Again, it's your opinion and a car is a great place to advertise that opinion.

Bumper Sticker Meanings

Political Issues

Whoa! Just about every year is an election year it seems. Either the local candidates or national candidates are printing up millions of car bumper stickers and handing them out for free. They hope that you will display those bumper stickers on your cars that are seen by 300 to 400 people per day. It's the cheapest advertising they can do to get people to vote.

Foreigners are probably not interested in the candidates, but they are interested in the issues, so a foreign person looking at an American bumper sticker would probably like to see more than just the candidates name. And, of course visual logos repeated thousands of times might sway a potential activist or terrorist, who knows?

Bumper Sticker Meanings

The Right To Bear Arms

Americans love their guns. They like to haul them around concealed or un-concealed displayed in the back window of a pick up truck. Most Texans would rather drive to Michigan than give up their guns. Foreigners are not aware of how much we love our guns.

Yes, there are foreigners in America reading bumper stickers right now that make them think we are a nation of gun-toting rebels. They might think we are about to overthrow the government any day now and they want to be a part of it. Scary, isn't it?

Bumper Sticker Meanings

Legalize Pot (Marijuana)

Mostly found on VW vans, the ubiquitous bumper sticker owner wants us to legalize marijuana and perhaps some other fun and relaxing past times. Just to make sure that everyone knows that pot is actually medicinal and much less dangerous than alcohol is the message these hippies want to convey.

A foreigner from Singapore might think these free-love pot heads should be put to death. In many foreign countries, marijuana is punishable by heavy fines and possible lengthy prison sentences (mostly because pot smokers are poor and can't afford the heavy fines).

Some foreigners come to this country because we are lenient with pot smokers and they are quite happy to see bumper stickers that help the cause.

Bumper Sticker Meanings

Religious / Atheist

There is no convincing a religious believer to quit being a missionary for the Lord. This, of course, extends to their cars as they drive back and forth to church. The faithful with the biggest or most bumper stickers gets to go first in line to heaven.

Atheists, on the other hand, wish to halt the brainwashing of the uninformed. Just because you read it on a bumper sticker doesn't make it true. Bumper stickers, like religion, are the opinions of the owners. Nothing more, nothing less.

Foreigners probably laugh at all the mayhem that religious and anti-religious strife that these car decorations evoke. Russians might agree with the atheists, Italians might agree with all the Christian sentiment. Israelis might digagree with both.

Bumper Sticker Meanings

Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Transvestite Issues

Any foreigner to the U.S.A. is bound to be confused by these lovely and colorful bumper stickers from the Rainbow crew. They may be unaware that the Rainbow is the symbol of certain sexual orientations.

Let us not confuse our visitors from other countries of the world. Let us announce our preferences on the bumpers of our cars!

Why stop with a bumper sticker?

Using your car to broadcast your opinions:

  • There are thousands of bumper stickers available - surely you can find one you like for your car.
  • You can now "vinylize" your entire car! This is useful for advertising your business or for making money advertising for others. Google "ads on a car" for more info.
  • You can use your car as an art object and decorate it however you please. You must still maintain state and local requirements for driving on public roads.
  • Honk if you see anything you wish to express a FOR or AGAINST opinion at.
  • Drive with your excessive musical tastes on full blast for the convenience of everyone who wants to know how you feel about music.

Only foreigners with absolutely zero understanding of the bumper sticker and driving etiquette of Americans will fail to understand your meanings.

Or Maybe You Hate Bumper Stickers!

Some people hate bumper stickers!
Some people hate bumper stickers! | Source

Top Bumper Stickers available on Amazon

Which one will you put on your bumber?

See results

© 2012 Lela

Comments - What is the best bumper sticker you have ever seen?

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  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Well, sometimes bumper stickers can be used for other things - like on your fence posts or on a wall or you can get the magnetic kind and put them on the fridge.

    I had a magnetic flag that I put on my back lift up door. Somebody just removed it and apparently "forgot" to put it back. LOL

  • jenb0128 profile image

    Jennifer Bridges 

    6 years ago from Michigan

    I often buy bumper stickers, but I rarely stick them on my car anymore. The last one I had on a car said, "I'm straight but not narrow." It amazed me how often people stopped me and asked, "What is your sticker supposed to mean?"

  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Hiya tillson - they do make magnetic car stickers now! I have used those, but they are so easy to remove that they seem to get "lost" if you park in a crowded area.

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 

    6 years ago from New York

    Great way to catch a hubber's attention, write about bumper stickers ;) I wonder just how long bumper stickers have been around? Some are funny, some interesting, some just dumb. My problem is I am married to a car buff and you do NOT put anything even like a bumper sticker on your car!

    This was a fun hub that you made more fun by your descriptions. Voted up, funny, and interesting.

  • Stephanie Henkel profile image

    Stephanie Henkel 

    6 years ago from USA

    We don't see as many bumper stickers as we used to...maybe people are too busy texting while they drive to read them.

