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The Anti Trump Syndrome (Ats)?

Updated on July 9, 2018

Who is Donald Trump politically?

Where do Anti Trump people fit into the United States? The simple and correct answer is they don't fit in the US!

Starting with the basics, there are only two viable political parties, the democrats and the republicans in the United States.

Where does Donald Trump fit into the politics of the country.

Donald Trump was a registered Democrat before he ran for the presidency. He most likely voted Democrat, but we really don't know how he voted. He grew up in New York City, and his businesses were located in New York City. And that is the answer as to why he registered as a democrat. New York City and at least Nassau County on Long Island are politically run by the democrats. So, if you want to do business in New York City, you have to at least look like a democrat. New York City is also a big union worker city. If you want to do the kind of real estate building work that Donald Trump has done there, then you have to know how to play the game.
To get something done in NYC, you have to, as they say, grease the palms of those people that control the workers. This is just a fact of life doing business in the city.

The question then is Donald Trump a real democrat because he registered as a democrat for many years, or was he just playing the game. Yes, Donald Trump donated as a private citizen to the democrats and even the Clintons, which another, thing that you just have to do in NY.

Donald Trump ran for president on the republican ticket, but does that alone make him a republican? Again we come to playing the game. When he chose to run as a republican for the presidency, did he really have a choice. He could have run as an independent, but chances of any independent winning the presidency is pretty slim to not at all. As Ross Perot another billionaire found out the hard way. He knew that the democrats were going to run Hillary Rodham Clinton, so that is why he ran as a republican.

Now is Donald Trump a GOP person, or even republican minded, or sympathizer. Between the two major political parties, Trump didn't have a real choice but to run as a republican. The Democrats Hate him and they have resisted him since he began the presidential campaign. The Republicans didn't really like him, especially after he beat sixteen of their best presidential contenders.

Even today there are republicans that not only don't follow him, they flat out resist him as if they were democrats. All through the primary the republicans that he beat didn't like him. And two of the losers, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio even tried to conspire during the primary to work against him as a team. That didn't work, but they were still sore at him. When he won the republican primary, the republican party didn't really do much to help him. As some even continue to do today. Yet, even with out the RNC and republicans he won the election. A win that neither party could have imagined him winning. It wasn't the Democrat Voters, or the Republican Voters that voted him into office. It was the people, in the none Blue states and the Swing Voters that voted him into the presidency. The reason is they were tired of the same old politics, the same dismal results from one presidential election to the next. They saw Donald Trump as neither Democrat or Republican, but someone that like themselves was tired of the country failing and going no where.

The Queen of Anti Trump

What is Anti Trump Syndrome All About

The republicans were forced to at least seem to try and follow president Trump.

  • But as we have seen in this last year, the republicans are blowing their control of congress because of the Rinos like John McCain, and Jeff Flake and others.
  • When all of the republicans won their seats in 2016, they won it because people were voting for the president. That president was Donald Trump and they couldn't vote for democrats, so they voted republican.
  • They had no choice.

The answer to the question is Donald Trump a Democrat, a Republican or Other is Trump is Other.

  • He is the president that the people voted into office. He is the center of the two parties which over the years has drifted off center toward their edges.
  • Not because he was democrat or republican, but because he was one of them. That makes him the Other.

Next we come to the reason why people in congress are Anti Trump

  • The main reason is that he is a threat to both parties.
  • .He wants to change their centuries of doing business.
  • There really isn't a difference between the democrats and the republicans, they use or misuse the government in the same manner.
  • But they have a different goal, one that is diametrically opposed.
  • Even though the democrats have always favored the poor, and now the illegals, they manipulate the government the same as the republicans.
  • The republicans picked the not poor and not illegals as their voters, and they also misuse the government the same way.

It is this common misuse of the government that is in jeopardy of being changed by president Donald Trump.

  • The democrats are fighting harder against president Trump, than the republicans.
  • The reason for that is Trump is also a threat to their misuse of the government.
  • They also lost seats in congress because of him.
  • Then comes the reason why there are the super left who are actual Anti Trump people transcending their left or democrat base.
  • They were humiliated in backing Hillary Rodham Clinton. Giving here one point two billion dollars, allowing her to cheat Bernie Sander out of the race. Getting her to escape from being indicted out of the race.
  • And yet with all of these advantages, Hillary Clinton lost the presidency for them. They couldn't believe it then, and they still can't believe it now.
  • Since the election, they have tried every nefarious and dirty trick in their playbook to take down Trump from the presidency.
  • And every failure makes them more and more into the Anti Trump Syndrome, And as they continue to fail, the become victims of the Trump Deranged Syndrome.

The democrats have always been the street fighters in Washington DC with no rule books of out of bounds.

  • But Trump brought them to new levels they have never seen before, and least not in recent times.
  • The Anti Trump, ATS, and TDS have taken off their pretense of being champions of the people, the little people and they are willing to take down the country, if that is the only way they can get Trump out of the presidency.

Not all democrats are Anti Trump, TDS, ATS. But most of the main stream news media are. And as the Nunes memo's show that have and the US Intelligence agencies have partnered with the main stream new media to spread leaks in the executive office trying to find something, anything to use take president Trump out of office.


Anti Trump have been afflicted with ATS, and many with TDS.

They have bordered on Sedition and Treason, but they are firmly settled as Anti Americans. That is consistent with their conspiracies in congress, the Executive and Judicial Branches and the politically biased msm to put themselves above their duty to the country.

If you are an Anti Trumper, do you know why you are one?

Do you know what the Anti Trump movement is all about, and how it will affect the country and the people?

Are you just following the crowd, as many of the Anti Trump arguments have little to do with facts, and a lot to do with attitude?

What is the Anti Trump end game, beyond taking Trump out of office?

And is it good for the country to have the democrats resist, and become dead weight for the country? Is that what they were elected to do?


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 months ago from Orange County California

      AB Williams High from the sanctuary state.

      Thanks for the great comment here.

      And reminding me about the Never Trumpers, which I just dumped into the Rino category. Now, you have given me the reason on how some become Rinos.

      It is amazing to me, that republicans would hate Donald Trump more than the democrats, and especially Hillary. Without Trump the democrats would be continuing what they did for the last 8 years under Obama. And I suspect that Hillary would make Obama look like an altar boy.

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 

      6 months ago from Central Florida

      Hi Brad -

      Well done.

      The NeverTrumpers are the ones that I cannot figure out....

      I get the dug-in Establishment types, they believe they have 'earned' a permanent post and with Trump, are experiencing... shaky earth syndrome!

      During the campaign, I joined a pro- Ted Cruz group and still to this day, many of the members will not give Trump credit for anything, ever! I get it, they wanted Cruz, but that was not in the cards.

      I've moved on and have been pleasantly surprised by Trump.

      There are a few elected NeverTrumpers that seem to be coming around, but some are dug-in with the Dems, refusing to give an inch, when it comes to Trump. Baffling!


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