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What is Brexit and how can it affect you

Updated on April 17, 2016

EU and Britain are about to get a divorce and it will be messy one.

Now what exactly is a Brexit? For those been living under a rock somewhere or simply not very interested in politics or playing too much MMO games, 'Brexit' is a hypothetical situation in where United Kingdom exits the European Union to put in in the most simplest terms. Brexit would happen if majority of British citizens vote for leaving the EU in a public state referendum.

Key facts about Brexit

  • Speculations are for June 23rd as the date of referendum to be held, but an actual date is yet to be decided.
  • In the worst-case scenario UK could lose up to 2.2 percent of GDP by 2030. Best-case scenario is that GDP would rise 1.6 percent in the UK for the same period.
  • Close to 2 million people from other EU countries are currently working in the UK. And 1.26 million UK citizens currently work across the rest of the EU.
  • One of the latest poles say that 52 percent opting to stay and 48 percent are in favor of Brexit.

Ok, so what does this all mean for 'the average Joe'?

Well as history shows us the little guy, 'the average Joe' is always the one who suffers the most when countries are in any kind of conflict. What about millions of Britons that are working in other EU countries? Will they lose their jobs, their benefits or even their assets possibly? Maybe it won't go as far but it is likely to assume that some disruption will occur. It will be harder for other EU citizens to come in the UK and start working, to claim benefits and get any financial assistance.

Some other issues are at stake, such as emotional effects Brexit would bring. People on both sides will start resenting each other more than they normally would even with 'ugly' European history as it is, lets not forget that humans are complex creatures and emotionalism is a big part of our being. Young kids would possibly be raised in an atmosphere of general distrust and fear of 'those others'. EU in their minds would form appearance of some huge monstrosity and children on the continent would wonder why their over seas neighbors don't like them. Yeah, kids can be mean.

Do you think UK should remain in the EU?

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Immigrant crisis has made many Britons skeptical of the EU
Immigrant crisis has made many Britons skeptical of the EU

EU future at stake

Well obviously Brexit would hurt EU more than Britain. UK contributions to the EU budget amount to 10bn net, and the EU BDP could suffer up to 12 percent lose. Brexit could start a chain of events that could potentially dismantle the Union. It could again prompt a row of countries wanting a referendum on exit as well.

It is hard to imagine looking at the continent's dark and bloody past that people would want to go back to how it was before.

Why not have one currency and one flag, constitution and possibly some time down the line a common language? Really, why can't we all just get along?

State lines have always been changing on this third rock from the sun. The whole cultures have shifted and new languages were born. Change is a fact of life and time. Live long enough and you will see every single thing transformed before your very eyes. So why do we hold on to so dearly on basically man-made and unstable concepts as nationalism and culture? Food for thought and fuel for debate. I won't pretend to know the answers and I certainly don't want to mock people's personal sentiments for their country, Queen or way of life. But one thing is certain; that without a doubt we are all human beings and we are all created equally. In that sense a Union makes a lot of sense.

When we lose our sense that is when trouble starts brewing and we don't need to go far into past to see exactly how it turns out.


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 22 months ago from Singapore

      Well, it's decided. Now the world awaits the proceedings of this painful divorce.