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What is America becoming

Updated on January 31, 2017

What we used to be

America known to be a melting pot, welcoming all from all over the world.We are in truth a America of immigrants, expect for Native Americans our origins are all else where,

A home for dreamers, where if you had a dream, and put in hard work you could achieve a reasonable good life and your dream.

We used to be a place where you for a time could keep the back door unlocked

Neighbors would happily watch the kids

People had reasonable respect for authority, property

At one time road rage was UN heard of

People forgetting babies in cars, was not even a news to report

America was a kinder, more unselfish nation America was about service to country, neighbor family.

At one time people were proud to join the Military, and Military Vets even had some respect.

Elders were reasonably respected.

Churches, Movie theaters,Shopping centers were safe to go and hang out, or attend.

America used to be great

America did great things and has potential of doing great again

What we are becoming

As America reels in a flood of lawlessness, research on the temperamental underpinnings of violence has become increasingly controversial. Because black men compose only six percent of the general population but about half of the imprisoned one, the issue particularly concerns the black community, which is understandably suspicious of biological explanations for behavior. In 1992 a firestorm of protest caused Frederick Goodwin, a psychiatrist and the director of the federal Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, and the world's authority on manic depression, to resign his job and return to his previous position as director of the National Institute of Mental Health after he drew a parallel between inner-city violence and primate studies showing that young males in the wild were more violent and more sexually active when they had to compete for scarce resources. Black political leaders and others also successfully lobbied the National Institutes of Health to withhold money for a conference, to be held that year at the University of Maryland, on possible genetic components of violent behavior.

There is much condemning, critiquing,criticizing today. It is not long the action, deed, but the person today is attacked. This is politics, heads of cooperation's and down, Also in homes

We are leaving the next generation a legacy of intolerance,violence,debt,divisions,and poverty from within. A house divided will fall.

We in the world have become more despised, a joke, Yet as a nation we seem not to care.

We have politicians who act worse than kids. We once was a people full of hope, and today now there is fear..

What do you fear most in America?

What do you fear most in America?

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