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What is Disaster Preparedness Planning?

Updated on June 19, 2013

So Sandy's come and gone. Every season there is so me type of disaster How can you prepare?

Disaster preparedness planning is creating a plan for disaster before it happens. Are you ready?

Some simple thing that you can do are...

Create a safe place to meet with family. Weather it's the Maple tree in the park or Aunt Ellen's house. If disaster comes you will need to find each other.Let's face it you may want to think that you will be together but the chances may be slim. You should also have a back up in case you aren't able to get to that place. Contact local agencies to see what the disaster plans and facilities are in place and choose from one of them as a back up. Remember waiting to do this is foolish and will not help in a disaster. Plan ahead or fall behind. The choice is yours!

OK well there are different types of disaster so let's name a few circumstances that involve like preparing...

Just in case your home is intact and you will still be there... Flood in some cases, storm, power outage, terror attack.

Food and water supply, basically there is one food that will stand the test of time.. Five years to seven years that is. Freeze dried food. It is not the best tasting however if you are hungry in an disaster it may taste like a five star restaurant. There are different sizes available at different locations. Amazon has many different sizes I will paste a link if interested on these. These should be stored in a clean dry place. They should never be eaten of used only in a disaster emergency.

Heaters: Kerosene, Wood would be the best simply because it is accessible what ever heater you can get is good. However electric may do you no good unless you have a generator.Blankets dry and warm will help in the midst of emergency.

Candles... You will need to see. Flashlights with batteries.

Here is the next set. War, Invasion by enemy

You will need the same as before however your home may not be available chances are you will have enough time to get to the house and get you supplies In case of this you will need another form of survival.

Tent or shelter for out doors, emergency food, water, heater, and weapons to protect yourself. Plenty of ammunition. Let's face it none of us want to look like crazy gun goers. However we have to protect our family at whatever cost. Always have a plan. Weather it is in a national Forrest You may have to go back to the wilderness day's killing food and living in the land. Will you prepare.

Finally if you are not able to gain access to your home find out ahead of time where the emergency place is for your community, State and a place outside of the area just in case.

Next are a list of different sites that can help with a plan. I encourage you to set down and make a plan that fits your family. Having a plan may be the only thing standing in your families survival!


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      We are getting ready for some turbulent weather here in Il. this next week, supposed to be in the 60's and that means tornado weather. We had a bad one last year in the month of Jan. in a small town close to me. Thank you for excellent suggestions in preparing...

    • ccurry profile image

      Carolyn Curry 4 years ago from US

      Hey Alan, I am glad you seen a good new year. My hope is that things will go the way you desire this year. This is preparing a plan, however in some cases you have to use common sense like you said volcano get out here. I wouldn't hang around for that one. Anyway there are different agencies here in the US that will help you prepare. Per SE a community shelter or so. Being prepared is always the best route! Blessings

    • alancaster149 profile image

      Alan R Lancaster 4 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Hello CC. Had a good New Year? I've seen pictures of Illinois, if the rest of the northern USA is anything like that, it'll be like living in Siberia in the ski-season!

      Wood as a substitute fuel after a disaster might be a non-starter. After floods it would be useless, after a forest fire there might not be any not turned to charcoal, or after a volcano eruption where you'd be away from your own area unless you were burnt to a crisp by creeping magma (would anybody stand around that long?). After a hurricane might be the only time you'd find usable wood, probably part of a neighbour's porch in your part of the world. We don't get life-threatening tornadoes here, unless you get topped by a falling chimney pot or masonry.

      Snow's the big disaster-bringer right now, drifts up in the mountains - we've got mountainous Wales and the Scottish Highlands as well as the Pennines, Yorkshire Moors and Dales and Derbyshire Dales or Peak District and the Lake District, tiny in comparison with, say, Colorado or Oregon, and a bit weeny in relation to the Alps, Pyrenees and Causaus, but still effective in cutting people and animals off from food supplies. 1963 saw a swathe of old and handicapped folk as well as sheep, cattle and horses dying in their hundreds here. you'd have had to dig under 18' of snow in some places to find some of them.

      Mother nature in her finery is a magnificent and munificent entity, but she has a tendency to lose her temper. Different countries patch up their differences with her in different ways, but the 'man in the street' is still the one the insurance companies won't touch with a barge pole if disaster strikes more than twice!