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What in the world has happened?

Updated on June 7, 2017

What in the world

What in the world is going on? How can it be that so many people are offended by one thing or another nowadays?
I remember when times were different. I remember days when a person would get offended and they would get over it. Nobody yelled, “You're racist!” or “You're a bigot!” or “You're a (something)Phobic!” and the list can go on.
I remember when people didn't get offended for another person, a time when people were not overly sensitive.
What in the world has happened to our world, our societies, our children? Why in the world has everything become so offensive? How could we have let our society become Orwellian, where our language is becoming bound by 'Political correctness' where we have speech police, where we no longer have freedom of speech...except if it lines up with the political correct overly sensitive snowflakes.
We ought to have the right to opposing views. I ought to be able to say that I disagree with **** and not get attacked by the language Nazis for thinking differently.

The way I see things is this way. For example: If a certain group, nation or religion is causing mass murder or terror in the name of their god or religion to a group, nation etc of opposing beliefs then it is not hateful or bigoted to call them by their known religion for which they are causing the act...just as an example.
People should also be able to tell jokes without being attacked or be afraid of offending someone to the point that they attack them. (Now that being said, doing something that shows the killing of a nations leader is never appropriate or funny in my opinion) But freedom means freedom whether you agree with an individual or not.
At the age of 49 I have traveled all over the world, had many jobs and yes been made fun of, bullied, etc. Guess what, I let it go. I did not run crying to some safe space or took it to heart. I knew they were the ones with the issue and not me. I don't need someone to sue them, or charge them, or ban those words they spoke etc.
In my day we were tough, we learned to let it go, and become tougher. Heck, there were even times I beat them up, and we all survived and they learned a hard lesson too. Sure, there were fights, but the fights were one on one, the offender and the offended, and after the fight, everything went back to normal. We didn't need safe spaces or language Nazis or some form of Orwellian overlord dictating to us on how to think, speak, behave or anything else.
If someone does not believe that homosexual marriage or relationships are OK. Should that person be attacked by those who have a different view or opinion? Should that person be brought up on charges for having a different belief than someone else on this issue? It is the individuals personal belief, maybe it is based on religious views or just a personal belief. Having opposing views is OK, and having healthy discussions on opposing views is healthy. The individual does not hate the homosexual, he/she probably cares about them and their salvation, but just not agrees with their lifestyle.

However, nowadays so many people attack people who think differently, they claim to want freedom and rights for everyone, yet when they have a different opinion than theirs they get shut down, attacked and called many nasty names. Even in colleges that claim rights and freedoms for all refuse to allow conservative views and speakers. This is so wrong. This is how some brutal dictatorships rule.
Things need to change.
Freedom for all means FREEDOM FOR ALL.



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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      15 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I have really been trying to figure this out. I think a major shift is in the entitlement area. We normally think entitlement as a financial deal. Some good some bad. We realize that Soc. Sec is not an entitlement but earned but having a way to get food to the poor is an entitlement. We are battling over the boundaries of Medical Care as an entitlement and we focus on levels of education as an entitlement.

      But the first entitlement that gets us straight into trouble is the feeling that the Gov. should entitle us not to be offended. If you remember back sometimes a bully would go to far on a whimp. Most of the time, somebody would step in and protect the whimp. He was not entitled to it but as a young society it happened when needed. I remember that we would say - you son of a bitch and that meant the other guy could kick your ass for talking bad about his mom. But I can never remember anyone ever being offended. It was just an excuse to fight.

      Well that gal with the chopped head had every right to do that.

      And ain't it great that consumers of her product have every right not to buy it.

      No Go Zones and Safe Zones, Really?

    • tsadjatko profile image

      15 months ago from now on

      What's happened? This is what is happening:


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