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What is Wind Washing?

Updated on December 14, 2009

People complain all the time about home drafty their house is, yet they really don't know how what is causing the problem and thus can not fix it. So how doe your house feel like a wind tunnel?

House Wrap

Home without a house wrap or building paper underneath their siding tend to have major problems with this.  Because the walls usually have fiberglass insulaton in them, the wind cuts right through the insulation making the house extremely inefficient.  The only solution is to air seal the house with an insulation material that will compress the fiberglass enough to take care of the wind washing issue.

Dense Pack Cellulose

Dense pack cellulose is the only insulation material that is right for this job because the pressure on the wall can be controlled.  This is performed by removing a strip of siding, drilled holes between the stud cavities, and filling the cavities with cellulose.  When th cellulose packs into the cavity, the fiberglass will compress and the cellulose will now be the primary insulation material within that cavity. 

This is the best method for taking care of these drafts and will also up your R-value of your walls.  Projects like this should be performed by a professional because of the possibility of wall blow out if too much pressure is applied.


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