    Living in a tourist area I've seen one that made me laugh. It said, "Get out of my way, some of us still have to work!" But that's not as funny as the bumper stickers in your video! LOL!

    I enjoyed your fun take on bumper stickers!

  • Cow Flipper profile image

    Sean Jankowski 

    6 years ago from Southern Oregon

    Snickers and snorts as he pushes his glasses back up onto the bridge of his nose.

  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Not that there's anything wrong with that :-)

  • Cow Flipper profile image

    Sean Jankowski 

    6 years ago from Southern Oregon

    lol, well I don't know what they will learn about it from those things I listed accept that I am a flamboyant nerd of epic proportions! :)

  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Whoa! Those sound like some mighty fine bumper stickers! Who's your daddy? ROFL on that one! I also like the pac man/Darwin fish/Jesus fist. That one might get your car vandalized down here in the bible belt though.

  • Cow Flipper profile image

    Sean Jankowski 

    6 years ago from Southern Oregon

    Oh man this is a great one! I want a dye-cast pac man chasing a darwin fish that is chasing a Jesus fish. :) I had a bumper sticker that read "Who's your Daddy?" and below it was Darth Vadars helmet. I have a T-shirt called the faces of Vadar with the exact same photo repeated through a grid with different emotions listed below each Vadar head cell. Oh yeah and a tshirt with Spock throwing up his live long and prosper represent signs and the caption below it "Trek yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!" lol

  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    It is like reading a book on the freeway! It makes road trips so much fun. And thanks to Ike Eisenhower, we have a national freeway system!

  • GoodLady profile image

    Penelope Hart 

    6 years ago from Rome, Italy

    Yup. As a tourist in USA I get a kick out of reading the stickers, who's a red neck, who's a nymphomaniac, who loves red meat, who rocks, who votes for who. It's a story in itself, like reading a book on the freeway without the book!

    Nice Hub!

  • techygran profile image


    6 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

    Austinstar, I got a big kick out of your tongue-in-cheek commentary on the various bumper stickers such as foreigners interpreting bumper stickers re the right to bear arms as "They might think we are about to overthrow the government any day now and they want to be a part of it. Scary, isn't it?" I enjoy seeing novel bumper stickers, but we don't have any on our vehicles (too introverted?). When we were kids my mom and dad bought a novel little Citroen deux-chevals car and we drove to a city in it (in Canada). We came out of the hotel one day to find a couple of cops having a chuckle beside the car... turns out my younger brother had stuck on a sticker from his Mad Magazine that read "This car belongs to a Russian Spy." Voted you up!

  • RealHousewife profile image

    Kelly Umphenour 

    6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    I like the funny bumper stickers - like "you're ugly and your momma dresses you funny" lol. I worked with another atheist (he was like staunch about it) someone went out and stuck one of those magnetic fish on his car - we laughed for days u til he realized it! He was mad! Hahahaha

    I bet bumper stickers do seem like a weird thing to foreigners! Up and everything!

  • xstatic profile image

    Jim Higgins 

    6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

    Great Hub! Reading bumper stickers is one of the best things about driving. I always get a kick out the the most humorous ones, none of which I can think of just now.

  • diogenes profile image


    6 years ago from UK and Mexico

    I remember the US bumper stickers with nostalgia. The one that has always stuck with me was after the re-election of Richard Nixon.

    It read "NIXONFUXON"

    i loved that deeply

    I believe we have laws against inciting public protest that would stop their use in the UK. Breathing will be controlled and taxed here soon.

    "You haven't paid your breath tax: sentenced to the strangler!"

  • christopheranton profile image

    Christopher Antony Meade 

    6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

    I don't drive, but I suppose I could put some stickers on my back. That should cause a stir.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Austinstar, enjoyed your hub. Your hub demonstrates how bumper stickers provide a glimpse into the hearts of Americans. I don't have a bumper sticker on my car but on our golf cart we have: Drive abducted by aliens, I've been West of the Pecos and Wall Drug. I saw one of those programmable signs on Top Gear- sure would be fun to have.

  • Austinstar profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

    Actually, the only bumper sticker we have is on Bob's Mustang. There was a scratch on the bumper and he put a Texas "Drive Friendly" sticker over it.

    I once thought of putting an LED readout programmable sign in the back window that could be changed whenever the thought struck.

    My sign today would say - "DIPUTS is STUPID backwards"

  • Druid Dude profile image

    Druid Dude 

    6 years ago from West Coast

    One of my favorites was "Mafia Staff Car: Keepa U Hands Off!"

  • Sunshine625 profile image

    Linda Bilyeu 

    6 years ago from Orlando, FL

    "My other car is a Porsche" on beat up cars or pick-ups still cracks me up!! I selected Live, Love and Laugh from above. International peeps must be so confused from our bumper stickers, I never thought of that until now. Too funny!


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