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What happen to all the animals?

Updated on November 21, 2012

During the course of the technologically driven modernization of the earth, have we noticed a vital missing link of the ecosystem? A link that has been caged, abused, displaced, and annihilated, all in the name of progress. Advancement that has come with irreplaceable amounts of animal extinction and disastrous pillage of plant life. Industrialization that stores animals like boxes of freight, gives them inoculations that contain steroids and hormones to produce a mutant and genetically altered animal, only to be executed for over indulgent consumption. Animals have more than one purpose on earth, they are more than just our breakfest, lunch and dinner, they are a crucial part of nature that we can not afford to lose. We have a food chain that has been devastatingly perturbed, and almost has no hope of being restored.

Erroneous Extinction

If we had more of an intimate relationship with nature and the creatures of the earth(including ourselves) maybe we would comprehend the priceless amount of damage that has been done. Countless species have disappeared under the guise of modern development, some species more visible than others. The American buffalo that once roamed freely in the plains of North America are near extinction, so close that they have been reserved in national parks(funny how the people responsible for their dissapearance feel the need top reserve them,remorse maybe). Hunting and other devious acts left the buffalo at such low numbers, one would be privileged to see the animal in a lifetime. The Caribbean monk seal that once roamed the waters of the Atlantic, has been slaughtered for its oil and meat by the barbarian beast that rape the earth.

The elk and all its subspecies were slaughtered for there meats, hides,and horns,for sport in North America. Once running free through the exotic forest and mountains of the native american world, nothing but their spirit is left to embody. Birds were not exempt from this war against nature put in fruition by ruthless imperial forces that has no conscience for earth, only profits and self perverted appeasement. The passenger pigeon and the bald eagle numbered in the millions before the European settlers came, now passenger pigeons are extinct, and the bald eagle was just recently taken off the endangered species list. Both of these animals were ruthlessly hunted down for food, feathers, sport and unrelentingly effected by so called "modernization"(power lines, cars, poisonous food,etc..). All these and more species having been conveniently excluded from the picture of progress, show a profound degree of arrogance and disregard for mother nature.

Chemically Consumed

Do we have any concern about the dangerous amounts of steroids and hormones(among other things) being inoculated into animals we consume? Chemicals are pass on to you through the meat being consumed, and the antibiotics linger in your body long after meat digest. Antibiotics are used in the industrialization of animals to speed up growth for faster profits. Some of the drugged livestock include pigs, chicken, cows, and fish. Anabolic steroids are the main culprits in this mass lab experiment for profit, these medications while being illegal to sell over the counter(to Humans) in the United States, It is perfectly legal to apply these to animals. For adults, ingesting these antibiotics can be cancerous, in children a small amount of ingestion can leave the child exposed to thousands of hormones. Adolescent Males have been known to develop enlarged breast tissue, and adolescent females develop ovarian cyst or early puberty.

Canada and Europe have joined the pack that chose to ban anabolic steroids, Why have the United States decided to continue using them? Do they feel that we are their dispensable lab rats,that exist for them to carry out unnecessary experiments on? Does not exactly sound like a government that cares to much about its people (Organic food seems to be a reasonable alternative, but may dig deeper into your budget). Exposing humans and animals of the earth to these hazardous pharmaceuticals is drastically effecting quality of health, life span, and natural order. Reports of mutated animals and odd human deformities are now not so rare, could we be looking a future of chemically evolved mammals.?


Numerous animals and plant life have been displaced and savagely slaughtered in their own habitat, under the euphemism of industrialization. Deforestation, drain swamps, colonized mountains, tamed jungles, and polluted oceans display an apparent result of a confrontation between nature and the imperial forces which seek to control it. Entire lakes have been extinguished of all aquatic life due to acidic rain producing low pH level water containing mercury and soil poisoned with mercury.This man made dilemma effects all things that eat off the land and out the water, and if we eat what comes off the land and the water we are susceptible to being infected.

The American mountain lion, panther,jaguar.wolf and bear have been assembled and colonized into national parks and reservations, they were considered a nuisance by farmers, traders, and other agents of environmental sabotage, and hunted for sport by European settlers. Much of their former habitat has been turned into contemporary cities, and concrete conduits. What was once a pristine and harmonious land, has been pillaged, raped, and drained of all natural animals and resources,( one would be fortunate to see the indigenous inhabitants, they numbered in the hundreds of millions before the Europeans arrived, four hundred years later they are out numbered ten fold by immigrant races). Coastal waters and lakes that flowed in abundance with fish and other aquatic life, are contaminated with poisons from oil spill cleaner chemicals, which get into the and in our lungs.

Do you even care?

The most bothering thing about the extinction and control of all the animals and plant life on earth, is the fact we act as if it is our ordained right to do so. There is no moral standard that comes into fruition when we take our children to zoos,we act as if they are suppose to be there for our entertainment.We don't even flinch at the slaughter houses where animals get abused,malnourished and drugged.We use illusionary pacification to ease our own conscious saying that it is the food chain or subconsciously that they are beneath us. With their Peta groups,animal adopt a pet, save the rain forest they symbolically admit guilt, with no plans(remorse) of losing grip on world domination and control over everything. What about the plant life, that might have had the cure for some of the thousands of ailments we suffer from? That is not in the plan, medical care is a business and people being sick and hurt is its customer base. Any plant life that had healing capabilities in the thousands of miles of lost forest acreage are forever lost or being held a secret. Lets hope we can restore the planet before its to late.


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    • Pagelift profile image

      Pagelift 6 years ago

      There did used to be alot more animals around...

    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      great article on this hub.