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What happened to the Tea Party??

Updated on June 14, 2012

Tea Party members still believe

Today I met a woman randomly who was a proud member of the Tea Party. I thought it had slowly but surely become a thing of the past, an outworn dream, a dead idea. But she firmly believed that if Obama was re-elected, this nation could have a civil war. Apparently, there is intense outrage at Obama within certain demographics; I was aware of this, of course, but hearing the phrase "civil war" was certainly a surprise.

Before today, my thinking about post-election chaos had been more of the opposite: a Romney victory would upset and even severely disturb a great many. However, it's just tough to say how much people really care. There has been an intense, heated divide in our country for awhile. (The intensity seemed to began during the Bush-Kerry election.) But do people really get angry enough for one party to violently turn against the other? The recent protests in Chicago were no doubt intense, reckless, and dangerous on both sides (police and protesters), but the protesters were certainly not democrats protesting republicans or vice versa. The most passionate political dissidents at present seem to align themselves outside of both parties, which brings me full circle to the Tea Party again. Sure, occupy and tea party may want complete reform, but as far as all the people in the "middle," or at least people too apathetic and self-absorbed and stressed to pay much attention to politics --where would they be if this so-called Civil War really came to pass?


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