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What Does It Mean to Say You Are Not Party Loyal in Your Voting?

Updated on June 30, 2018

The short answer to the question in this article's title.

The Non Party Loyal Voter

The short answer about party non loyal voter is the one that doesn't let the party make all the decisions. Like, who is submitted for the party primary. What are the goals of the party in the election? When you say you are not a loyal party voter means that you are not prey to a party. You have your own mind, and you use it to make your pick of the candidates that fit your ideas, and your goals for those that are to represent you.

It also means that you can't be counted on by a party to just fall in line with the direction that the party wants to go in. Not being a loyal party voter gives the parties an opportunity to fight for your vote. In the president elections, it means that you are in the group of voters that actually decides who will be president.

The Loyal Party Voter

The loyal party voter servers a party purpose, and that is registering for that party. This gives the party assurance that they will vote for their candidates, without asking too many questions.

Once registered, the party can make some estimates on what percentage of the registered voters for their party will blindly vote for their candidates across the board. The other party does the same thing.

Then both parties look at each others registered voters to compute the independent votes they need for their candidate to win.

The voter for the party whose candidate wins is then put on the shelf until the next election. The same is true for the voter from the other party.

There is no need for the party to involve either of these voters. Because now, it is the party's financial and political leaders that will govern. It is like the starter in your car, it has a very important function. Without it the car won't start, and the candidate won't be able to win.

Like the starter, once the candidate either wins or loses there is no need for that function until the next election.

Gridlock results from loyal party voters and supporters from both sides.

Party Loyalty versus Independent and Selective Voting

There seems to be confusion by some when I say that I am not a Democrat, Republican or Independent. I don't know why there is any confusion because in my articles and in my comments, I make it pretty clear what it means.

I have long written about the failures and problems caused because of party loyalty. It shouldn't be any confusion about that as well. However, for those of you that haven't read my articles on this subject, here are the Cliff Notes.

Party Loyalty Cliff Notes

Why is being a party loyalist a problem?

The main problem is that party loyalty allows especially the two dominant parties to always be in gridlock. The reason for the gridlock is from the diametrical goals from these two parties.

It is like being driven in a bus, and the destination of that bus is fixed based on which party owns the bus. The democrat bus only wants to go left, and far left. The republican bus only wants to go right.

The longer the party buses drive, the distance between the buses grows further apart. The country needs both of these buses to wind up pretty close to each other. The reason should be obvious as both parties should have their destination set to benefit the US and its citizens.

Again, we hit a snag because each party has a different reality as to what is beneficial to the country and the people.

Party differences go to the core, rather than just cosmetic

Simply stated the Democrats are for the poor, and the Republicans are for the rich. This has probably been recited and repeated for generations. While there was some causal relation to the saying and reality, that has long passed, and today we are left with empty words.

Today, the fact is that both parties neglect the Middle Class which is neither poor nor rich. Because they treat people as a class, they lose sight of the people. Much like a shepherd and their flock of sheep. There is no concept of a person for the party if there is no class for them to fit.

Both parties only hit the fringe areas of the middle class. The democrats try to include as much of the lower middle class as they can attract. And the republicans try to do the same with the upper middle class.

The concept of these classes are tied strongly to the US Income Tax. The rich and the poor are the least affected by this system of taxation.

  • The poor don't have to pay income taxes, or what they pay is not substantial.
  • The Income Tax System comes replete with a magic manual for the rich. It is called the Internal Revenue Code. And in this rather lengthy and complicated code are the Get out of Tax methods. These methods are structured so they can only be effectively used by the Rich.
  • The real distribution of wealth in this country is tied to wage earners, versus non wage earners.
  • The poor and the middle class are usually tied to the wages they earn.
  • The rich don't earn wages, they make and keep their fortunes in the stock market.

It is a deception, when we hear politicians saying they are going to stick it to the rich by using the graduated tax marginal rates. At one time, the rich were given a 90% marginal tax rate.

