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What do we mean by the word Armageddon?

Updated on July 18, 2017
Nadine May profile image

Nadine’s research for her futuristic novel series about discovering the truth or lies, has led her to insights she shares in her articles.


Are we Living during the end of times?

  • Are we wiping ourselves out?
  • Are we really more Desensitized what is truly going on?

According to some scientist Homo sapiens will not be able to survive the population explosion in the next 100 years. Is that why there seem to be a kind of depopulation going on?

This video about the truth about war speaks for itself.

Is humanity more and more desensitized about what is globally going on?

I would respond by saying definitely yes!

Is there a dark force behind the program of desensitizing humanity?

What does David Icke say?

Every time we watch the news on the TV it seems we live in a world that is saturated with violence. (My whole body cringes when I see a grief-stricken parent collapsing after her child’s body has been found, abused and mutilated.) We are made to believe that desensitization to a certain degree is necessary for a human to survive, but in our times, so much violence is portrayed in the media, that I question to myself: is there an agenda behind overly desensitizing our global population?

What leaders will we produce in 20 years time if children are growing up desensitized?

Could the answer be: ROBOTIC HUMAN BEINGS

This 666 video is clearly sharing a strong message! Is this indeed the antichrist spirit at work desensitizing the human population through our media, TV internet, movies and music?


Are we living during the end of times; in the time of Armageddon?

After you have read this hub article, please leave me a note below with your thoughts on it.

That would be what the word Armageddon means to me. For now I would say that Robotic beings do not have a soul! They do not have the human soul qualities of: unconditional love, compassion, empathy, understanding, patience, creativity, and more... These qualities have been programmed out of the (beings) who created a robotic race because all feelings have been programmed out of them! Today our scientist are busy following the same journey, therefore I hope they have kept their inner human qualities intact.

What do you think of this issue?

See results

What made me wonder about all this?

If we would know the statistics on what percentage of humanity is desensitized today, then we could easily predict what our planet Earth’s future might look like.

  • The leaders of every country will be chosen because of their in-ability to feel compassion...
  • The wealth of basic survival commodities, like food, housing, education and medical facilities are only accessible to people who follow the rules!
  • The general population has been so desensitized, that 80% of them no longer even blink if they see people grief stricken as the result of great violence.
  • The planet is bombarded by nuclear and poisonous chemicals causing many places to become barren.

Not to mention what is happening to our animal and plant kingdoms. Many more will become extinct.

I’m really writing a negative reflection here, but I can’t be a bliss-bunny all the time! .... Why Does Violence Happen?


Lets get some facts together

For parents

  • Some studies showed that children who watch violent programming tend to show more aggressive behavior during playtime.

For Young and Old

  • Violent computer games for young and old

What can each individual do to stop this global onslaught from happening?

Wake up and take note! Be the voice that speaks out about wrongs in your own neighborhood. Stop the poverty virus that has taken control before if wipes out a whole population. Use your wealth to uplift those in need, but no FREE handouts. That has never worked.

Note: Lasting peace cannot be achieved unless large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty. Prof. Muhammad Yunus

It’s very easy for me to spend my time in joy, happiness and gratefulness; because I truly feel that I’m a most fortunate individual who has been given the opportunity to speak out in this way. I like to do that through imagery.

What does the above image tell you?

For me the difference between the have and have not’s is far too large in proportion. The children on these images are the leaders of tomorrow. What book have they read from life that prepares them for their future?


In the early 1990’s Masi (Masiphumelele )was known to most people as Site 5. It was number 5 of 9 `sites’ in Cape Town’s South Peninsula that were considered for the development of a residential area to house people working in the Scenic South, but who had to travel far to get to work, or who lived in appalling conditions near the old Noordhoek dump. Masi has grown from a barely serviced tract of land to the bustling community of about 40 000 people that it is today.

Local news

Last evening we attended a neighbourhood watch meeting in a home of a family in Clovelly – Cape Town. The topic was: please sign a petition to get permission and funding for a second access road for the overcrowded community of Masiphumelele from the Cape Town’s city council.
It is an area that has faced many difficulties from flooding to fires raging across the shacks with many people losing the few possessions they have. It is unacceptable that a community of more than 40 000 residents are locked in by walls on two sides with only one access road!

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has endorsed this appeal with the words: “I hope your plan will succeed. It must!”



When I heard from a friend that my son had painted his house in Hamilton, New Zealand, I asked how she knew that?

“I’ve seen photos on Facebook, you should sign up!”

That was in 2009. The next day I was on Facebook and the rest is history. Do I have more contact with my family compared to my own parents in the sixties and seventies? NO. I am lucky to get short sms’s from my family in Holland, in response to a message I have sent them such as:

“How are you? What is the weather like? What are you doing this weekend?”

I’m a mother, wife and grandmother

Family structure, especially in the more affluent countries is also crumbling, and that has an effect on our young generation, but also on the parents and grandparents.

As a grandmother I keep up with the times and so does my life partner. As an author I’m active on the internet, but privately, working from home, I’m a recluse. All our children and grandchildren live in far away countries around the globe, but with today’s technology that is not as bad as when I immigrated to Australia. We only communicated via airmail letters since we didn’t have a telephone.

