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What happened to the UK?

Updated on August 27, 2016

The truth is Britain is dead and has no answers for those who find themselves at a loss. We are left to our own defences while having to be steered into even de

I will begin this article in the same fashion i begun my adult life as they coincide enormously I grew up at the threshold of the 'blairite' regime at first all was great a new charismatic leader who was young, displayed plenty of promise and everyone seemed to have money and work of course this is how it started.

I came out of school at a young age having dealt with the social pressures to conform with the 'chav generation' and being situated next to another secondary school with the same mentality and attitudes towards life it wasn't an easy to say the least. After leaving i soon went into work everyone seemed alright the roads were never packed, traffic jams were rare and often a hour-long conversation with adults, paedophiles didn't exist (or at-least in the media) and people used to praise the UK for having zero homelessness (honestly) people here would condemn the United States for it and i vividly remember people often saying 'well atleast were not like America where they have people living on the streets'

I remember going into a pub when i was 16 for the first time and buying a pint for £1,25 or if you fancied it a pack of 10 cigarettes at the same price. WOW how things have changed not only is it almost £10,00 in some cases for a pack of 20 but a pint is around £4-5 pounds on average.

Also you can't even put your name down on an housing list without supplying every last detail about your life and going through every scheme the local government can throw at you to alleviate their ever increasing list of applicants.

And as for jobs just forget it we may have jobs at McDonald's or Subway or some other soul-destroying minimum wage food chain or retail outlet but that's it! The rest are either 'family run' carrot-dangling bullshit sales positions or apprenticeships with names such as 'Retail management trainee' which of course are the same bullshit jobs with the added mask and legality that UK companies level of exploitation will allow.

The huge problem in the UK today was political engineering on a scale never before seen we were forced into a 'one world' system that allowed huge swathes of people to benefit from a system my generation and the ones above me were apparently supposed to inherit.

Oh and btw i don't have any issues with people trying to better their existence but did it have to be at the burden of my own? and if so it would of been nice to maybe be given the choice rather than these social experiments being thrust upon us like a thief in the night.

We truly have become a lost generation due to these incompetent and short-sighted decisions that were taken by the Blairites. Of course i don't solely blame immigration though to deny it didn't have an impact is being deliberately convicted to the leftist fanaticism that is we keep seeing with daily enthusiasm and persistence who often are people who have breezed their way through life from ALOT of help from mummy and daddy who guided and funded their life every step of the way so of course they could be in a position to look down upon those who are forced to live the reality of something they wouldn't ever recognise or understand.

To be at the mercy of a state who decided it was best to prioritise their agenda rather than the traditional obligations they were voted in for initially. to look after the future generations and descendants so we could have, even a remote chance of succeeding out of the benefit trap and base-line poverty which had stifled our parents generation for generations too.

Why was we the generation that had to bear the grunt of huge swathes of people coming in?and in most cases (and why not) exploit the riches and opportunities our land did provide which of course completely stripped our generation of those future seats that we so rightly deserved and so rightly desired.

It's not only unfair to place such a strain upon a generation that can not only find appropriate accommodation, decent career opportunities or even some form of national input and purpose. It's stripped our whole identity and whatever culture we had left to retain to give us a sense of future goals or sustained hope.

We are now merely lost sheep fighting amongst each other for the crumbs we are left with, and now a leftist 'elite' continuously lambasting our efforts to fight for a change we all know we desperately need, in the hope we can push through to a better tomorrow that becomes more faded and jaded as times moves on.

It's outrageous that we are being ridiculed for sharing common opinion executed by facts, just because we didn't have mummy and daddy's money to propel us through these dark days of a bleak, uncertain and hopeless future.

sure there are apprenticeship schemes now but too little too late i say these schemes most of the time as mentioned have only provided providence for a select few usually ones that have a connection with the workplace themselves or are just another form of exploitation for shit job placements to pay less under the pretence of a apprenticeship. For example they have apprenticeships for working in low budget shops selling shoes or telesales. These are rubbish jobs that are often occupied for students that still have the ability to live at home with their parents while they save money for uni or pocket money for a night out.

The truth is Britain is dead and has no answers for those who find themselves at a loss. We are left to our own defences while having to be steered into even deeper waters without a paddle.

My advise and in the words of the wise Peter Hitchens is to emigrant while you have a chance (if you can that is) as this country is too far gone to care and to far gone to provide any decent future to the generation it left behind, it will only get worse as we see countless mindless politicians getting grey haired at the enormous and almost impossible effort to serve a incredibly needy and incredibly divided country.


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