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What is Your Opinion about Filipino People?

Updated on October 28, 2013

I have decided to write a blog about my personal experience with Filipino people. Having much experience in the Filipino community gave me some interesting insights about who these people really are. I guess as with any culture there are some decent people and some not so nice ones. However, there are definitely some generalizations to be made.

The Filipino people come from a third world country that has a history of poverty and personal repression along with a mix of some pretty formal Catholic beliefs. Not all Filipino people are Catholic, but most of them are. So I guess I am going to start with Filipino men. So what are some of their good qualities? Well, if you happen to enjoy the company of someone who is social, active, and adventurous, probably you should get together with a Filipino man. Many Filipino men are also well of financially and are fairly responsible and trustworthy. They are hard workers and have a great work ethic.

The Filipino people are very familiar with financial struggles and for that reason strive very hard to succeed in America. Now as far as the negative qualities in Filipino men, I would say that they are scared of commitment and having too much financial responsibility. They are cheap and may get violent and controlling. Some of them are childish and are geeky. They may be overly obsessed with cartoon characters like the incredible hulk.

You see in the Filipino culture a woman is meant to serve. They usually do not treat women as equals and expect them to do all the cleaning and cooking. However, Filipino men also expect their women to work because they do not like to be providers for the most part. You see many Filipino men who come to America have to support extended families back in the Philippines because people there are dirt poor for the most part. As bad as I feel about the situation of the people living there, honestly I would not want to get involved with someone who has such a burden on their shoulders.

Filipino men will always expect the woman to do all the adjusting and compromising. She is never the priority, their parents and siblings usually come first. In social situations Filipino men will expect women to stay quiet and not to express their opinion and personality too much. Women are expected to dress appropriately and just keep their mouth shut for fear of embarrassing the man.

As far as women are concerned, Filipino women are often forced to be overly nice and overly fake. They tend to lie all the time to get along and to get their way. In reality these women have low self esteem no matter how much money they are making or how beautiful they are. This is just how they were raised. Inside they may not be happy behaving in this way, but their religion and upbringing tells them that they do not deserve better. Many Filipino women will marry old white men to get the paperwork. They are very good with housework and raising children. These women suffer a lot and tolerate much abuse from their men and from everyone else around them. It seems wasteful. I do not know that they necessarily benefit from this self compromising behavior, but I guess this is the only way they know.


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