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What is Mayavathy - Is she a Vathy ?.

Updated on February 17, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Is she under a illusion as a queen.[ She sent her Private Jet empty to Mumbai to pick up her favorite foot wear.]

Can she show the door to any one.[ She told Mr.Assange to be in a Asylam,Mr.Assange told her to send her private jet so he will come with her favorite foot wear

Instead of Garlad of Notes she gets a ATM.

Can she do this.Can she be absent at NIC meeting called by Prime Minister.

Is this not a hard Cartoon.

She is a He.

Mayavathi say's that Mr.Assange must be in an asylum,She gets a reply that if she sends him her private Jet to London he will be happy to have asylum in India.She has no reply to this media journalist making us the citizens of the countries of the world live in peace.The privilege of the politicians and people in position of govt's in power has tremendous advantage to say anything and do things that ordinary people cannot do is something in India only.Mayavathi has been ruling her state in full control of power she got by just votes.She is garlanded with countless currency notes which no one knows from where that money in crores came from.No one but the supreme court could control her from doing things which no one dared.Like Mayavathi another chief minister tried to do what he thought that none could dare stop him but had to quit office on account of powerful man Lokayukt of the state.Her power is her label ' DALIT '.

Maya means illusion and Vathy means deep so we can say that Mayavathi is in deep illusion and that is some thing which we cannot understand having understood.The Chief Minister is indeed in a deep illusion to say that the organization head of a world leading media journalist must be in an asylum she must be in deep illusion that she could not be challenged.She kept mum with out words when she was told to send her private jet to London so he could come to India to seek asylum.

The Prime Minister called for a meeting of every Chief Ministers of all the states for getting conscientious on a subject of an important bill on Communal Violence Bill she just did not attend the meeting and no one could say anything except the media TV channels which went on repeating this news every news hour of the day from morning till late in the night even now as I am trying to complete this Hub.

Should we wait for her reply to Mr.Assange or is she sending her JET to LONDON.


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