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What did I miss

Updated on October 18, 2016
All citizens were eager to say 'Thank You!'
All citizens were eager to say 'Thank You!' | Source

When did this happen and more importantly how can we fix this?

What did I miss?

I am concerned about the fabric of our politic not just in individual communities, also throughout the country. This article is short for a reason. It has been few years since JFK gravitated the whole country to get behind him and fight for our new horizons. Bringing our lives to a pinnacle of the lofty prospects of being equal stations in life.

So my question is how did we get where we are as a nation today? So many of our values have been predetermined by past generations not to fight but rather enforce. Somehow we forgot to check our values by using the smell test. We have reflected the preponderance of responsibility, our attitude of rummaging and pillaging, even within our borders rather by fostering good relations worldwide. Our citizens in all demographic areas, whether it be race, educational and/or political responsibility to take active roles within our community. Remember: So many of our values have been predetermined by past generations not to fight but rather enforce it."

Why should we delve formally into our values? Perhaps we can see our values unraveling and being showcased on a highest tables. Our cohorts whether within our circle of known or within a greater circle set on the national stage.

We became lazy (if I don't, someone else will). What is wrong with a good days work? Why should we expect others to do it for us?

We relaxed and became complacent with education in our communities. The outcome is how little education our families have and little people skills. Seems we would recognize that at our institutions of higher learning many nonresident student application show a prospective new student is many times (perhaps most of the time) two to four years younger than US citizens attending the same classes. This age difference is proportionate in the engineering and sciences studies..

We began to uphold the wrong values for our younger citizens. We the older generation stopped praising our children for a good job. Instead we showed them how to cut corners, while being blind to the outcome.

We took our actions (family dinners every night around the dining room table) and relaxed them to the point there is no recognition of structure within the American family. We, as the adults, are no longer sought after for knowledge and praise from out younger people.

We need the world to invite us into their countries. Not just show up unannounced to another to discuss major world policies. Simply we are not looked up to rather we are on the same stage as others, we may not even want to immolate.

We need our families to gravitate back to spending time together and learning values.

And we need to learn: It isn’t what we have but how we use it. Knowledge is golden.

How did we get here? You tell me no answer is wrong to ask. It is only wrong to be complacent.


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