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What is Heroin? How do we stop it?

Updated on July 30, 2015

What is Heroin?

First of all Heroin is ILLEGAL! It is a highly addictive drug that

is a form of Morphine, that has been tampered with. It has

been man-made. Morphine comes from Poppy Plants. Heroin

can be snorted, injected, ingested or smoked.

Common names for Heroin

-Black Tar or tar

-Dragon or chasing the dragon



-White or white lady

-China white

-Mexican mud



-Brown crystal

-Brown sugar







-Black pearl,

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Abuse

Faces of Heroin *Warning- May be disturbing to audiences* *Parental discretion advised*


What do you do if you see Heroin being trafficked or know someone who does Heroin

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    • Laramy74 profile image

      Larry Stafford 2 years ago from Newark Delaware

      This subject touches a cord..My best friend died of an overdose of pain killers but used heroin as a substitute when the pills became too expensive. Most heroin addicts also smoke cigarettes and pop pills. Some states, such as Delaware, have horrible rehab programs. Heroin addicts are just like the setting sun. You watch them slowly disappear.