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What is being done about the threat of ISIS?

Updated on May 11, 2016

Explaining how world government works together to fight ISIS

While the media continues to talk about the Syrian Refugee Crisis. The issues of the conflict that began with terror group ISIS, needs a real solution and takes much involvement from world government leaders.. This group is considered to be called, The Islamic State. In the picture provided, the main targeted regions of Iraq and Syria were shown, from 2011. When videos first were showed in the US, the new military force of ISIS is something not seen before. There recruitment into their army and the methods of weaponry shown in the first videos by the media was something unprecedented. Never before have had so many terror fighters designed their own vehicles of destruction to invade areas of the Middle East.

Worldwide media has gained the attention and the presence of this deadly terror group, ISIS. Although military air strikes continue in May of 2016, people are still questioning what can be done? Leaving many people to wonder what comes next? The United States, and other foreign governments responded to fight against the group ISIS. Destroying ISIS has been the goal of many of the governing bodies to include the United States. During a meeting of the United States Senate n April, the group ISIS was labeled to have committed acts of Genocide – or Crimes against Humanity. This not only effects the citizens of the regions where the attacks began from ISIS, but for all other entities involved.

The below quotation is from Senate Resolution 340, introduced on the floor of the United States Senate, in April of 2016:

"S.Res.340 - A resolution expressing the sense of Congress that the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS or Da'esh) is committing genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, and calling upon the President to work with foreign governments and the United Nations to provide physical protection for ISIS' targets, to support the creation of an international criminal tribunal with jurisdiction to punish these crimes, and to use every reasonable means, including sanctions, to destroy ISIS and disrupt its support networks."(, 2016)

As other world leaders have been involved in making tentative plans to fight against ISIS, peace talks continue. In 2015, Prime Minister Netanyhau- of Israel, spoke in front of the United Nations, in late September to address how to find peace admits the chaos from the invasion from the terror group ISIS. His speech was published on the United Nations webpage. The United States along with Israel, Russia, United Kingdom and Turkey have all been active in making plans to begin an end to ISIS. Without these talks and foreign agreements of world leaders, the fight against ISIS would fall short of victory. While government leaders have a strong influence in making decisions on how to end ISIS and the Islamic State, the real fight is fought on the battlefront threatening many citizens of the regions.

In his speech, Prime Minister Netanhayu addressed the confusing matter of what ISIS is, and how it is caused so much hurt to innocent persons. He explained that ISIS is not a movement obeying Islam. He goes on to detail that the group is militant, and its victims are Muslims and Christians alike.

Here is Prime Minister of Israel Netanhayu's speech made in 2015:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

The people of Israel pray for peace.

But our hopes and the world's hope for peace are in danger. Because everywhere we look, militant

Islam is on the march.

It's not militants.

It's not Islam.

It's militant Islam.

Typically, its first victims are other Muslims, but it spares no one. Christians, Jews, Yazidis, Kurds

– no creed, no faith, no ethnic group is beyond its sights. And it's rapidly spreading in every part of

the world.

You know the famous American saying: "All politics is local"? For the militant Islamists, "All

politics is global." Because their ultimate goal is to dominate the world."(, 2016)

What can be to end ISIS lays in the hands of our world leaders, and military forces. The fight to stop the presence of ISIS have led to many other factors, including addressing the needs of the Syrian Refugees effected. While it has been several years that the fight in military strength has been ongoing, the end is nowhere near. Yet, I trust that our world leaders are doing all they can to stop the political advance of any terror organization. Ending ISIS may involve many levels of leadership, not just militarily. As the resolution before the US Congress shows, sanctions may be an option to install as a prevent allowing ISIS any access to monetary options for funding terrorism. But also must include the lives of those effected by being targeting victims of ISIS. ISIS will never gain control of the world as they want, as long as the world joins its effort to make government level involvement.

Sources Cited for this article include: April 2016.

Prime Minister’s Office. Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu’s Speech at the United Nations General Assembly.29 Sept. 2015.

ISIS mapped by region in 2011

A map highlighting the occupation of ISIS, the terror group known as the Islamic State, in 2011.
A map highlighting the occupation of ISIS, the terror group known as the Islamic State, in 2011. | Source


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