I’ve learned a great deal about myself and the people in my family since I have been separated from them by such long distances. What do the fast pace and high stress levels today do to people who do not have a family structure to support them? I have divided the three types of outlook on life in an adult in my article: Personal, Community and Global Awareness Levels


The turn-around is around the corner

Follow and share the activities of the people who are making a difference on your social network. There is one person I want to finish this article with. There are a great many people who have stood up and taken action, but one of the men I most admire is Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

When his students who helped him start the bank expressed doubt that poor and impoverished women would take loans, Yunus told them not to listen to the potential borrowers' negative thoughts.

Banker to the Poor
Banker to the Poor

Muhammad Yunus set up the Grameen Bank in his home country of Bangladesh with a loan of just [pound]17, to lend tiny amounts of money to the poorest of the poor - those to whom no ordinary bank would lend.


The Future of Social Entrepreneurship

“All it needs to change the world is ideas, not money. The power of the idea is the supreme idea and then you can change everything. You have the power and the question that I leave with you is:
What are you going to do with that power?”

All we need to do is love everybody and everything in order to move away from any desensitization. We then move into a higher frequencies where there is no distortions.

Now that you have read this hub article, what are your thoughts on the topic of desensitization?

Thanks for reading my article on this topic.



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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thanks for your reply Lady. I must look again what videos I included. I can't remember.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      Very interesting and informative hub. I'm not sure about some of the videos, however. At any rate, Armageddon is a fact, and it takes courage to stand up and warn people about an issue that is important to their lives. The urgency to make a choice is not strongly felt in society in general.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      I agree with you Jackie. A great shift will soon take place. How humanity is going to ride the wave of changes is still unknown. I hope for the best.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Strange about the Facebook thing you told because to me that is really something that matters in the end days, for everyone will be able to see what is going on as we do now. I do not believe the world will fix itself and I do not think it has much longer to go, as is. I do not think it will be destroyed but I think many of its inhabitants will be as is already in progress. Look at the bodies piled high in the thousand, a country killing its own people and who offered to help them? No one. I think we will be held accountable for that, as countries.

      According to the bible in the Valley of Megiddo blood will be bridle deep and from what we have witnessed recently, who really doubts that could be?

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Flourish by having compassion for the people who are in the midst of chaos, we already can make a difference, and that is what you are doing. Thank you for your response.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Patrick thank you for your in depth comment on this rather heavy topic. It has been very appreciated. Loved your last sentence and yes you are right about these three entertainments.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thank you for your compliment DDE. I did wonder how much traffic I would attract for this hub since it might not be the most popular topic people want to read, but I felt the need to write it.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      I get depressed when I think of the size of world problems, so I try to impact the things I can, work on my little corner of the world to make a difference. I keep in mind the starfish effect. Thinking about ALL the problems -- world hunger, war, natural disasters, political corruption, sex trafficking, the plight of the oceans and all the animals on the verge of extinction, overpopulation, discrimination, and on and on -- it can become so very overwhelming. I try to protect myself by focusing in on a couple of key issues that are most important to me.

    • ChicagoPhotos profile image

      Patrick John Warneka 3 years ago from Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.

      Nadine, Good Hub. My reply here could easily turn into an 8 page hub itself. I'm agreeing with you.

      Follow me on this one. When you said " If we would know the statistics on what percentage of humanity is desensitized today..." Did you find that funny? Statistics are averages of numbers that unfortunately can be used to show variable outcomes. To me, that can very much be the definition of being desensitized as you fear people to be. ( and you are right)

      In broad strokes, People we taught to follow the rules and that your SAT scores determine your future. they should be taught, the Future is what you make of it. Do what you LOVE to do, don't take a job and think everything is fine. Go create something, Be yourself!

      The Armageddon we all fear is never going to come up on the street and introduce itself. It is a mindset. Put in place by the people who don't want to lose power. the funny part is, the power they have is the power we give them. the people in power have learned to tell us one thing and do another. They want people desensitized. They need people to not care. If you can name more than ball players than congressmen, if you can name every actor up for an award, you are part of the problem.

      Sometimes the truth bubbles up to the surface. At which point it needs to be quietly suppressed.

      Look at the Ukraine. Riots for equality and political alignment. ( at lest that is what the US is telling us) What did they find? the Leader had a Golf course, Expensive cars, jets and their own Park. while the people live with very little. Wait, In the USA Our "voted" leaders have Private jets, expensive cars and their own golf courses and their own Park ( country club). Yet we don't riot. What do we do? We want to see who wears what dress on the award shows, watch sports, watch reality shows.

      I just realized, YOU asked for stats on desensitization in the USA? I think viewership numbers of the Emmy's, Superbowl and American Idol combined would give you a very accurate number to start with.

      Great article.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great work here, another of your well presented hubs and so much to think about you made a clear point here. So much has changed and who knows anything more?

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 3 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Thank you Billy. This topic is usually not my thing, but as you so well said, raising awareness can do no harm. It's my feeling that a lot of people on the planet already live in Armageddon, that is the reason why I wrote this hub.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Bravo! Nice job of raising awareness about a very important issue. Do I think we are heading for Armageddon? That I don't know. I do know that society is much more desensitized than in the past and I think it is getting worse with each passing year...and it will only get better when people start noticing and getting involved. You said it all quite well.