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What is ANTIFA and Can it Overthrow The Government?

Updated on January 8, 2018

Abolishing capitalism and smashing fascism are the self proclaimed goals of the Anti Fascist movement also known as ANTIFA. These are not your ordinary leftist railing against the evils of capitalism or inequality in America. These are hardcore communist, socialist and anarchists who are determined to bring about social change not through political means but by direct action even if this means violent confrontation or revolutionary insurrection.



What is ANTIFA`s Origin?

ANTIFA traces its roots to 1932 Germany where left wing elements were afraid of right wing authoritarianism modeled on Mussolini`s fascist regime. Militant leftist in the United states also rose up to confront radicals in the United States who wished to create National Socialism modeled on NAZI Germany. Over several decades ANTIFA grew in Britain and Canada so as to combat skin heads and other Neo-NAZI sympathizers.

What is ANTIFA`s Problem With Donald Trump?

Until recently most people who weren't very politically active did not not know of ANTIFA`S existence until the rise of Donald Trump to America`s political scene. The meteoric and unexpected rise of the Trump Juggernaut sent terror across the many leftist and centrist who were afraid that Trump would carry out his campaign promises to deport millions of Mexican immigrants, ban Muslim from the United States and undermine the black lives matter campaign. True to his word Trump succeeded in fulfilling many of his promises and where he failed it was not due to a lack of trying on his part.

For many members of ANTIFA the rise Trump represented an unprecedented threat to freedom that had not been seen since the rise of Adolf Hitler. The general feeling in ANTIFA was that the establishment left represented by the likes of corporatists like Hillary Clinton had failed the American people on the ground and so a new radical approach was necessary to deal with the Trump menace.


Can ANTIFA Overthrow The `Trump Regime`?

It was the rise of Trump that ushered in a tsunami of support for ANTIFA and brought them out of obscurity and into the political limelight. Many of its members take issue with referring to the Trump administration as such and prefer to call it the Trump regime and as they see it they have a moral obligation to overthrow a despotic oligarchical regime led by a billionaire fat cat who purports to fight for the little guy while golfing at his golf resorts.

Despite all their high and mighty threats of revolution and constantly putting the fear of God into Alex Jones, the likelihood of ANTIFA successfully carrying out a coup is improbable but not impossible. First of all as a militant and not political organization, ANTIFA has alienated a huge base of support on the left who do not wish to see the kind of violence witnessed at Charlottesville when ANTIFA clashed with the Alt-right. Second is that they lack both the manpower and firepower required to fight the local and state police leave alone the US military. The third and final point is that there exist a lot of ideological infighting among the very many subgroups that make up ANTIFA which makes it far more difficult to have a clear message regarding what it is they believe in even if they agree on what it is they oppose.

In conclusion it seems fair to say that ANTIFA`S goal of abolishing capitalism and creating some egalitarian utopia whether based on anarchism or socialism looks like it will remain in the sphere of mythology along with Santa Clause and the Easter bunny but then again you never know.



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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 3 months ago from Orange County California

      There is no such thing as Equality with humans. One doesn't have to stray from the immediate family to see the inequalities.

      The left wants to make the US a commune, where everyone is treated the same, except for the people that will be treated like a king.

      Like their are only rich people on the right, and all the people on the left are poor.

      If there were equality, then a presidential candidate wouldn't have to spend $1.6 billion on the campaign. Because without the big money, no one has an equal chance to be president.

      The government may be able to make laws preventing social dominance, but that will not change the mind of the people.

      Forcing social changes into the population is even more difficult than taking their alcohol away from them.

      If someone doesn't like someone else, the government has no real power to make them change that dislike, except on the very surface.

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 3 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      I do not anticipate them rising to power.

    • Readmikenow profile image

      Readmikenow 3 months ago

      You forgot to add in your story that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has labeled this group as domestic terrorists. I believe the two best adjectives to describe this group are cowardly and idiotic.