  • It really doesn't matter, at least for the rich what the marginal tax rates are because they don't have to pay them. They just used one of the magic potions from their Internal Revenue Code.

Back on track

To get back on track of the article topic, let me just tie the ribbon on the tax and class.

Both parties have the very rich running the party, not directly but through the use of their wealth they give the congress and even presidents the carrot to see things their way.

The rich democrats want to have a dedicated class of subservient voters to get their paper politicians in office, and make it easier for them to control the country.

The rich republicans are more interested in how they can get their personal wealth and methods of getting wealth easier by giving their carrot.

It is not that the rich of one party is more predominant than the other party, it is merely how they choose to use their wealth to manipulate their paper politicians.

What does a non loyal to any party mean?

Once again, I will state that I am not loyal to any party. Not the democrats, not the republicans, and not even the independents. I base this on something I learned in high school. One of my teachers told the class, Don't Vote Row A or Row B, Vote for the best candidate.

Unfortunately, I guess I was the only one that had a teacher with that message. Today, we see the education system infested with very liberal leaning teachers. And these liberal teachers seem to have the goal of converting every student of theirs to being a liberal, or at least liberal leaning.

Now here comes the confusion that I mentioned in the beginning of this article.

  • I was told that my not being a loyal party member meant that I hated both parties equally. This is completely not true. Based on the actions of the Democrats, I think they are the greatest threat to America and Americans.

This is part of being a non loyal party voter, as my goal is to vote for the best candidate. The problem has been in how each party selects the candidates for the elected position.

Over decades, this has always resulted in a choice for the lesser of two evils. This is because the party and not the people, or even the loyal party voter have given us these choice.

The party got their selection from their party backers, their wealthy and powerful backers. The loyal party voters are only pawns in this political game. Once, the voter registers with the party, the party already cashes in that vote. Off course it is not a 100% of all registered voters. They use statistics based on history to determine the percentage.

This gives that party the baseline to see how many independents or non committed voters they need to get for their party. This is the point where they abandon the loyal party voter and go after those that are not harnessed by a part.

There is little chance for party conversion, and while it may happen from time to time, it is a bonus not a given.

Both parties do this, and once the vote is cast, then the party switches to their real boss, the financial and powerful backers. These are the people and organization that make congress do the things they do.

NOT Loyal to any Party

I can't really say that I hate both parties. I do say that I dislike the democrat party more than the republican party. However, neither party has really got my vote. And because the party selects the candidates, I can't really vote for the best, only the least worst.


What does the last 1200 words of this article mean?

Basically nothing until Donald Trump went for the presidency.

This was a departure from the decades of voting for the least of the two evils. To an election where neither party really liked Donald Trump. That meant that finally, I could vote for the best candidate.

Having the republican establishment not be behind their presidential candidate meant that he wasn't selected by the party. The party had 16 other choices before Trump, and they as well as the democrats were shocked when he won the primary, and when he won the presidency.

President Trump and President JFK were two of the presidents that weren't really supported by their party. Their ideas and their goals ran afoul of those of the party.

Robert Kennedy would have followed in JFKs footsteps, but the party and the establishment weren't going to let it happen.

Today, the democrat party has been as far left as it ever was in recent times. It is unrecognizable even from the days of the Bill Clinton presidency.

The republican party has also strayed from the days of the Reagan presidency, and the Bush presidents were on par with the first term of president Obama.


With the exception of Donald Trump, the parties won't change their goals towards the center, nor will they give us the best candidates as long as they are supported by loyal party voters.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 months ago from Orange County California


      Then you really got the meaning of this article from your personal experience.


    • breakfastpop profile image


      5 months ago

      I am an Independent. The funny part is that the Dems think I'm a Dem, and the Reps. think I am a Republican. Actually, that's a good thing, because I get to see what they are up to. I am loyal to good sound ideas, and that is as far as it goes.


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