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What's in a Word... The Death of the English Language? Or, Christmas?

Updated on December 19, 2011

Your choice for most annoying word here.

Insert most annoying word/phrase here.
Insert most annoying word/phrase here.

What's in a word? The end of Christmas?

What's in a word, aside, of course, for the letters? Intent? Irascibility? Functionality?

The list of the top-10 most hated words in the English language has just been released, and parents the world over will be greatly pleased to hear that "Whatever!" has made the top of the list. For the 3rd year in a row, no less. In second place, "Like", then "you know" "just saying" and "seriously" round up the list of the top-5 most annoying words in the English language.

What about "politics"? Or "censorship" or "professional writer". I find them a lot more annoying than "like'. I kind of like "like". It's a likeable word. Not much offensive about it. Most times that you use "like" you are talking about something that you like, or something that you think the person you are talking to would like. A likeable word, like. But "whatever" is one of those words that just seems to, like, rub salt on your wounds. After soaking them in lemon juice. Just sayin'.

While conversing with a journalist, a politician-cum-school official claimed that "we had to remove the nativity scene from the school pageant because there were non-catholic students in the school system who may be offended by the message that the nativity scene, and Christmas in general, portrays to society." The school went on to cancel the Christmas pageant altogether.

Could this be the beginning of the end of Christmas altogether? Felled by a word, by a scene? A babe in a manger, no crown on his head? Nah, the store's and manufacturers would never allow that.

Okay, can I get a "whatever"? Because I don't think we can say "Amen" in public anymore, just in case it offends someone. And, when an entire school board cancels Christmas because there are a few people who might be offended by it, well... whatever!

Whatever, like, I'm just saying that, you know, seriously, there has to be some kind of limit for these idiots. There has to be some kind of Universal Irony Justice Initiative.

What's in a word? Sometimes a little annoyance. Sometimes, though, outright, abject terror. Like with "political" and "correct".. Separate, they are rather innocuous words. But when you put them together, they blow "whatever" out of the water!

If the Universe had a sense of justice...

There has to be some equalizing factor in the Universe.
There has to be some equalizing factor in the Universe. | Source

Faithful? Fanatic? Fooled?

Those who know me know I just have to get something in about war, terrorism or those who support either...

Wouldn't (shouldn't?) one of the most annoying words (phrases?) be "Allah Akbar" - it is, after all, what is said just before someone blows their own brains out and turns their body into a Salvidor Dali painting with a vest bomb. Now, nobody ever said terrorists were smart, just annoying. Sort of like "whatever". They usually just kill themselves and maybe injure a few local school kids or women shopping for supper at the market. Now, is it just me, or shouldn't they be trying to bomb Allied soldiers? (Oh. come on, they would have figured it out sooner or later anyways!). Some are a little more intelligent, either flying planes into buildings, small boats into bigger boats or explosives-laden trucks into military checkpoints. That really terrorizes society, much more than watching someone yell how God is Great and then proceed to blow themselves to Kingdom come.

One thing I don't understand about the average Muslim extremist terrorist is their unwavering belief that they will be served in Heaven by 72 virgins. When you look at most societies that follow strict Muslim laws, women are raped by their family members at very young ages. Now, where are they going to find 72 virgins for every idiot that blows themselves to smithereens? Funny thing is that they don't specify that those 72 virgins are going to either lose their virginity to the ascended idiot, nor whether those 72 virgins are female or male. There could be a lot of very unhappy Muslims up there beyond the Pearly Gates, living with 72 nubile Goddesses that they just can't touch.

And couldn't they come up with a better pre-suicide word than "God is great" ? Like "God, I hope they weren't lying to me!" ?

Let's see if you agree...

What is the most annoying word in the English language?

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    • Marc Babineau profile image

      Marc Babineau 6 years ago from Cornwall, Ontario, The Seaway City

      I believe in Christmas. I believe in what it does for children and in what it does for young lovers. There is a place for it. if they don't want it in schools and malls anymore, then they should stop the pledge of allegiance in case there are any immigrants in the class or tourists at the mall.

    • profile image

      Aaron Nelson 6 years ago

      I'll give you a hearty AMEN! Truthfully, I can't stand the 'I dunno' response. as in 'Hey what's going on?'.. 'I dunno', 'Hey, how was your day?' I dunno.. hey do you want me to stick my foot in your... i bet they know the answer to that. I.R.R.I.T.A.T.I.N.G.

      And I don't care what they say there IS a war on Christmas, and Christianity in general. When our beliefs, dogmas, precepts, and even cultural celebrations come under fire again and again, it's a war.

      Puh.. That's what I have to say about it. I'll celebrate Christmas, not 'Winter Solstice' or any other PC name they have for it. It's Christmas, and will be forever in my home, complete with manger scene and star a'top the Christmas tree.

      And to all those who are Atheistic or whatever, Christmas is a celebration for Christian folk. If you want to start a celebration called whatever you want then do so. In the mean time, shut up, leave us alone, and let us have our holiday. You don't have to celebrate. In fact, we'd rather you not, it really rains on the parade.